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If your love cars, you can earn test driving various kinds of cars. You might have never imagined that test driving cars could get you a great income. All you have to do is visit an automobile dealership and offer your service to test drive cars. Some dealers may ask you for your documents like a driving license, ID card, voter ID, and other documents that you might be asked to submit. The more cars you test drive the more you earn.

This is the best job to do, if you like driving and going on long rides, more than anything. In this job, you also get to drive all kinds of new and old version cars. However, you would definitely love to go out in the city with the newest arrived car in town, the latest launches, the most awaited vehicles, many people only dream of getting into such cars and you will be paid to use them before anybody does. Apart from being a dream job for car lovers, it is also a good paying and respectable way to earn some extra cash. Here is all you need to know about the how to test drive a car for cash.

1.     How to Begin: This is the first thing you will want to know. As said earlier, you will first need to visit an automobile dealership. Take some documents of yours to show them that you are fit to drive their valuable cars. You can carry your driving license and bag the work without putting in much effort. This is for a job as a test driver. However, in many cases the potential buyer of the car himself takes the car for a test drive. In such cases you can sit beside the buyer and enjoy the ride.

2.     Dealers Pick From Public: Another way to earn is, by working when you want to work. Visit a local dealer who is not looking for a test driver to hire, but is looking for people from the audience to come forward and drive the cars in his showroom. These are offers that come out once in a way, generally in specific car launches. What the dealers do is, they pay you cash for test driving on the spot. They call anybody from the public and offer an amount to that person to take the car around the city and bring it back. This is what you call an awesome way to earn easy cash.

3.     Where to Begin: Begin where the ads begin, i.e. newspapers, FM announcements, TV commercials, etc. consult with friends and contacts to keep track of events that will need a test driver’s participation. The offers come in all year round, it won’t always be offered by the same showroom or dealer. You will have to keep in touch with every dealer in town to keep the easy cash coming in.

4.     Location: Keep in mind that you cannot live in a village or a small town to earn the cash. A city resident can earn ten times more than a town or village resident. If you find the work interesting, shift to a city. Try getting a permanent job and do test driving as a part time work. You bet you’re going to mint money within weeks.

5.      Work For The Car Company Instead Of The Dealer: Ever imagined you could be working undercover? You’ve definitely seen movies with cops and detectives working undercover. Here’s your chance to work as an undercover inspector. Visit the car companies looking for secret agents to find out how the dealers are selling their cars. Are they selling at the offers the company is giving its customers? Are they suggesting the company’s car to be a reliable and good one or are forcing customers towards other company cars? Are they accepting bribes, cheating? How good are they in hospitality and service to you?

You will need to find the answers to these questions by visiting the dealer as a customer. And then you will make a report and submit it to the company with all the answers mentioned in the report. In the process you will be asked to test drive the car or you can ask to test drive the car yourself. The dealer will not pay you for this but the company, who hired you as an inspector, will pay you an amount you can enjoy with for the whole week.

6.     The Best Known Companies: The best known companies offering the inspection job to common public are basically three in number. They are, Sinclair Service Assessments. This particular company pays a good amount to the people who come to help them in detecting dealer flaws. They pay $60 for every location that you evaluate.  Another company is Business Evaluation Services. This company pays you $50 per dealer you evaluate. Paying just like the latter company we have Intellishop that pays you $50 as well. You must know that you will have people watching you while you evaluated and even while you go on a test drive. Most of the companies fix a camera to your shirt to see what is happening.

7.     Working On A Daily Basis: So you’ve test driven many cars and earn quick cash doing that, but have you loved the work? How will you know until you decide whether you want to take in a job for a living? Yes, you can do that, you can take up test driving as a job for a living, but first you will need to fulfill some formalities. These are documentations and some tests dealers will take of your skills. Once you’re approved you have the best job in the world, because you like driving the best of cars. Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Ferraris, Honda, Volvo, etc are all waiting for you to take the comfortable seat and enjoy a lovely ride so that you could be paid for it.

