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Modeling agency is usually involved in choosing the right model and preparing the already existing models to various modeling projects like fashion event, advertising, TV shows, films etc. Modeling agency earns money by taking commission from the models and the agencies that hire model. Modeling agency has pool of models for fashion and advertising world. Most of the top agency not only has pool of models but also help them enhance their talents. They invest in models in order to increase their standards in the industry. Agency’s main job is to find work for the model by showing their photographs and their portfolios to the designers, photographers, TV channels, and advertising agencies. Modeling Agency will be handling every aspect of a model so that a model can only focus on his or her work. All the business related to modeling will be handled by this modeling agency. If you are someone who wants to set up a modeling agency for money and you have an experience of modeling world, then it is the most profitable business to be in.  If you look at the stats, a fashion industry alone generates around twenty billion dollars every year. In a year you will see different kinds of fashion events happening to promote various businesses. The Requirement of models is continuously trending. Even the industry like advertising seeks for models constantly. If you are someone who has done the work as a model and now if you are looking for a more steady income job, then starting a modeling agency is very easy job for you. As you already know the industry it will be easy to make contacts and market your agency. You will be able to have more models in your pool.

How To Start A Modeling Agency
First thing you will require will be an office setup. This will serve as a place where you can carry out all your work of adding a model in your pool and manage them. At first you will require small office, if you are starting out with small capital. You can take up a small place on rent. In cities, you can get small office spaces easily. But before you take up any place you will have to see where your office is situated. You must look for office in area where large number of people from the modeling world lives. This will be acting as your playing ground. More and more models will be able to contact to you. And you yourself will be able to approach models, important people who hire model. In your office you might require equipment like, computer, internet connection, good quality camera, lights etc. If your contacts are good then you might also be conducting auditions for some project. So you will also require a audition room.
If you have large capital and you are looking for agency that can compete with top modeling agencies, then you will require whole lot more things than just an office. Most of the top agency likes to improve on the talent they possess. They provide training to models, they manage their portfolio themselves before they find job for them. Their office will be large enough to train models every day. They will be investing large amount of money in providing infrastructure which will be used for this training. You will have to buy bigger office area to support it. Not only that you will be hiring professionals like trainer for models, photographers, designers etc, you will also require office staff which will be able to handle large pool of models and large back office staff to support large office work load.

In modeling, most important thing is network. You need to have large contacts in order to get jobs, whether you are a model or an agent. As an agency, you will require contacts of people who hire models. You will need contacts of advertising agencies, fashion agencies, event organizers, casting agencies, film producers, TV producers and photographers. If you have worked in fashion world earlier then it will be easier to get contacts because you might have already worked with few of them as a model. You can try calling them ask them if they require any model. Just call each and every one you know in modeling world. This is important because you don’t have any current requirement of models in your hand, then you may not be able to approach models also who are looking for modeling assignments. Once you have some requests in your hand; you can put up a call for models. You put this requirement over internet, you can provide an ad in local newspapers and even you can call the models you know. So once you have models approaching you for work, take their portfolios. Forward these portfolios to the company which has made the request. The more you increase your contacts, the more you will be able to get work for your models and the more models you will get for your requests. Best way to get more contacts is to do an open house party for the fashion world and invite them when you start an agency. You can also attend different parties and event held by the companies or popular people of the industry. Event and parties are the places where most of the contacts are made. Most of the business deals are discussed and expanded only in such kind of events and parties. You can provide your business card to maximum number of people possible to receive different projects for your agency.

