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Turn Your Cooking Skills Into Hot Profits

October 21, 2014 by: 0

Cooking is an altogether a delicious task. It is indeed a prized and a reputed job too. Well it is a competitive field because every family has at least one person who can cook and with the divorce rates increasing, everyone is trying to become a cook of late. For some people, cooking is merely a hobby which shows its colors on Sundays, but for some women, it is a regular task to keep them and family going. For at that moment a woman is not a mere cook, she is the feeding hand of the house. When everyday I see my mom getting up early to cook our breakfast and simultaneously readying for lunch; that moment, she feels like God. Doing so many things at one time and managing it like a pro is something commendable. Even if she is tired, not well or just feeling awesome her cooking never stops because she knows if she won’t cook, everyone would stay hungry for the day. She is a housewife and she is on any day, much more hardworking than my dad.

Since the economy of some countries is going to politicians and corruption is ruining things, every family now needs more than a hand to earn because it is difficult for one hand to earn and if not more three hands to spend. Thus comes the concept of housewives earning but from home so that they can manage the home as well as earn. Well this gave room to many prospects like home tuitions, Tiffin service or imparting cooking skills through classes, painting, embroidery and many such skills. Some have also gone a step ahead and opened their own small food joints or kiosks which have been a success. If you have the magic or the taste in your cooking then there is nothing to stop it from flowing. If you have cooking skills then you have just the trick or the magic to win the hearts of many. If these skills are molded with some management and business tactics one can become a shear success. To turn your cooking into hot profits all you need to do is read through and follow the tips because here are some world best ideas.

1. Plan: The first step is to plan and create a project report in writing. Many people miss this step and out of enthusiasm and excitement open up joints which because of lack of planning fail. To prevent financial loss and come up with a strong joint, planning is a must. Plan about the total investment required initially. You need to plan for the right place and the right area to open up the joint. Target the right customers. Everything is a part of planning and it does not end till someone actually becomes successful. Planning is required even if the project is a small one that is home catering or Tiffin service for ten people. Planning is important because that is a foundation on which you will build your empire and history has so many such cases that depict, improper planning leads to all hell breaking losses.

2. Money: Well to make money you also need to first give it or apply it. Money attracts money and thus without an investment opening up anything is a waste of whatever meagre resources one has. If you have less money, start with something small and build it up. Once it becomes a cash cow, you can make it big to a whole new level. Keep money in control forty percent of the battle is already won. Secondly, also keep money deposited at hand so that whenever there is an emergency or need you have it thereby un-hindering the operations. For example, it generally happens in the cooking business that we run out of ingredients or cooking gas which is embarrassing as well as bad for the name. Thus keep money at hand, so that in need it can be utilized and open more opportunities for the business to grow and flourish. Also, business requires constant inflow of cash, the amount may vary but indeed it does require cash inflow. Thus a penny not spent is a penny saved and thus can be utilized in business expansion.

3. Taste: Catering or cooking business requires one more very important aspect and that is development of taste. Every hand has a different taste altogether be it the very same dish with the same very ingredients. Every hand has a unique style of cooking which determines its taste and richness. In this business you need to set the taste of your hand on the tongues of people so that they come asking for more. The taste should be such that it just clicks the taste buds into coming in for more and more and more. Taste is something which if right will bring in ocean of customers and people who will always be loyal to your joint. Again, I will point out that irrespective of what level of business is being opened, good and rich taste should be part of the food. Make food as much delicious as possible. Well whatever my mom makes, I just eat it with my fingers dipping into the items again and again. There is one more thing that perks up the attention of people and that is smell. If the food is delicious, its smell will attract and bind the customers. All the foodies passing through the area will be at your joint munching anything you provide them. Awesome smell and awesome taste go hand in hand.


