Ways to make extra money providing cleaning services

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If you are looking for a credible business that can be started with little investment with recurrent demand, then consider going into cleaning services.  With determination and hard work, you can make extra money providing cleaning services. The guidelines listed below will help you to succeed.

Decide on your preferred cleaning area

The first thing to do is to know exactly what area of cleaning you want to focus on. If you are interested in residential cleaning, you will be required to work in your clients’ homes. Commercial cleaning is usually done in office buildings, factories, restaurants and construction sites. With residential cleaning, your work will be done mainly during the day while commercial services will be done at the close of work. Decide on a niche to begin with and with time you can become adept and proficient to successfully handle both areas.

Set your prices

You need to set your prices. You will have to know what your competitors charge. One way to do this is to go through the local directories, speak to the owners on phone, asking to know the services offered and what they charge. You will have to pretend to be a prospective client to successfully pull this through. You can also check adverts in local papers and do the same. This will give you a fairly good idea on what fees to charge. Also find out about the market trends, investment opportunities and profit margin that are available in the sector.

Decide on a business name

Give your business a catchy name. Do not simply use your name and add cleaning services to it. It has become common practice. The only way this may work is if you tie it to your neighborhood. For instance, if you live in Queensdrive, you could adopt the name “Queensdrive cleaning services” as long as you are the first person to use it. If you want to stand out of the crowd, get creative.

Work out the initial cost

Get basic materials like sponges, cleaners, mops and other heavier cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner. Other costs such as transport, advertising, promotion, insurance and so on should be worked out. For transportation, you will have to transport your workers and equipments to the cleaning destination. It is more cost effective if you have a vehicle of your own. Find out the legal requirements that you have to comply with before you begin. Documents like licenses and insurance are a few of the important requirements that local authorities require.


Advertise the service you offer through free and paid media. You can start with word of mouth to friends, neighbors and family. Place adverts in local dailies, distribute brochures and pamphlets in your community and place notices on public boards. The use of the telephone directory for advert is a good option you can employ if you want to make extra money providing cleaning services.

Do a few free cleaning jobs

Let people have a feel of what you can do. This will require doing some free cleaning jobs. When you do, you will get references for future paying clients. Visit organizations in your community to offer free services.

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