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Teach Swimming Lessons for Money

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Swimming Class

There are several swimming teachers working in schools, government and private swimming clubs. In fact, numerous teachers take up jobs as instructors with four or five employers simultaneously to teach swimming lessons for money, thus making sufficient income from teaching swimming for it to be their major income, or a considerable contribution to the family budget at least. Some swimming teachers have taken the brave step and started to run their individual swimming lessons and work one way or another, as a business. Some swimming teachers just daydream about how fine it would be, being one’s own chief, at the same time as secretly thinking it would not be at all enjoyable, in fact, quite hectic really. Nonetheless, the chance is always there if the autonomous minded swimming teacher is ready to have a go. There are some essential phases required to productively teach swimming lessons for money.

swimming pool                                                                                                                 A Big Swimming Pool
Before you start teaching your swimming lessons, you require a swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool can be costly. They can, certainly, be very difficult to buy. For a start they are extremely expensive to construct so you most likely ought to hire one swimming pool from somebody else. Nearly all local influence swimming pools desire to run their personal swimming lessons. The reason is if they are run correctly they can be very profitable. So the probable candidate for an accessible swimming pool is an under-utilized hotel swimming pool, local school pool, or even a private home pool. The agreement between the swimming pool proprietor and you is vitally significant. The success of your business exactly depends upon him. He can lock you down at any moment’s notice either through policy or incompetence. The deal is detailed in the agreement for lease. Most swimming teachers who employ facilities not at all consider or see a detailed written agreement for lease so that when the pool proprietor decides to call off the lease agreement, there are no protections for the swimming lesson business.

Constructing A Plan
Now that you had a swimming pool for your business; prior to doing anything else, you must formulate a business Plan. It is merely working out the way you expect your business will grow over a time period. If your predictions are sensible and offer a profit then it is worth doing. The first part to start with, is the potential expenses and potential profits. This involves three different situations.
·         A petite shallow hotel or private swimming pool which can put up one course group of capacity of twelve students.
·         A tiny school pool with 15 meters long, which can put up to two course groups of twelve students.
·         A 25-metre long swimming pool that can house three course groups at the rate of 12 students per course group.

Again, for the sake of arguments, suppose if you hire the swimming pool for two hours during weekdays and two hours on Sundays it come with 14 hours of the total hiring period. Now the present cost of swimming lessons can differ enormously on a national scale. They can differ from as little as $32 per term to as much as $200 per term. The actual expenses need not distress you as they will unavoidably increase through price rises. So you have to calculate the probable income by considering the above rates and see the maximum profit in your business by choosing the appropriate swimming pools and students. The Gross income from each of the above swimming pools and students can all be considered as your salary, but bear in mind your national insurance, income tax, and any private pension etc. need to be taken into consideration. You may as well have to keep a little money in reserve for upcoming publicity and for purchase of gear.

The Decision Of Being A Sole Trader Or A Limited Company
You now ought to make a decision whether or not you will be a limited company or a sole trader. The benefits are that you do not have to maintain accounts and earnings if you are a sole trader and you have no necessity to pay Corporation Tax. But, as a self employed person, you still ought to complete your internal income yearly return and complete the additional pages and thus you have to maintain accurate accounts. The main disadvantage of being a sole trader is that you have no restricted liability, which denotes that if things go terribly wrong you can lose all. Such thoughts are not a good beginning for a growing entrepreneur and habitually put people off right away.

On the other hand, the disadvantages and advantages of forming a limited company are the reverse of being a sole trader in nature. If you get your business in a chaotic condition and cannot carry, at the most you will lose your share capital, typically a small sum. To form a limited company you have to record it at Companies House, create an annual return, present auditable accounts and the company has to pay Corporation Tax.

The choice of being a sole trader or a limited company depends on the facility you have on hand. If you get a small hotel swimming pool, which only put up one course group, for a few hours every week, it is clearly not worth structuring a company. You can work on your own and the annual revenue of your venture would not be big.

In contrast, if you were lucky enough to get a school for 2 hours each weekday, in addition a few hours on the weekends and the swimming pool could accommodate three course groups promptly, then it would most likely be reasonable to structure a limited company.

Forming A Limited Company
Okay, you have decided to be a limited company knowing all its advantages and disadvantages. Forming a limited company is not a difficult task. There are several firms, which specialize in forming companies for people like you; or you can even purchase a helpful do-it-yourself collection from a stationery shop. The most difficult thing you should do is deciding a name for your company that has not previously been used. The firm you purchase from will provide all the details you require on the way to maintain the Company Register and what and when the returns are to be made. You will require a Director, that is you, and a Company Secretary that is your accountant. One person among the swimming teachers or a family member can act as an accountant. Every year you have to file a return to Companies House and present the Annual Report and Accounts of your company. Your accountant will do all this on your behalf. All you have to do is maintain all your proof of payments for your revenue and expenses. Besides the company registration charge, you may be required to pay a small amount as share capital of the company. You can grasp all the shares.

