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Tips For Making Money As A Home Health Care Aide

August 1, 2012 by: 5

If you love helping and caring for people, there are many opportunities for you to be gainfully employed in the health care industry. One of these is to work as a Home Care Worker. Home Health Aides provide a lot of assistance to nurses and they are paid good money for their services. The following are tips about making money as a Home Health Care Aide.

Home care workers can make as much as $30,000 every year and some of them even make more. There is an increasing demand for these workers so you will always find a position. The basic criteria for working in this capacity are that you have to be at least 18 years old and must have basic reading level education. The training classes are usually not more than 3 weeks long.

Upgrading Your Skills

If you are already making money as a Home Health Care Aide, you should consider upgrading your skills so that you can make more money. A simple C.P.R class or training in the care of Special Needs patients can easily increase your level of income. You can also choose to go for a CNA certification which can really push your career to another level.

Provide Diligent Service

Make sure you are always available for work. The problem with a lot of home health aides is that they do not take their work seriously enough. If you are always available, your coordinator may offer you extra work and this will enable you to make more money. If you have little children, you should make proper arrangements for a babysitter so that you can always be available for work.

Be Professional

Most home care workers do not see themselves as professionals. This is where you can easily distinguish yourself. Professionalism will help you to stand out. You should see yourself as a specially trained and experience health care professional. If you display professionalism in the discharge of your duties, your coordinators will soon recognize your efforts and you will be given better positions. Also, you do not always have to work for an agency. When you have enough experience, you could consider working on your own. You can market your services by placing classified ads on the internet. Just write a short description of your training and experience. Private clients will enable you to make more money as a Home Health Care Aide.

Don’t Be Limited To One Agency

If you are not getting enough work hours from the home care company that you are with, you should consider expanding your options. You can always apply to other agencies. You should also consider applying to business establishments. A lot of organizations have health care departments and they could need the type of services that you provide. These jobs might not be strictly ‘health care aide’ descriptions but they are positions that you can easily handle. Making money as a Home Health Care Aide is not difficult. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you out there.

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