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Sell Computer Upgrades and Peripherals to Make Money

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Computer upgrades are required after sometime as new hardware and software updates come into the market to boost the performance of your computer. There are various guidelines that helps you to choose what to upgrade and when it is required.

These days computers are in great demand as in every sphere of life it helps people to store data, to solve problems etc. So its peripherals are equally in demand. So sellers who sell these things can earn good money by selling hardware and software components of computer. Selling Computer Upgrades and Peripherals to make money is good business plan to be initiated as computer industry is growing and increase in demand among youngsters and other businesses.

Prior To Upgrade – Things To Do 

Before upgrading one must check if it is actually required or not. First of all check if actually replacement is required for hardware component or it can be fixed by upgrading some software on computer. After checking it properly only then one can change hardware as per requirement from the available options.
There are various hardware parts that can be upgraded.

Below Are Given Some Hardware Upgradable Parts With Price Range:

RAM Price ranging from Rs 400 to 4500
CPU(Processor) Price ranging from Rs 1500 to 30000
Graphics card Price ranging from Rs 2000 to 20000
Hard drive Price ranging from Rs 2000 to 6000
Optical(CD/DVD)Drive Price ranging from Rs 1000 to 2000

So depending upon that part, you can upgrade and can make money. These days these components are easily available and everyone prefer to change few parts rather than replace whole computer. So seller can make money easily by selling computer hardware upgrades.

1.ramRAM is a Random Access Memory used to store data. If computer speed is slow then you can increase your computer’s RAM .It allows stored data to be retrieved in random order and hence increase the speed of the computer operation. It is a kind of integrated circuit and can be replaced easily. Doing this your computer’s speed will increase so as its performance without buying new computer.

CPU is Central Processing Unit; it is a hardware component that carries out instructions in the system. Any computer can have more than one CPU. So to boost computer’s performance one can add more CPU’s in the computer.CPU upgrade is tricky as it needs a socket in the motherboard. If your old computer doesn’t contain more sockets then you have to change motherboard also to fit CPU.

3.graphic-cardsGraphics card is an expansion card that helps to generate images to display. It helps to play video games, if your computer doesn’t open game that means you must upgrade your graphic or video card. Various graphic cards are available in market and one can enhance the image quality by upgrading its version.4.harddisk

Hard Drives are also used for storing and retrieving data. It is a secondary form to store data. One can have this in the computer to increase the storage capacity without any effect on the speed of computer as it is external only.

Apart from these internal components there are external components that can be upgraded. These are given below:
·         Keyboard
·         Mouse
·         Monitor
There are various companies whose keyboards, mouse, monitors are available in the market at different prices and different features depending upon requirements of users. One can easily upgrade them.
In India, various cities have IT hub for computer peripherals where seller buys old computer parts and resell them by making good money. Many people go to these markets to purchase parts as these are cheaper than buying new component or buying a whole computer. Nowadays these kind of markets are in great demand because some organization like hospitals, institutions, colleges etc that can’t afford much cost, prefer these peripherals to upgrade their computer at low cost and can boost their computers’ performance.

One can buy RAM, CPU, graphics card and can improve their computer performance at very low cost. Apart from the markets, nowadays you can sell peripherals online also.

Apart from hardware upgrades there are software upgrades also which can help you to earn money. Various software upgrades are as follows:

Software upgrades
·         Operating system upgrades:  OS is the software that manages computer hardware, so by upgrading this one can enhance computer’s performance.

·         Patches and fixes:  Patches are also kind of software which helps to fix problems. By keeping this software in your computer minor problems can be fixed automatically without incurring any cost. So this one is really effective and worth buying.

So this kind of software are really in demand and makes money.

  • Antivirus: Antivirus is software that helps computer to detect, repair any virus that comes in and save computer from crashing. This software can be bought from sellers with latest updates. After buying one has to upgrade it regularly and for that one has to buy it. You can buy it online or from seller who can provide you at discounted price.
  • New software: Nowadays new software is coming very fast. So to increase efficiency of your computer and work one must need them as per your requirement. So for that also we want someone who can sell us this new software at minimal cost.
  • Registered software reseller: There are sellers in the market who are registered with companies and provide software at very low prices.

Some other external hardware peripherals 
·         Adapter
·         Computer Speakers: These are external to computer. The standard audio connection has 3.5mm stereo connector for computer sound card. These are available in different shapes and quality with varying price in market.

