Sell Poinsettias During Christmas Season To Earn Easy Money

November 17, 2012 by: 1

If you run a supermarket or a store that sells flowers and potted holiday plants, poinsettias can add greatly to your profit margin during the Christmas season. You should already be aware that you have to order your stock before the season moves into full gear. However, there are still a lot of things that you can do to increase your sales and make more money by selling poinsettias during the yuletide.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Do not just stick to your standard orders; you could add something different this year. If you order a number of plants with shorter heights, you may discover that there are several people who like them like that. You can order them in different colors and promote them as tabletop poinsettias. They will be purchased for gifts as well as decorative items for nursing homes or hospitals. Don’t forget to include a lot of pots and hanging baskets in your stock.

Increase the quantity that you order

Apart from trying new products, you should also consider increasing the quantity of your order. You can sell a lot of poinsettia trees and painted poinsettias if you reach out to other prospective customers. The painted versions should be grouped separately because they appeal to a different group of customers. If you do not have it in stock, you will never know if you can sell it.

Start earlier

An increasing number of consumers now start shopping early for Christmas in order to save money. You can accommodate this group of people by making poinsettias available early. You will make more money selling poinsettias during Christmas season if you start during the first week of November. Start with as many colors as you can because the early season customers are not usually traditional buyers.

Create impressive displays

Choose a large space to display your poinsettias impressively. If you want to draw in customers, you have to be ready for massive displays. The customers should be able to see enticing displays when they look in through the windows of your shop. Visit a few stores in your neighborhood to get creative display ideas.

Your displays will be more effective if customers can easily see how the poinsettias will look in their homes. Home-style displays can also encourage more people to buy. These types of displays can also be used to sell other items in your store. You can create contemporary as well as traditional home-style displays.

Try to find large orders

Your sales can increase tremendously if you target businesses and organizations. Create fliers and send them out to churches and other organizations in your local area. Let them know the type of plants that you have in stock as well as the prices that you are willing to offer.  Attract their business by offering discounts for certain quantities of purchases. Do not forget to advertise through sales circulars, large chalkboards at the front of your store as well as billboards. These tips will enable you to sell poinsettias during Christmas season to earn easy money.

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