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Marketing is pretty much the integral part of this business so if you don’t do any marketing no one will ever know about your agency. Marketing will help you to get models for your agency. Marketing will provide opportunity for work to your models. As we already know, marketing can be done by print media, internet, mass media etc. But at the start, you must go through an open house for the modeling industry for the agency job. There you can tell people about your agencies and what are the capabilities of your agency. Once you have few companies or agencies approaching you for work, you put a casting call through. Getting models can also be done by marketing through same method. You can even start spotting for models and look for upcoming models. You can do this even if you don’t have projects with you just to have enough portfolios with you. Whenever you get some requests, you can immediately send these portfolios for consideration. Even you can do some events at the local level where you will get many models approaching you for getting a gig in the event. You can also send sample portfolios to different companies that hire models, just provide them what kind of pool you have. As you know that the business runs 24×7, you will be marketing continuously without much effort. From your side you will have to be more active in approaching people for work. You will have to constantly seek new models and clients to grow your business. Many agencies settle themselves with few clients and only seek work from them but with this they are limiting their growth. Same is the case with model you must keep looking for models, be an agent for as many models as possible. Initially you might not be able to handle large number but after you hire your support staff you can grow.

marketing                                                                                                                                   Marketing

Pool of Models
The kind of models you select will also decide what kind of clients you will be serving. You will have to set a standard for your agency to get the best work for your models. You will have to judge the best talent of model and invest in them to improve them. First it is important that the models you hire must have some set physical standards like your models must have height which is above 5’ 18 and respective weight. You must invest in improving their look which must be good and attractive. If you are looking for female models make sure the models will be able to maintain their weight.  You must have models of certain age group in your pool; once they exceed that age limit you must remove them from your agency. You must have variety of models as there may be many kinds of work which may be open to you. Try to have models with different ethnic groups, different looks. This gives you option and keep you open for different projects. You must also try to invest in them to improve them. Keep an eye on their fitness and keep their portfolios updated. You can hire in house professionals just to improve the models you represent. You can hire fashion expert, guru, photographer, designer etc. If you have some models growing very fast, you can provide counseling to keep growing in correct way and keep an eye on them. As these talented models are the main assets your agency has, so it is important to take care of them and treat them equally. Try to provide work for everyone and not just keep a portfolio for database purpose.

Models                                                                                                                           Pool of models

Get Paid
If you have your agency running, then you might wonder how you will be earning. There are many agencies who take fees from the models in order to give them work. This is most unethical practice. Modeling agencies must avoid these. Even there are frauds who offer them packages which include free portfolios etc. with some fees but the agency never provide any work for them. In actual sense, agency works on commission. Agency will sign a contract with model when they start representing him or her. They will find work for the model. Once the model is paid for their work they take commission from model and the company they have worked for. For example they are paid 2500 dollars as fees for model and company have signed a contract with model for 10% commission. Then agency will get 250 dollars from model and the company that provided the work. Rate agency charges differ from model to model. The less the market value of the model, the more will be the commission agency will take. The more the market value of the model, the more reasonable the commission for him. Most of the time if agency has good reputation a complete project may be given to the agency and they will be paid by the company that has provided the project because models used for the project are all from one agency.

payment                                                                                                                             Payment

Growth Aspect
Growth Aspect is very high as it will depend on you how fast you network, how fast you market yourself, how much quality exist in your talent pool. Best way to grow in this industry is to provide best work. So it is important to have the most talented models in your pool. Invest in them, make them more valuable and guide them to success. The more demand you have for models, the more you will be earning. The more you find work for your models, the more you will earn. Always keep an eye on what goes around in the modeling world. Try to create a network of people that are useful for models like photographers, designers, casting agents etc. These are the people who will be bringing work for you.
Modeling industry is hard, tough and competitive industry. It has capacity to put on peak of success or it can drop in to the well of failure. You have to be determined to work in the industry. More than that if you take interest in the models you represent and believe in their talents, you will love the business. After all you are working to make money you must be strict when it comes to money. You have to be very clear in terms of rates and commission you decide. You must always check how valuable your models are. Try to maintain the standard of your agency. Model which does not fit your standard, be strict and terminate the contract with him or her. Always work towards managing your talents. Manage all of their legal and financial activities, so that they can try to concentrate on their work. To set up a modeling agency for money is not much different from setting up another business for money. You should make your business work in a profitable way.

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