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Start Making Money with Curb-Number Painting Services

October 21, 2014 by: 0

Providing Curb-Number Painting services is one of the best ways to earn good income.  It is an easy business. It is also small and needs lesser effort than any other business. You can either work part-time or take up the job to work full time, and it totally depends on your own choice. So if you are free on weekends and you have a knack for painting, you should start making money with curb-number painting services. Many local police, EMS services and fire departments recommend this service to the people in the city. You can be helping these high profile organizations with your curb-number painting service. You can paint addresses of house owners on their curb so that people who are looking for them can find them more easily and in lesser time spent for searching. The service also pays you a good amount and if you do well in your painting you get more orders for work in various places, houses where curb-number painting is required. Here is everything you will need to know about how to start making money with curb-number painting services, how to work doing the job, what you will need, etc.


1.       About the work: The work is simple. You have to paint numbers on curbs for houses, offices, stores, companies, institutes, etc. You can either be advertising or simply helping people know something about anything or anyone. While you walk down your streets you will notice many paintings on walls, do not consider the graffiti as the service you will provide. Pay attention to the notices, advertisements of toothpastes, soft-drink, t-shirts, etc. and try to understand these designs. If you decide to take up the job you will be doing something like this on curbs, wall of the streets, sign boards, etc. The job pays well if you can work well. However, if your work is not satisfactory, you might be paid but you will not get another order to work more. You will need to keep a few important things in mind before you start the work and while you’re working.
2.       How To Get Work : Getting work is not difficult. You will need to start with doing some field work. Visiting your neighbors is a good way to start. You must visit people and tell them that you paint house numbers on curbs or visit companies and tell them that you put ads on curbs that are abandoned or could be rented.  Talk about why you should be chosen for the work. Tell about how reliable and trustworthy your services are. Reveal that you’re in need of work and any work you get will gain maximum dedication from you. Keep your rates low and also allow the client to pay you only if satisfied with your work. This will help your client to understand how confident and determined you are. Top business people like attitude that expresses confidence. Express all you have and you’re sure to get work. Once you get work, you see to it that you do not disappoint your client and you’re all sailing.

3.       Making Background Templates: Now about the background templates, you can make different types of background templates. If you make card board background templates it will not last long, eventually you will be called and yelled at for no reason. So what you can do is make the templates of plastic. These last very long, at least longer than card board. Your client won’t be disappointed. Now about the color, you generally will see the background template to be of either black or white. If the background is black you will notice white numbers on them and if the background is white you will notice black numbers on them. This is generally known as very decent and formal kind of curb-number painting and most of the houses in respectable colonies will have this. Some stylish houses choose colors like brown, red, yellow, etc. So before you go out on a project you must be sure about the color your client wants. Just black and white is not everybody’s choice, many prefer colors on their curbs and their numbers written differently too. The background template makes a big difference in differentiating houses and numbers too.

4.       The Details About What To Use and in How Much: First thing you need to use reflective spray paints. These paints should be reflective and they should dry really fast. Make sure you make the background template nice and wide. Size really matters when you are painting curb-numbers. The template needs to be at least 6 to 7 inches wide with a slightly lesser breadth. This is to fit the numbers well on your painting. You can’t differ in the size of the numbers. For house number painting you will need the template wide enough to fit more than 4 numbers that are large and thick so that they can be seen and understood from a distance.

5.       Things To Do Before Starting Off: There are certain things you will need to keep in mind before you start with the work and that is practicing the work properly. Try writing number on curbs that belong to you, or try painting your basement walls and writing things on them. Ask your friends if your painting is good and if you should try curb-painting as a profession. The survey will help you decide in what you should do and what not. People will come up with help and various ideas for you. Support is all you need. Take all the help you get and keep on practicing until you know for yourself that you’re good and you should be paid well for your work.

6.       Necessary Things: A permit comes first among the necessary things you will need to start working as a curb-number painter. Then you will need stencils which are extremely essential. You will also need paint and supplies related and that will help you with the work. And you will have to purchase air brushing equipments.

