Start A Foreclosure Clean-up Business To Get Paid

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In today’s world, we can see that there are many ways you can earn a good income apart from taking up a job and working for a company. Starting up your own business is one of those ways to begin a new way to earn a living. Among the various businesses that we can do to earn a respectable living, starting up a foreclosure cleaning business can be a very good idea. Knowing which business to start is more important than knowing how to start it. The type of business that you can handle should be your choice. Make the right choice by starting a business that demands less capital investment at the initial stage. Spending more and gaining less can lead you to loss and falling into debts.

Thousands of people, tired of their unsatisfying jobs, have taken initiatives to start a foreclosure clean-up business to get paid. First of all you need to have a clear concept about what a foreclosure clean-up business is. A foreclosure clean-up business is related to cleaning up a particular place after it has been vacated by the occupants. If you have to run a foreclosure clean-up business you will need to make contacts with banks, companies and industries and tell them about your services and rates. These banks and companies will hire you to clean-up the property they own anywhere in the city. All you have to do is get there, clean it up and take your pay. They you pay your workers the amount promised and have to keep the profit. These are the few important things you will need to know about starting up a foreclosure clean-up business:

1.     The Basics: The most important thing to have before any business is a certain sum of money to invest. You need to invest the money on land, labor, materials, etc. In a foreclosure clean-up business you will first of all need a license. Remember that your clients are companies that are insured and licensed, therefore they will look to hire businesses that are licensed so that they feel secure working with them. Give your business a name and get it registered and licensed. You might also need to get it bonded and protected and insured by a reliable insurance company. There are chances you won’t receive any well paying orders if you fail to get a license for your business. Second thing is to find employees.

You will need to hire people to work for you in the clean-up business. You will need to get yourself trained first and then make sure you find a way to get your employees trained as well. This is so that you don’t have to face the fate of losing further orders from the customer who trusted you. If you need to compete and stand out from your competitors, you will need to know everything they know and be better than them. About the people that you will need to make a good team, you will need a good receptionist, electrician, painters, plumbers, mechanics, and mostly all rounder laborers. You will have to consult with consultants supplying human resource. You will then hire these people recommended to you after you interview them. These can be professionals, contractors or simply people looking for jobs. Then pay them daily or monthly, as per your choice.

2.     How to Hire/Whom to Hire: The next important task is hiring the right people for the job. Who to hire depends upon the level of work you have or you expect to have. We judge the level by the pay. If a company is paying you more than you expect them to, you need to fulfill their expectations too. Hire experience persons in this case, especially for these companies who demand quality work. You can hire teams or individuals looking for work. Be sure to hire licensed people for major tasks, for the minor ones like individual clients looking for foreclosure clean-ups for their homes, you can hire freshers to gain experience. Don’t compromise on quality and dedication and do not think of paying your employees less because yours is a new business and a lot is gone into it. Your employees do not about that, all they care is a good pay so that they can keep working for you. You pay well they work well, you pay less they do not perform and look for better jobs and ultimately your business doesn’t grow. On the contrary do not also waste it all on employees; if you save by hiring less experienced people and train them, the better for your business.

3.     Aggressive Marketing: Marketing is the most important factor for the success of a business. Your business is a lonely bush amid trees unless you market it to make it known. You need to make this bush look beautiful and attractive so that people wish to have it in their own homes. First of all talk to a good marketing team who can ensure results within weeks. Your business should come with a blow to the public. It should be presented as the next big thing in the town. You will need to keep aside a specific amount only for marketing because it is what gets you the orders. Unless you get the orders you cannot make a first impression. What you need to do apart from hiring a marketing team is be ready for the outcome. Be ready with your license at display, it will surely be asked for. Be ready with a business card to offer when people come to your office. Be ready with a team to introduce in case you have to and most of all hire a good receptionist. Male or female is not the point, you receptionist can be young or elderly but must be well experienced in handling the job of taking and making calls efficiently. It is on the phone and e-mails these days that most of the talking happens and you can’t afford to lose customers because your receptionist is a fresher and is on training.