4. Quality control: Always have a quality check on the preparation, storage and presentation practices. If all these are being done adequately without any glitches, it is superb. If not, then you might just want to give it a thought, because it will ruin your business otherwise. Everyone prefers hygienic, clean and quality controlled conditions and surroundings. Having all these will not only make your business flourish but also tie up your customers to you. For example if the cooking conditions are not up to the mark or has glitches then, it is something worth checking out because if any customer becomes ill because of the food then he might not want to come back and will also spread the same experience across. Also take care of a very important fact that there should never ever found a single strand of hair in the food you just served. A single strand of hair and you are finished. Abide by the health watch and also ensure that your cooking, storage and service is completely hygienic, sanitized and regularly monitored. In all the hotels, or restaurants, kitchen is a place which is always in a mess which as a matter of fact remains because of its constant use, but tries to keep it as clean and sophisticated as possible. It is a tough task but nevertheless is possible. Manage it in such a way that your kitchen too deserves smiles of people who visit your joint.

5. Innovate: Nail it in your head to innovate. Innovation too has its fruits. Try and develop new taste and new food items which are developed into a unique and delicious taste. Try to bring in the delicacies and successful experiments. Many a times experiments costs too much and fail too, but don’t get de-motivated. Every unsuccessful experiment is a stepping stone to success and winning. Competition is tough and in order to survive and come up to the top you constantly need to innovate and improve. It is a battle and only the fittest will survive and prosper.

6. Competition: The world is competitive and monopoly is a long gone thing. In order to do more than just survival, certain things need to be followed and complied with. Have a competitive edge but only adequately. Don’t crib about it and cry too. Nothing comes with a silver spoon. Do smart work and manage things properly. No one is perfect and improvise on those things that your competitor lacks. Go over and make it happen and only a small edge will make the difference.

7. Price: I never recommend prices to be low or high. It depends upon the clientele you are seeking. It is always the type and nature of clientele that you want decides the prices of food items you are serving. If you want a cream and rich crowd, your prices will change automatically and vice versa. But the cost that you will incur in making a food item should actually decide the price. Keep a profit margin which can cover all your costs and leave you something in hand. Don’t be greedy and try for three hundred or four hundred percent profit from the beginning. Keep a low profit at the start and as and when people get to know your joint and step in increases, you can then increase the prices. Once the person is your customer, unless he is annoyed or bored, he won’t go away.


8. Cook food with heart: Prepare food and serve them with love and affection. It is something that comes free of cost but will fetch you more money than ever. Add your love, happiness and gratitude to the food item prepared and then serve it. Make the person to whom you are providing the food happy and fond of you. Serve him as if he or she is your kith and kin. Show your gratitude and never become angry. Even if the customer is annoyed by something give him the reason and immediately apologize if it is your fault. If the person is annoyed unnecessarily, give him or her some room and walk away without getting into a verbal dual. Often patience and a good and positive nature will melt the customer’s anger and give you leverage.

9. Charity: In catering business there is always a loss of food and ingredients. Save as much loss as possible but if you are unable to, then, give the left- over food to kids or beggars who do not get a single meal a day. Do some charity in order to get blessings and improve the society simultaneously. Giving food to a needy is far better than making a person eat who is already full. Charity should not be a rarity but a task regularly taken up and accomplished.

10. Have a good heart: Business is for money making but don’t get so engrossed in it that you become greedy and money minded. Everything if adequate is of worth, else it has its own repercussions. Have heart that stands out for the needy and is gratuitous. Thank God and seek his blessings. Also serve the poor and the rich alike. Don’t compare and create differences. Often it is seen in businesses that people fight for the pennies which should be avoided if you are running a business. Also give the staff their dues and their share of service charges and tips. Going after such petty issues will only kill your business and create unrest. Stay happy and make others around you too happy and content.

Catering business is a tedious job and one needs to constantly manage and upgrade things in order to become the leader. Keep a keen eye to innovation and learn from the experiences of yours as well as the others. I read it somewhere that our life is too short to learn from our own experiences, so learn from others and move on. It is a business but every business has social responsibilities too which needs to be taken care off wisely. Always improvise and have a good heart and mindset towards things. Be prepared for surprises and fun that comes with it. Don’t ever get de-motivated and try harder every time to succeed and come out victorious.

I am a caterer myself and have seen failures too but if you want to make money you need to give it your mind and body. To turn your awesome and delicious cooking into a profitable business, go out with a good and positive heart and make people happy because it is not only men whose stomach holds the key to love.

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