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Ways to Make Money With Loft Clearances

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Love to live in….

People always love to live in clean and hygienic atmosphere whether at office or in the house. Particularly living place is to be kept clean for various health reasons. Many say that removing cobwebs, dust and other day to day cleaning is more than sufficient to keep a good air around to breath. In this process the head of the house promises other members of the house that disposing the unwanted junks and not useful things, whatever they may be, is one of the top most jobs in cleaning the house.

Many of such junks and unused items are never kept in the day to day utility spaces like living room, veranda, dining space or kitchen or whatever it is. Instead such rubbish, worn out and condemned domestic or electrical or mechanical items are kept in the corner of a garage or remote place in the outhouse or many times in the vacant space of the loft below the attic. This practice is almost identical cult of many families to keep off things that are to be disposed in a short time. Slowly, over a period of time these rubbish and junk materials start piling up in the house.

Most smart families try to set things in order and clean the house every fortnight and bundle out the waste materials and really junk materials into the loft and exhale out a big breath and simply relax on an easy chair with the happiness of refreshed air around after this temporary disposal of the wastes.

After a few fortnights or months, the pressure mounts on the family because of no place to keep the wastes in the loft and that too in the house itself. What then can be done? The answer to this question is nothing other than to dispose off and be cool.
It is always better to have a brief idea about the junk. There are many common junk items, like old or broken furniture, scrap metals like emptied metal tins or cans, plastic scrap items like some cleaning liquid metal or plastic containers, electric or electronic wastes etc., in most houses. In few houses in addition to the above types of common wastes, there may be more electronic wastes like CD, DVD disks, Computers, peripherals in bulk quantity, chemical wastes, glasses and other waste card board boxes peculiar to the way of living of the family or due to home business activities going on in the houses.

To Clean and to Dispose off: As discussed in the earlier part of this write up, there is a need to clean and keep useful things in the house at the same time disposing off the unwanted things periodically. Very big and recurring business opportunities emerge out of this situation and there are Ways to Make Money with Loft Clearances.

Cleaning, collecting, grouping and transporting the waste to the respective destinations.

Dispose Off The Grouped Wastes To Different Disposing Agencies For Money.

Money with loft clearance:
i  Organize a small agency business and take up the loft clearance work for good sum of money
ii  There should be few teams or the number teams can be formed with one lead and two or three workers, depending upon the volume of work that is being taken up for a specific period.
iii Proper tools and accessories, with few hippo bags of different colors for grading the junks and wastes should be provided to each team for managing the loft cleaning services at houses or business premises.
iv Create a website and tools for online business activities. People who want the services of loft clearance service providers can contact you and give orders to take up work in their home or office premises.
v Even though the business is competitive, it can yield good money if continued with more and more work.
Money with further disposal of waste collected from loft clearance:
i  Motor transports with proper covers can cater to the distribution of the waste materials to appropriate junk yard. You can have legal contracts with those organizations that process the wastes for permitted recycling and dispose the wastes legally. Such business people follow the rules and regulations of pollution control department.
ii  Metal scraps, graded plastic scraps, electrical and electronic wastes, chemical wastes, glass and silica wastes fetch different rates based upon the grades of wastes that has more recycling property.
Think of the money yield from the Loft Clearance jobs and as well the bulk money that is collected by the disposal of the graded waste materials thus collected in the process of Loft Clearance Job.

Earning money from Loft Clearance:
Step 1: Start or run the existing small or medium business for cleaning LOFT in office premises or houses. In a small scale make newspaper advertisements or TV ads about the scope and the cleaning activities done by your firm. One website creation is ideal for generating good number of contacts. These contacts can be easily converted to business opportunities later on.
Step 2: Visit the place of job with two workers and survey thoroughly to plan the cleaning work. Suppose the loft is to be cleaned for the purpose of laying thermal insulation, regular space with easy access to the corners and bends of the attic should be given and cleaned specially for this insulation work. While doing the survey assess the type and quantum of different wastes and the method to collect and segregate them according to standard grades of the junk. Plan to use the proper accessories and precautionary steps to handle the items. Some of the chemical wastes are to be handled with care and protective hand covers.
Step 3: After brief planning, decide the timing and durations as per the convenience to the client and your team. Bring the suitable size of the manpower for this work. Create confidence in the minds of the client that your people can handle things with ease and the client has nothing but to relax on an easy chair. Consult and suggest the client about the disposal of the junks of different categories and advice if required about the adverse effects of keeping some chemical, electronic and glass wastes in the house or office. Ensure the client that the proper disposal of such waste balances the ecological cycle and it is a step towards green environment.
Step 4: Arrange a suitable vehicle with hippo bags of different colors and start working as planned. Clean the site as planned, collect and segregate the junks and wastes. It is better to have a check of the segregated bags and keep ready for transporting.
Step 5: You must be smart enough to choose the appropriate transport for transporting and delivering the appropriate scraps, rubbish – glass, card board waste, chemical, graded plastics and electronic wastes to the respective destination without any confusion so that the transport is economical. Otherwise there will be wastage of money on unnecessary transport cost. The hired or own transport should also be properly routed as per the graded arrangement and delivery sequence. It is better to follow LAST IN FIRST OUT – formula for sequencing the delivery in a systematic way.