7.       The First Steps: There are basically eight steps to the work. The first steps are you check with yourself permission or zeal to work. Check with your local authorities about the policies of the work. You will need to obtain a permit or a license to work in certain areas and for certain people, legally. The second step is to learn the work before going in for it. Consider the competition you are in. Find out if any other painters usually encounter un-necessary challenges in certain localities so that you can avoid going to those localities. The third step is to prepare a business plan and calculate the income and expenses that your business will see. The fourth step is to apply for an EIN which means an Employment Identification Number. This will be required to carry out the tax procedures.

8.       The Last Steps: The fifth step is to obtain insurance and liability bonding. Insurance helps you protect your business from losses it is a must if your business had a lot of capital invested in it. The sixth step is to find a wholesaler in your area so that you get your paints and other requirements cheap, fresh and good. The seventh step is to create a brochure of your work. You will have to invest some more money if you want more publicity but if this is not required you do not need to do it. Keep in mind that work will get you publicity but it will take a lot of time and you will come up later than expected. The eighth and last step is to market your services, and promote them among potential clients. Prepare a plan and execute it once you’re ready with all your necessary documents. Once you have your team ready for work, you can contact clients and go out curb-number painting. However, if you haven’t got your license yet, try waiting a little longer for that to come first.

9.       The Investment: You will need to invest in a few things before you start with your work. The investment is generally on paints and accessories (cleaning materials, brushes, plates, etc). These things are not one time investment assets. You will need to keep spending on these and these can really cost you a fortune if you don’t make enough from your painting work. So buy the goods that come in your budget. In the first months as you will be earning less, you should also invest in cheap quality goods otherwise you will fall in debts and out of tension and pressure you won’t be able to concentrate on your work. Something or other always has adverse effects when it comes to working on a new kind of job. A lot of learning and experience gaining blocks your way to be rich overnight. But that is how it is. There are many who don’t last a month in the work and then there are also people who have opened companies while starting working as simple curb-painters.

10.   The Money: The money involved is not very much in the beginning because you will be starting off as a fresher. If you consider working as a fresher in any job for that matter it is certain that you will be paid lesser than the ones who have experience behind them. As far as the starting cash is concerned, you will probably be paid $10 for a medium sized painting on a curb. Gradually as you pick up well you will make good contacts with busy, rich people and you can charge more for your services. Keep in mind that good business people pay. Work for people who do not hesitate to pay you even if they find some flaws. Painting could be boring and really quiet working for hours on a curb. In the beginnings you’ll make many mistakes and correct them which will take up more of your time. In such cases you should charge your clients less so that they don’t mind letting you work harder and pay you on time.

11.   The Scope: Gradually as you do well with curb-number painting, you can turn it into a good business. Hiring a few other aspiring painters in your little business will help you with some extra work coming in. What you will do is, set a name for your business, like “Awesome Curb-Painter” or something that comes to your mind. Next you print cards and then visit companies, advertising agencies, famous people, politicians, product business companies etc. and spread the word about your business. Giveaway cards and offer high quality services with the best of paints in the market. Having a registered name for your business can get you more clients and more work. Eventually your business grows and gains name and fame in the market. There is a great scope in the work if you look at it in a positive way regardless of the struggle in the first years of work.

12.   Promoting Your Business: Once you’ve made it to start a business of your own as a curb-painter and have a few others to help you in the work, you can promote your business by doing various things. Whenever you do curb-painting anywhere do not forget to mention your name and contact number on one of the corners of the painted area. Ask your friends and family to talk about your business and spread the word among people around you in your locality. Send out messengers to tell people and introduce your company to them. Another way you can promote your business is by using social media. Use and to promote your business. Tell people that you provide best of services in the relevant localities. Visit vacancy sites where people have posted vacancy ads for curb-painters. Enter terms like ‘curb-painting services required’ on Google and contact the people nearest to where you reside. These are only a few. If you start up with the work seriously, you will see that there are tons of other options you can take to promote your work and earn more money with curb number painting services.

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