Top 24 Unique Odd Jobs That Can Make You Wealthy

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Odd jobs are usually tasks or jobs that are not done on a regular basis like breaking down cardboard boxes, sweeping up the floor, fluffing the boss, cleaning bathrooms, answering phones and many more. However, there is a new twist to the definition as many jobs are now available under odd jobs category that can earn you huge cash monthly depending on the nature of the job.

This article will attempt to provide you with a list of twenty four (24) unique odd jobs that can make you wealthy in a short period of time. You will however need to dig deep into the specifics of the types of odd job(s) you may want to take up.

1. TV Watcher:

It is interesting to discover that watching TVs these days could provide you with good salary and earn a starting salary of $25,000. Your job here will be to provide viewer ratings or write subtitles which is a profession that is making rave now. This job is cool and does not require capital outlay to engage oneself in. All that is required is your attention to details and a TV set.

2. Trash Collector:

It is expected that a garbage collector’s job may be looked down in the society but findings revealed that this is not the case any more especially when you know that a garbage collector can now earn $60,000 or more per annum. If you have a mindset that believed in dignity in labour, you can go for this type of job.

3. Waterslide Tester:

You will not only get a great salary as a professional waterslide tester but also the experience of travelling to exciting places in the world. Your job would be to test waterslides in theme parks and luxury pools for quality, safety, speed and so on.

4. Shot Girl:

If you prefer this kind of job, you will be the one to prepare test tube sized shots of tequila and jell-o. You will be paid 25 cents per shot that you sell plus the tips, as a whole this translates anywhere between $300 and $600 per night. This is a cool job as you will be making up to $216,000 per year if you are really committed to what you are doing to earn a living.

5. Airplane Repo Man:

You can get paid handsomely if you explore your special bargaining power especially if you are a born sales man. Using your salesman skills, you can consider selling airplanes to earn a living. It is a fact that plane costs run in millions of dollars and making 10% commission as sales agent means a lot of money which most times could be between $10,000 – $900,000 per plane. If you resell just one plane, your fortune could be changed for life.

6. Submarine Cook:

Cooking as an hobby can get you some extra cash, however, if you have about six(6) years of experience as a cook on the sea then you can consider working as a senior submarine cook in Australia. This job could fetch you up to $200,000 per year.

7. Voice Over Work:

This is an easy work that could be accomplished in minutes, you could earn $325 for just five(5) minutes of dubbing audio for cartoons and commercials. Findings showed that even a novice like you can make up to $80,000 per year so why not give it a try.

8. Human Statue:

You will agree with me that this is an age long odd job which requires you dressing up as a cartoon or an idol and appearing in promotional events or theme parks. You can make about $25 to $200 per hour as a human statue depending on the events and co-operation of your sponsors.

9. Bounty Hunter:

Your job as a bounty hunter would be to help in getting a criminal who has skipped out on bail, back to jail. This is an odd job worth doing as you will also be helping the society getting rid of criminals, you can earn between 10-45% of the bail amount because the higher the risk, the higher the money you will make.

10. Lipstick Reader:

If you are a lady that have some time to yourself, this could be an opportunity for you to make extra cash on the side. As a lipstick reader, you will read the lip prints of women in high teas and parties and earn from $25 to $50 per hour. You will have to tell about the personality and future prospects of the person.

11. Oil and Gas Diver:

If you love diving, then you can make quick money on the side by combining your hobby with some odd jobs like inspecting oil rigs, laying pipes and welding under the waters. You could easily earn $80,000 per year as an oil and gas diver.

12. Pearl Diver:

Pearl diving is a risky proposition though an average pearl diver in Australia earns about $1,300 per day while in America it is about $500 and above per day.

13. Crab Fisherman:

If you are a student thinking of how to clear your education loans then fishing for crabs would be a good option as this job could make you richer by more than $60,000 within a few months. You should however get yourself familiar with the local laws and the nature of the waters you will be doing the fishing.

14. Luxury House Sitter:

Many successful busy business men have challenges in taking care of their manson while away on business trips. This is the point where your services would be needed as a luxury house sitter, you will be taking care of the luxury houses while its owners are on vacation. This is really a cushy job to have as you get paid for lazing around in a palatial house with food and other amenities for free and also get a $200 per week allowance. If you need a paid quiet time in luxury, this job is for you.

15. Elevator Mechanic:

Considering the fact that the work of an elevator mechanic does not require any professional qualifications, you will agree with me that with a salary of $70,000 and above it will be wise to take up the job of fixing elevators and escalators if you fall in that category.

16. Toy Creator:

If you are young at heart and have flair for toys, then this job would present you the opportunity of reliving your childhood forever. As a toy creator, you can get a starting salary up to $53,000 based on your creativity.

17. Body Advertiser:

You can start making between $100-$5,000 becoming live ads for companies by painting your face in logos or etching tattoos on your skin. Your income is however dependent on the size and importance of the tattoo.

18. Embalmer:

This job is not very attractive as it has not many takers of dead body sanitizer though average salaries range from $45,000 upwards per annum.

19. Crime Scene Cleaner:

You may not find this job very interesting, you are not alone either as not everyone wants to do this job but the catch here is it is a high paying odd job. Starting at $35,000, you could be paid hugely or you may end up earning six(6) figure salaries in no time.

20. Movie or Television Extra:

If you want to get a chance to feature with your favourite star and as well make quick money, then becoming an extra for a Movie or Tv will be a good option for you. You should know that a weekend on the sets can get you up to $200 per day.

21. Human Scarecrow:

If you live in a rural settlement where farming is the order of the day, you can make quick cash doing this odd job for rural dwellers, you will be paid $10-$15 an hour assisting your friendly neighbourhood farmer.

22. Live Mannequin:

This appears to be the latest rage in high end stores, you will be employed to parade down with a dress of your choice. If you have passion for modeling, you could earn about $50 an hour doing this easy odd job.

23. Mystery Shopper:

If you take up this kind of job, you will be employed as anonymous shopper and service evaluator by companies and auditors to assess their merchandise, quality, cleanliness and behaviour of employees at workplace. You will get paid easily $100 per week doing a single assignment.

24. Focus Group Participant:

Your job as a focus group participant is like an offline survey participant, being part of such groups can get you up to $40-$100 an hour. Your duties at this job would be giving your opinion on products, ideas or services.

You can access some of these Top 24 Unique Odd Jobs That Can Make You Wealthy by searching online, through magazines or newspapers, your local stores, neighbourhood and through employers of labour.

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