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Shovel Snow In The Winter For Cash

October 21, 2014 by: 0

Winters tend to keep you in your bed and forget about the world. Sleeping however will not earn you anything. Instead you have extra expenses in winters than you have in summers. What if you can earn some extra income doing an easy job that is only available in winters? Yes, that job is shoveling snow. Shoveling snow can earn you a good income this winter. The good thing about shoveling snow for cash is, you can do it when you like and where you like, snow is everywhere and every place around you needs cleaning up. Age doesn’t matter at all for the job, nor do you need any certificate or qualification to find work. All you need is to be active in the cold lazy winter days and work hard to earn your share. You can be that person helping a number of people sleep well at night and at the same time you earn your share of cash to enjoy your evenings with more meat and rum. If it’s your winter vacations going on, wait no longer to land your first winter job. Here’s everything you need to know about how to shovel snow in the winter for cash.

                             Winter Weather
1.     About the Work: The work is simple. You will need a few tools to assist you. If possible you can take a friend along to pass your time chatting and working or simply go yourself to concentrate only on work. It will cost you your physical energy. Nothing goes from your pocket apart from the purchase of basic tools for the job. Shoveling snow means cleaning up the extra snow gathered around a home, building or a structure. If you are in a good locality where reputed people live, you can earn more income and also gain contacts with these big shots. To be successful at work, you need to also be popular so that you are recommended to others who need snow shoveling as well.

2.     The Extra Income: Winter comes with more expenses. Warmer clothes, more use of the heater and the stove, eventually more electricity is used and also more gas. So what do you do to munch on those extra burgers your mouth craves for? In a time like this some extra cash coming in might be of great help. You can simply find your tools and get on out of home to shovel snow from other people’s lawns, roofs, trees, balconies, cars, rooms, etc. And buy or fulfill your winter desires without spending or investing in anything. Your earnings depend upon how good you’re so make sure you charge your price according to your capabilities and have fun earning more than your regular income.

3.     What You Will Need Before Hand: The most important thing you will need to shovel snow is a snow shovel. The equipment helps you shovel snow in a proper way, cleaning up the snow entirely by doing a good job and getting the snow out of difficult places easily. Considering the types of shovels available and the ones you should use, there are various types of the equipment available in the market. You have a variety of options to choose from and also a variety of ranges. If you like branded things, go on for a branded one. This will last longer too and it will also serve you well. Never mind if you have to invest a little more in the beginning. Customers like to hire those who have good equipments. You can show your branded shovel and guarantee a good job to get more work and eventually more income.

4.     Adding Salt: This is done after you have finished with shoveling the snow. If you add salt after you have finished your work in the particular lawn, stairs, and other areas, you will do something of a service to your clients. You do want to be in the good books of the people you are working for now don’t you? This will also differentiate you from others doing the same job and these are your competitors in the work. Visit your local hardware store or some retail stores and get your salt. You could get salts such as rock salt in these hardware stores. Another benefit of giving extra service is, you can get paid extra and you will be demanded by more people. Remember that people are really ready to pay well if you work well. You have to give more to get more. The salt laying idea is a good way to begin.

5.     About Shoveling Snow in the Right and Wrong Way: Now that you know what the work is about and what you will need to go about it, you must know how to do the work efficiently so that you don’t lose your job and get more projects to complete. If you’re new at the job you will not know how to do it well and if you can’t do it well you will get tired soon and neither will the work be completed. Here’s some advice for you to work as an experienced person without having any sort of experience. Keep in mind that you should shovel snow in the right way so that you don’t get fagged out too soon.

6.     How to Shovel Snow the Right Way: Shoveling snow the wrong way might get the job done somehow but it will take time and energy more than necessary. Therefore, it is better for you to learn the stuff before stepping straight into it. First know the wrongness of shoveling snow. If you shovel snow starting from below and raising up, it will take all your energy away in no time. This might even strain your body to cause internal injury. If your bones are weak, you might even have back injuries. Do just the opposite. Shovel snow from top to bottom and you will see you don’t get tired at all. Your hands get the exercise and so does your core. This way your body too remains physically fit, warm in the winter and there is no chance you will have any injury serious enough to hurt your bones or muscles.