Follow up earning money from Loft clearance: Waste management is another big topic of interest and earning money for those who are already involved in the business of Loft Clearance. It a consequential and logical business to make a lot of money from the recycling projects.
But there are certain limitations, eco science principles and legal formalities are to be followed while taking up the recycling business. Materials such as batteries, plastic, paper and card boards, Aluminium, glass, motor oil, tyres, toxics, steel scrap, electrical items, cables, computers, printers, are the known recyclable materials moving fast in the market and fetching good price.

Plastic materials, even though proved to be very god money giving wastes, should be graded as per the standard marking on these items, called cryptic markers.  If the plastic item is marked with “C”, one is made to understand that it is recyclable. And #5 mark denotes that it is not fit for recycling and hence it fetches no value.

Grocery sack, gunny bags, and other packaging are having very good resale value and such materials should attract your attention while executing the loft clearance job anywhere.
Glass, “tin” cans and other aluminium products are found plenty in the wastes collected after clearance and these are very much wanted in the recycling industry. But it is wise not to mix the glass items with any other waste and those people who collect waste glass and bottles are different business groups of recycling. Similarly the beverage cans and containers made of aluminium should also be separated from other metals to get good money value.

Papers coated with some chemicals and other plastic materials are not recyclable, whereas all the other papers and card boards can be sold for very good money value in the recycling market.
Among the metals lead from battery, copper from scrap cables and some of the silver or platinum electrical switch contacts are the most valuable metals for resale. Never and ever fail to keep track of these items in the clearance activities undertaken at any place.
Air conditioners and refrigeration systems fetch resale value but one has to do some preliminary activities to separate the gas container and other toxic materials before handing over for any cycling units. Otherwise one can never get the real value of the materials of the scrap machines.
As far as the batteries are concerned, recycle certified batteries can only bring resale value for the scrapped batteries. Otherwise the disposal of the non-recyclable batteries become a dead weight and cause loss to erode a part of money that is earned in the Loft clearance job.
Motor Oil, tyre and Car Batteries wastes cause big environmental problems, but they are recycled easily. But proper care should be taken to avoid wasting the wastage to cause anti-environmental issues due to oil spillage issue.

Effective ways to manage and earn money out of selling materials to recycling industry:
1.       Plastic bottle recycling. Collect different types of plastic wastes.
2.       Talk to the already located local plastic recyclers and
3.       Sell out the scrap at good price

Card Board and newspapers:  In most of the houses and offices you find this waste in plenty and can be well used for selling to recyclers. One has to find a suitable storage space for storing these paper items in a safe place, so that they are not damaged by moisture, water and other rodent activities. Find a suitable buyer for these items and become a regular supplier of this item. Get good prices for bulk quantity.

Furniture and wood scraps: Many times at most places we find these items thrown as waste. But really they are not waste and has intrinsic value as wood and finished product like furniture. Check for suitable repairs and or repainting will improve the look of the furniture and thus can bring good resale value to the same. Sometimes the accessories fixed to the wooden items can be separated for the main structure and can be sold separately for lump sum money.

Recycling food containers can be a revenue earning resources. Old porcelain jars, Thick glass bowls, aluminium, foil and glass containers, tin cans and recyclable grade plastic are bought by the recycle business group. They also give a lot of money for these valuable metal scraps.

Start recycling centre: Now the readers must be quite confident to know that the people who do loft clearance work can dispose the recyclable items; but the reality is that after getting sufficient experience and rule of the country, one can start recycling centre. So anyone who is ready to:
1.       Start loft clearance business, can start the other following business
2.       Lease out the owned transport, accessories and other tools to Loft Clearance jobs done by other groups
3.       Disposing the wastes collected for big money from the recycling business people and
4.       Start recycling centre and do the recycling job also for earning money.

Earning money never ends as long as any enthusiastic person commits to do business and earn. The world of business is so wide and has interconnectivity with each other businesses to get the best money in all legal ways. Accordingly the business of Ways to Make Money with Loft Clearance work also generate the above three corollary business to earn the maximum money in order to lead a happy and prosperous life.

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