Ways You Can Make Money Online With Google

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Anyone who is ready to put in some work can make money online. Home based businesses have grown in number over the past few years and this number is still increasing.  Google is a name that keeps popping up when online business is being discussed. This is because it is the largest search engine and is a major determinant of the profitability marketing on the internet.

Because of the importance of Google to online marketing, it is vital for every online marketer to understand how Google works. This understanding will enable you to take advantage of the resources that are made available by this online giant. Google is not just for searching for information. It can be a great source of income for you if you know what to do. Here are a few ways to make money online with Google.

Affiliate Marketing

Most webmasters who earn money from affiliate marketing direct their site engine optimization efforts towards ranking on Google. This is because more than 80% of online searches come from Google and it is a very great source of traffic. If your website is properly optimized, it will be ranked high in search results and it will attract more visitors.


Adsense is another popular way to make money online with Google. Adsense adverts can be seen on thousands of websites all over the internet. If you have a popular blog or website, you can apply for an Adsense account from Google. When your account is approved, you will be able to place Adsense ads on your web pages. These ads can be in text form or graphics. You are paid when your visitors click on the ads. It is an excellent way to make residual income especially if your website has a lot of visitors.

Blogger And Youtube

Google also provides other platforms that can give you the opportunity to make money online. Blogger is a free blogging platform where you can setup as many free blogs as you like. Blogging is very profitable and doing it on a free platform saves you a lot of money. YouTube, another Google website, is the largest video uploading site on the internet. YouTube marketing has enabled a lot of people to make money on the internet. All you need to do is to learn how to create interesting videos that you will upload to your YouTube account. Place a link to your site in the video description so that the viewers can visit your website.


If you have the money for PPC adverts, you can consider Google Adwords. It is a very popular and effective PPC advertising platform. Adword adverts are what showed up as Adsense on Google partner websites. Adwords can be a profitable way to drive targeted traffic to affiliate websites, CPA offers and sales pages. However, it is vital to do proper research before you start spending money on PPC ads.

Lastly, another way you can make money online with Google is to choose Google checkout as your payment processor. It is a convenient and effective way to receive payment on your website.

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