8.     How Do You Qualify: Qualifying for a test driving job, is extremely easy; you don’t even need to be a graduate. You will for sure need to know how to drive, you must own a driver’s license, and you must be a mature person to do the job. Not any kid in town is accepted for a responsible job like this one. Make sure also that you mention some of your work experiences. Doesn’t matter if they were for quick cash but experience does matter.

9.     Knowledge: Be a smart person. Speak up of what you know about cars. Mention the parts, style of driving, technical specifications, comforts details, upholstery details and other things that will attract the dealer to hire you as a test driver. Knowledge is not garbage when it comes to getting a job. You need to have a good knowledge about your work and the things you will be dealing with at work. If you already have interest in cars, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. You won’t even have to study much about cars because cars are your hobby and you already know enough to impress people.

10.  Pros and Cons Of Working As A Permanent Test Driver: Do not expect to be selected for the job instantly. Dealers are generally not very comfortable with drivers without experience. However, if your rates are low and they have nobody else better than you in hand, there are chances that you will be hired. Keep your hopes high and don’t give up in cases of rejections. There are many dealers looking for better people, they can trust. Keep in mind that dealers trust you when they handover the car keys to you and expect you to bring the car back in the same condition. Be your best when you land a job and make sure you don’t scratch the paint of the car no matter what.

11.  How to be the Best: When you test drive, you can’t simply drive the car a few rounds in the city and bring it back to the dealer. You’re supposed to take it to the extreme exhaustion to see how much can the car take. You must see to it that every spark plug, sensor, front air intake, the exhaust is working properly. Test every plug, turn on the radio, and check the wirings that you can see from where you sit. Test the car as if you’re going to buy it. Check the meter, the brakes, the comfort, the ease, the difficulties, the problems, and every single bit of the car.

Do this and make a simple report if you can, or tell the dealer later keeping every detail in mind. To be the best is not easy. If the dealer gives the car to somebody else to test drive after you have done your job on that car, he is not sure of your work. And if that other test driver find some faults you couldn’t find, the dealer might fire you. So make sure you don’t fool around with your job and try to be better than others so that you get more cars to test drive and eventually earn more cash than ever.

12.  Make Contacts For The Job: Try to make good contacts with the automobile dealers, the car company managers, etc. You can do this by visiting the official website of these companies and contacting the advertiser/manager/director and speaking a few nice words with them. Make a good impression while you speak to these respectable people. If they ask you to come along their showroom or office, you’ve done well at the conversation. Visit them even if they don’t have a vacancy for you. Keep them as your contacts and call them when you see an ad come out from their side for a test driver. Do this with every car company that has an office in your town/city. These contacts can be highly beneficial for your brighter future and starting off as a test driving career.

13.  When On The Go: When you’re on the go with a new Ferrari, a Ford GT, a Mercedes, don’t be nervous because the car cost a lot. Simply do the job perfectly as if you’re the owner of the car. If test driving was your dream, now is the time you will make it true. A little nervousness and dreading pricy cars can cost you your job, do not spoil it yourself. Take every opportunity that comes your way and do even better every time you take up a project. One test drive finishes in an hour or two. Take it to the best and worst of roads. Take the car on sinking muddy areas and test it if it works on rocky surfaces. How much does it jerk inside the car on these kinds of roads? Etc. Make sure you just don’t overdo it with expensive cars but exhaust these cars too to the fullest.

14.  The Salary Involved In The Job: You can earn a very good salary on the job as a test driver. Working as a test driver, you don’t get any lesser than the other office dwellers in the company because even though you don’t have those qualification certificates and post in the company, you still are doing a very serious job. In fact, it is the most important job. To test drive a car after it is made is honoring and needs superior driving talents. It is also a high risk job and not everybody is ready to take on this job. You will be respected, you don’t have to wear any sort of uniform or keep your looks like that of an office worker and you will not be pressurized in any way. You work is easy, comfortable and high paying. It is a dream job of many. You might be paid hourly, as per the cars you test or on yearly basis. Every dealer has his own different methods of paying workers.

Whatever may be the case, be clear with the understanding that your job is a very good one and high salary job. You need to work hard in the beginning to gain the trust of dealers and then you will be given more orders and money.

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