Saving Money On Weight Loss Surgery Comparison

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Weight loss surgery may be necessary after traditional weight loss methods have been exhausted. The Gastric Balloon, Gastric Bypass and the Gastric Band are the most popular techniques. In each of these methods, the purpose of the operation is to reduce the capacity of the stomach so that the patient will feel full after eating smaller portions of food. The following are tips for saving money on weight loss surgery comparison.

Get educated

It is vital to get as much information as you possibly can before you sign up for this procedure. You should find out the options that are available to you as well as the financial implications of each one of them. Apart from choosing the most appropriate type of surgery, you should also compare the amount of money that you will have to pay.

Gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is the cheapest of the three top techniques for weight loss surgery. It is not actually classed as a surgery because it is fitted under sedation and the patient will not be unconscious during the procedure. The doctor fits a silicone balloon with an endoscope by inserting it through the mouth and down to the stomach. Once the balloon is placed in the stomach, it is inflated to an appropriate size to occupy part of the stomach thereby reducing the eating capacity of the patient. The balloon is normally taken out after 6 months.

Gastric band surgery

The gastric band surgery is a procedure that is done under general anesthetics and can require about an hour to complete. A small incision is made and the flexible silicon band is fixed around a chosen section of the stomach. It is then connected to a spot located beneath the ribs. This band makes the stomach pouch to be smaller making food to pass at a slower rate.  This procedure is more expensive than the gastric balloon but it is cheaper than the gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery

This is a three-hour surgery that has to be done under general anesthetics. It can be done through open or keyhole surgery. Basically, the patient’s stomach is divided to create a smaller capacity. The smaller stomach is then connected to the small intestine. The patient’s digestive tract is now shorter, he or she will eat smaller portions and the quantity of absorbed calories will also be smaller. This procedure can produce drastic results but it is the most expensive because of its complexity.

Getting cheaper rates

The high cost of these procedures has made a lot of people to look for ways of getting cheaper options. Getting the procedure done in another country is a good way to save a lot of money. Reliable clinics can be contacted in Asian and Latin American countries.  If you want to stay in your country, you will have to consider other options of saving money.

Coverage for weight loss surgery may be provided by public healthcare systems only for medical reasons. However, because of the importance of these procedures, several medical establishments now offer special rates to patients. This may include 6 to 12 months interest free, deferred payment and other repayment options. Some clinics also provide special offers that make it possible to save money on weight loss surgery comparison.

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