Save Lots Of Money Losing Weight By Eating

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Losing weight by eating is a unique way of saving money rather than spending money on weight loss programmes which do not always guarantee the desired results; being overweight is a pointer to unnecessary health risks to you so it is advisable to watch your diets in order not to waste your income on avoidable participation in weight loss programmes.
It is interesting to note that the sedentary lifestyle that you lead, coupled with job stress and squeezed schedules, are some of the things that lead to being overweight or obese. You may want to know that it is not only the adult population that is accumulating excess flesh around the waist; the younger generation is also catching up rapidly, with obese children fast becoming the norm rather than the exception.
According to mortality experts, today’s chubby children will live shorter lives than their parents as a result of the risks associated with fatness. You should know that the health problems that stem from being overweight are worse than becoming diabetic or developing heart diseases as being overweight can also affect your joints, breathing pattern, sleep, mood and energy levels. Otolaryngologists say that if you fall in the category of obese people, you may have impaired breathing, such that any little exertion of energy such as climbing a flight of stairs or taking a short walk may make you breathless.
Being heavy may make you suffer from chronic back ailments since extra weight stresses the back more than is desirable for maintaining fluid, pain-free movement so it is recommended that you lose weight and tighten stomach muscles, this is equally supported by chiropractors and physicians. A podiatrist noted that the feet tend to break down under additional weight due to strain as complications can also develop. A result of obesity causes the arches to collapse and the feet flatten leading often to diabetes and eventual amputation if the condtion is not well handled. Excess weight on growing bones can lead to Blount disease – a bone deformity of the lower legs while the wear and tear on the joints from carrying extra weight can cause arthritis, even at a tender age.
It is established that if you are overweight, you can develop pseudo-tumour cerebri, a rare cause of severe headaches that leaves no tumour, but causes pressure to build up in the brain. Obesity also affects fertility because a fat person undergoing treatment for IVF must shed some weight; otherwise , the treatments will just be disappearing into fatty tissues which could frustrate the patient and the physician. Infections and wound problems are more frequent among obese (organ) transplant recipients as there is an increased risk for delayed graft function, acute(organ) rejection and longer hospitalizations among obese kidney transplant recipients and other risk factors.
Findings showed that if you are obese, you will be vulnerable to lack of desire and energy for performing sexual act due to difficulty in body movement and a natural inclination towards sleep and excessive rest.
A balanced diet containing mostly raw vegetables, fibrous fruits, lean poultry, omega-3-rich fish, low-fat dairy, low-or-no-sugar choices, caffeine-free coffee and chocolate and clean water will not only cut your spending on weight loss programs but will lead to a healthy, trim body, increase your metabolism, reduce your waistline and leave you looking and feeling better than ever.
Premised on the foregoing introduction, the following foods are recommended for you to save lots of money losing weight by eating:

* Apples: According to researchers at the Florida State University, it was deduced that antioxidants and pectin(a soluble fibre) in apples satisfy hunger for a few calories and so could be part of a healthy diet. Pectin reduces the amount of sugar and calories absorbed into the bloodstream after a meal, making the fruit the best snacks for dieters and a great means of preventing Type 2 diabetes.

* Green Tea: If you drink green tea daily, you will be preventing storage of excess fat, improve appetite-regulating hormones and change how your body metabolises food as green tea contains a phytonutrient called epigallocatechin gallate and increases the hormone responsible for making you feel satiated.

* Watermelon: Watermelons and Tomatoes are very rich in lycopene and water as rightly observed by nutritionists, in one of the studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was shown that women who ate water-rich foods lost 33% more weight in the first six months than women on a low-fat diet. You should know that watermelon also contains vitamins A and C, as well as glutathione, which helps strenghthen the immune system.

* Mushrooms: Mushrooms contain small amount of protein, carbohydrates and fibre which aid fat loss, according to experts. Eating mushrooms will help you burn fat and keep illness and disease at bay as they are very low in calories, have no cholesterol and they contain less than 1% of the recommended daily intake of sodium.

* Avocados: This is a green fruit which contains mono-unsaturated fats that are easily burned for energy. Avocados provide the healthy fats that supplement the cut down on carbohydrates from grains like rice.

* Beans: A good alternative protein source is beans, especially for those wishing to reduce meat intake. It had been proven by a registered dietician, Dawn Blatner that the fibre and water content of beans make you fuller faster, hence helping you to cut calories without feeling deprived. Beans keeps you full and is high in resistant starch, meaning that half the calories consumed cannot be absorbed. Beans also contains antioxidants, a class of phytochemicals that incapacitate cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Free radicals have been implicated in cancer and aging to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Beans also reduces the blood sugar and create the fatty acid butyrate which may burn fat faster.

* Pineapples: Pineapple juice is reputed to reduce tummy fats. Pineapples contain vitamins and minerals including vitamins A and C, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. While pineapples are low in fat and cholesterol, they are however rich in fibre and calories.

* Chili peppers: The peppers raise body temperature, which boosts metabolism, making you feel lighter at the end of the day. Chilies can be bought in the same place you buy your peas, running beans and cucumbers; chilies contain capsaicin, the compound that gives these spicy peppers their zing, which is also traced to curb appetite while you eat.

Eating the above stated foods would not only save you money on weight loss programs but will do you good by preventing you from being exposed to health risks associated with weight gain.

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