  • Display: Modern monitors come with TFT-LCD (thin film transistors liquid crystal display) thin panel while old displays use CRT (Cathode ray tube).The aspect ratio change with time from 4:3 to 16:9. So you can upgrade your computer display to have better quality of display.
  • Webcam: This is a video camera connected to computer by USB cable to take picture or to make videos. Earlier cameras are VGA, having very less clarity of pictures but now megapixels camera comes having more clarity of picture.  So you can upgrade your webcam to get clearer picture or web conferencing.
  • Printer:  Printer also advances with time. Modern printers come with technologies as mentioned below:
    i. Laser printer
    ii. Inkjet printer
    iii. Solid ink printer
    iv. Thermal printers
    Above mentioned are modern technologies used in printers. Now mentioning some obsolete technologies due to which you must upgrade your printer are as follows:
    i.  Typewriter derived printer
    ii.  Daisy wheel printers
    iii. Dot matrix printers
    iv. Line printers

    After updating with new technologies printer the following benefits are what you can get:
    i.  Better printer speed
    ii.   Various printing modes
    iii.  Monochrome, color printing
    iv. Low printing cost

  • Scanner:   Scanners are also advancing with time for better scanning. So many new variants of these are also available in the market for better functioning and performance. So upgrade is suggested for this.

    Recycling Of Old Hardware Components
    You can earn money by buying old computers from customers and use their hardware to make new computer or can sell them as it is alone. These kinds of organizations are coming very rapidly. Reglobe is one of them. These people bought old computers and with hardware components they make one computer from 2-3 computers and sell them to make good profit to organizations who can’t afford to buy new computers.

    Popular Computer Upgrades

  • Features Upgrades: Add capabilities to computer like video capturing
    ·         Performance upgrades: This will increase speed of the computer
    ·         Convenience upgrades: This will help to do things that you want to do, basically this is for your convenience purpose, to make your work easier on computer.
    ·         Data safety upgrades: This will help to reduce the likelihood of data being corrupted or lost.

    Various Reasons For Computer Upgrading
    ·         Optimum configuration: One best thing about upgrade is that you can focus on important things and ignore others. Components which are not optimum can be upgraded like if you want more storage then you can increase your memory by adding more memory component.
    ·         Better component quality:Many vendors these days use some components of low quality to cut cost. So instead of buying new computer one can change these components to boost the performance of computer without incurring any further cost for buying new computer.
    ·         Warranty: If any part of your computer breaks or fails and not in warranty period then it’s better to change that part instead of buying new computer. This will save your money.
    ·         Environmental friendly: Nowadays, this is the main concern for people. So by upgrading or repairing your old computer you can save the burden on the environment of these wastages. So upgrade is good option to go with if you are environment friendly.
    ·         Fewer problems:  If your computer has few problems, it’s better to go with upgrade rather than buying new computer. Instead of buying cheaper computer with more problems, go with computer with fewer problems that can be easily repaired at lesser cost.

Guidelines To Keep In Mind Before Buying Component From Seller 
·          You must be sure before buying what you are buying.  Which company, which version of component you want?
·         The market of computer component is very competitive and margins are very less. So be careful while choosing seller.
·         If you are buying online then you must check price. As actual price can be different from advertised price as actual price also includes shipping charges.
·         Shipping price for heavy components will be more so it is better you don’t buy them online.
·         Go with seller who give you replacement policy for defective part rather than with seller who don’t give.
·         If you order by phone, don’t accept verbal promises. Ask them to mail you or send you some written proof for that order.
·         Know the warranty period before buying and recheck them when you got the product.

Before going for repairing or upgrades or buying new computer you must check all aspects like costs and all advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Various Methods For Selling Products In The Market Are As Follows: 
·         Up-selling:  This is the best method to sell products. Up-selling is also easy method as it gives customer satisfaction along with selling. Here customers are usually people who come to your store or call your department for products.
·         Upgrading: In this kind of selling, you call to your current clients and tell them about the updates available. And as a reward loyalty, you can give customer discount for immediate booking of product.
·         Bundle selling: In this instead of giving one product sell in bundle of products. Make bundle of products with 2-3 products. By this method you can sell more products more quickly.
·         Direct sales: In this marketing is required but it is effective .You can place your ads in newspaper or in television for your products.
·         Internet sales:  In this method you can sell through website which is secure and reliable. This is a fast method for selling products in less time.
·         Store display: You can open a small store where you can display product for customer to choose from.
·         Fairs and expos:  One can go with this type of selling by displaying your products in expos and fairs. This is a good method to advertise your products or business to a large number of people.
·         Telesales: In this you can sell product over phone, this is both cost and time efficient method of selling product.

So in the end, selling computer peripherals and upgrades is a very good business to earn money these days, as computers are in great demand in the market. Usage of computer is increasing in daily routine work making work easy, convenient and faster. Computer peripherals both internal and external hardware are easily available in the market so is the demand. Software upgrades are also equally required periodically due to fast advancement and new technologies coming in the market. So this business is in great demand and can make you good money. But you have to choose multiple methods for selling them to customer and you have to give attractive offers to attract them as these types of sellers are increasing day by day. Selling Computer Upgrades and Peripherals is a good way to earn more income apart from other businesses as the growth potential in this industry is huge and profit margins are high.

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