Ways To Save Electricity Consumption In Your Home

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Without electricity in the home you would surely be bored, but not managing it well will make life more miserable in terms of depletion of your finances on a monthly basis.
This article is put together to let you know some of the simple ways to save electricity consumption in your home.

Seal Your Home

It is better to seal any air leaks if you use airconditioners in your home. Air leaks are commonly found around plumbing and wiring, windows and doors and where the walls meet ceilings.
You can weather-strip all doors and windows or instal storm windows and doors. If there is no adequate weather-stripping, it can cost you $100 or more per year in lost energy since airconditioners expend more energy in places where there are leaks.

Minimise Use Of Hot Water

Most automatic dish and washing machines use a lot of energy to heat water, you can wash only full loads of dishes and allow the washed items to be dried by atmospheric air or better still, you can use enegy-saving features to minimise use of hot water.
For your washing machines, you can use cold water for washing and the automatic cycle for drying.

Maximise Use Of Energy At Cool Outdoor Temperatures

You can put your energy into more use during periods when outdoor temperatures are cool. This can be achieved by running appliances and ovens, washing machines, dryers and dish washers in the early morning or late evening hours when outdoor temperatures are much cooler.

Shop For Lower Electric Rates

It is wise to shop for lower electric rates to save on your electricity bills especially when you have choice of electricity providers.

Avoid Hot Air

You should always avoid hot air indoors if you do not have airconditioners. You should note that keeping heat outdoor during the summer is as important as keeping it indoors in the winter. Careful balance of heat at these periods would surely save you some money on energy bills.

Turn Off Your Electronic Devices When Not In Use

Electricity units run slow and steady, your electronic devices should be turned off when not in use. You should always plug televisions and DVD players into power strips, and turn off the power strips when they are not in use because such electronic devices in standby mode  use several watts of power.

Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Using bulbs that consume less energy is advisable as only 10 per cent of the electricity used in a traditional incadescent light bulb goes to produce light, the rest is wasted as heat. You can either switch to compact fluorescent lamps, which use about 75 per cent less energy or light emitting diode bulbs, which use 20 to 25 per cent less energy to save considerable money on energy bills.

You Can Control Your Home Temperature

Installing a preprogrammable thermostat to preset indoor temperatures and cool your house only when necessary would save you some hundreds of dollars on energy bill. It is estimated that with proper use, a preprogrammed setting can save you up to $200 a year on energy costs.

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