4.      What To Keep In Mind: Keep your concepts clear about the work. Nobody likes cleaning up dirt while packing other people’s things and carrying them out of a place but when it’s a job it’s a job, you have to do it. Brief your employees about the fact that the houses, areas, places they go to clean will be unexpectedly untidy and unclean and this is exactly why your business has been hired. Motivate your team not give up on stains and stinks. The house could be filled with dirt, feces, dead animals and smell. Not always is the house vacated before you enter it. Many times you will find tenants not yet left the house. They can be hostile towards you. You might find pets left behind which might attack you. You will need to provide your employees with the equipments that will help them to breathe and be safe in places like these. Most of the houses are not so bad, it is only in the suburbs and amid jungles you might find houses that are dangerously filled with dirt and harmful insects. In any case you need to see that your workers are safe and are given everything they need to clean every possible foreclosure no matter what you’re being paid for it, try to make an impression so that the client doesn’t hesitate in paying you and you’re offered more work by the same client. Charge less to gain customers and perform well to gain their confidence. Yours is a new business so you first need to build a name for your business only then you can demand amounts that will earn you large profits.

5.     The costs: To start a foreclosure business you don’t need much. All you will need to spend for is equipments, printing business cards, and marketing before the business is commenced. Paying the employees and for the rent of the office comes after a month has passed. Registering and licensing may take some time and money but that is essential and equal for every business. Let’s consider all the costs clearly and accurately. Starting with the most important; equipment cost. Equipments can cost you a lot if you do not purchase them from a wholesaler. You will need to spend on equipments so it is better you contact the wholesale market for it. You can also purchase second hand equipments to cut the cost. Look around for websites selling second hand cleaning equipments. The second cost that will hit you is the transportation cost. You will need a vehicle. You can either purchase this vehicle or hire it. Keep in mind to take in a vehicle that is not too big nor too small, you don’t need a stylish vehicle here, it can be second hand that doesn’t matter but it should be able to go safely into tiny, narrow lanes.  This vehicle should be like a small pick-up that can carry your tools and equipments that you will use in the process of cleaning up. After the clean-up this vehicle should be able to take away things that you are told to deliver and also hold your equipment and the workers. The other cost is of the training and time spent in training. You have to be the best to gain good orders. You will need to spend for enough knowledge about which equipments to use and how and where to use them effectively. This is though a good way to start before jumping into it with no knowledge.

6.     About Foreclosure Clean-Up Jobs: There is a dead-heat competition going on in the foreclosure clean-up business, yet due to less time and adequate resources, cleanup companies have to give up on orders. This leaves away jobs for others looking for them. Your business will gain from this overflow of jobs. Thousands of house owners are being asked to vacate their houses due to people not being able to clear their mortgages and loans taken from banks. The banks ask them to vacate the house and you’re hired to clean-up the foreclosures. There are therefore great opportunities if you plan to start a foreclosure clean-up business to get paid. Without worrying you’re sure to have clients contacting you once your company is registered and licensed. All you have to do is have aggressive marketing done and hire the right people. Banks and Companies are always on the lookout for better service at lower costs. What happens with established clean-up businesses is that they have gotten a name for themselves and they charge more than they give. This should not be the case with you as you’re only a start-up for the first few years and you need to concentrate on getting orders more than getting paid. For them who believe in working with full dedication there are jobs always available in the market.

7.     Deliver the Best: Where your business will be in the next five years from the start is all upon how you work on it. How hard you work on it, how dedicated you are towards it. After knowing the pros and cons of the business you need to ask yourself if you still have interest in the business. Lastly, the most important function you need to perform is delivering the best to your clients. When you take up a job, try your best to immediately start up with working on the project. Any delay may cause the client to discontinue with you in the near future. Delays may also lose you the job in your hand. The turnaround has to be instant and active. A positive attitude towards even being paid low can impress your client and you grow slow so you mustn’t plan to leap to high in the beginning. Make sure you aren’t only trying to make money but a career and a future out of starting up this foreclosure clean-up business to get paid, and be paid well for your hard-work.

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