7.     Pros and Cons of Shoveling Snow: This is one of the most important things you must know. First of all keep in mind that the work is not an enjoyable one like test driving or ticket selling, it requires a great amount of physical effort and caliber to work in the cold. However, if you take it as a regular exercise that the body requires in winter, you can at least be prepared mentally for the work. If you simply shovel snow removing the snow from top to bottom instead of carrying it and throwing it, you will not strain yourself and your work will be easier.

8.     Important Facts About Snow Shoveling: Shoveling snow has many benefits like it keeps you healthy and fit in the winter, you can earn cash doing work any fit person can do. You don’t need any qualification, etc., Your hard work is all that will work. Keep in mind that shoveling snow can be highly dangerous too. It is important that you balance when you work on snow because you could slip and fall to hurt yourself badly. There are people who lose their limbs and even lives in the work so be very careful while you work. Concentrate on being safe. If you feel you cannot do it, don’t jump in for the money, but you must be sure you can do it before taking up the job.

9.     How Much Should You Charge? : This is one good question you will ask yourself before starting off. How much should you charge for snow shoveling? You’re going to shovel snow for somebody, charge according to your work caliber. Ask yourself how much can you work in a day. No matter what, the work should first of all earn you enough to survive for two days. There are people who pay well and those who bargain too much. You’re new at the job so don’t mind working for less so that you can learn the job. There is one benefit and that is you can set your prices yourself. You can charge $10 for cleaning up the front area then slowly go to 12 as they begin to like your work and you begin to gain confidence. However, do not be over confident, don’t charge so much that you work and they hesitate to pay you.

10.                         The Benefits of Shoveling Snow: So apart from the cash there are benefits for you. You get to meet people, gain their trust by working for their home and earning a respectable extra income. Be sure not to be rough or rude to the people. Politeness has always been helpful. Use this magical power to gain the trust of people. Be nice to the ladies and kids, this might get you some free coffee at work, it might also help you create contacts and sometimes you become friends with nice people and they really visit you offering you more work in the summers as well. Like repairing the roof, fixing their garage etc. There are jobs that lack manpower to work on them. You are a human resource for them and they will take your number and call you to ask you if you can do other jobs for them. However, shoveling snow is better to do in winters than any other job. Remove snow from people’s houses as if you’re removing snow from your own house.

11.                        Scope Of the Work: There is scope in the job unless you ruin it for yourself by not working well or charging too much. Remember that it is only a work of cleaning up and you should charge accordingly. You’re not going to get rich shoveling snow. It is but only a part time job with some extra income to support you in winter. Take this as an opportunity to have some more cash in your pocket, for example, to buy your dad a Christmas gift or something. If you’re a student, this job is best for you. Get out with your friends and make money to have fun to go watch a movie or eat out. This way your parents don’t feel the burden of paying you money, pocket money and money every now and then.

12.                        Where Can You Do the Job? : The job is available only where you have snow falls in winter, for example; Dallas, Texas. You will need to check for ads in the paper or consult with friends who know people looking for snow shovels. One of the best ways is, take your shovel, get in your car and start driving. While you are driving you will notice homes with snow all over. Get off your vehicle and knock on doors asking the people if they need anybody to shovel snow off their car, lawn, etc. Be sure to be polite and tell the people that they need to get rid of the snow lest they should slip and fall.
So now earn that extra income and make yourself useful around your locality. The job is basically for winters and very less people like to do those extra works in winter. So you have a little less competition to face. Look forward to winters and accept the summer wishing you good bye so that you can say hello to winter and earn some nice income coming in to support your family and yourself financially. Another thing is, no matter how rich and awesome the house may look to you, you are what you are and keep your character intact and straight. Charge only what you deserve, because there are many like you looking for work. Be good to the ladies because they stay at home and would be dealing with you. You’re in tough competition so keep it really good and do not mind if clients yell at you and scream at you for no reason. Finally, shoveling snow is a good job and you will surely be able to do the job so don’t worry.

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