Choosing The Colleagues
After forming the limited company, the next thing you have to do is to make sure you have the colleagues competent of working with you and the way you desire. In spite of the teachers’ abilities it is safer for you to make sure they are appropriately qualified. It is a good marketing to allow the parents know that your swimming teachers are all Amateur Swimming Association teachers and hold some lifesaving prerequisite pertinent to the job. It is better you do not make national insurance and allowances for income tax payments for the swimming teachers since these deductions would be made from their gross salary. Do it more advantageous to leave the teachers as self-employed. However, here also you have to make sure they have properly constructed service contracts as employed teachers or contracts for service as self-employed teachers. The Institute of Swimming has some wonderful assistance documents on the structure of both kinds of contract to assist you through this part. It is also significant if the swimming teachers are self-employed, to make sure that they are the members of the Institute of Swimming, so that they are separately insured with public and civil liability insurance.

Points To Be Included In The Lease Agreement
Now that you are the new director of your swimming coaching company, or you have determined to be a one-man-group, you can now go and rent the swimming pool. Take plenty of time earlier than the starting date of the lessons to reform unforeseen problems and to execute your publicity strategy. When taking the pool for lease it is better to have an agreement in writing. The agreement should contain the following factors:

  • Dates and times of hire, ensure that you get as long a hire time as you can get to provide yourself with protection of continuity. Regrettably, nearly all pool operators will not commit themselves to over 6-months hiring time.
    • A cancellation or termination clause should be included in the agreement, yet again try and obtain as long a notice time as is sensibly possible. One month is normal, but one term would be more advantageous to you and provide you time to get alternative grounds.
    • Make sure where you stand regarding unexpected or unforeseen refunds and closures and damages. Usually, the best you can acquire is a reimbursement on a lost hire, but you need to be conscious that this may necessitate you to refund your clients. Therefore, do not spend your advanced profits early in the period.
    • Periods when the hire accord can be renegotiated. If you contain an open-ended hire contract the swimming pool proprietor may desire to evaluate the rental charges time to time.
    • The part of the swimming pool you have taken for rent, whether it is the entire facility, or the swimming pool and dress-changing rooms and the viewing balcony, or only the swimming pool. This matters if you encounter problems with overlapping consumer use. You do not wish for the next client infringing on your lease space and time.
    • What are your tasks, principally with respect to safety and health? You are required to know in writing who is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the facility when you are using it.
    • What qualifications and competencies do the lease agreement need you to have to hire the swimming pool and what lifeguard promise are you required to tender, if any?
    If you are uncertain of something, it may pay you in the long run to get the agreement verified by a solicitor.

                                   swimming Ad                                                                                                   A Typical Swimming Class Ad
Advertise the swimming sessions and feel the pressure rise. This is the perilous bit. It is simple to be alarmed if the registrations for the sessions do not come in as quickly as you anticipated. However, if you have gone through the area appropriately and are certain, here is a marketplace for your services, you should attain sufficient registrations not to create a loss in the first period; and if the entire thing goes totally wrong then you can call off with minimum defeat.

Protection To The Students And Staffs

You cannot disregard your safety and health obligations to your clients and staff if you boast any. You have a regular law duty of care to your clients and anybody distressed by your business. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate your risk behavior, recognize perils and reduce their risk where it is sensibly practicable to do so. By risk evaluation it must automatically show you the way to making some easy operating procedures for your actions. It is clever to note down these and make them obtainable to anybody who requires them. Apparently, if you are renting somebody else’s facility, they must previously have a swimming pool operating modus operandi, which contains a disaster accomplishment plan. Several of the dangers that you require to consider may previously be included in the major swimming pool operating procedure therefore, you need to verify earlier other than you make your own. Your swimming pool operating procedure will be something similar to an addendum to the major one. Significantly, you ought to know your responsibility in the disaster accomplishment plan.

Advantages Of Teaching Swimming Lessons
Astonishingly, one of the greatest benefits of running swimming lessons as a business is that the clients pay beforehand and the bills are usually paid in advance. This denotes that your bank account is typically in credit and you may not have to converse with a bank manager about overdraft services or credits at all. There is an additional benefit to this since it is devoid of having to set out cap in hand to the bank you will not have to make a complete business plan. However, for your personal benefit and protection you ought to create a company financial plan and then up-date it in the glow of the genuine registrations received in your first tenure.

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