Rent Out Forum Signature On Popular Forums To Make Money

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If you are an active participant in forum discussions, you can rent out forum signature on popular forums to make money. It is a relatively new area that many people are not aware of. As a member of a forum, you are allowed to add a personalized signature which appears below any post that is made on the forum. In time past, individuals merely used this platform to display their unique signatures, but these days, people are now more enterprising. Read on to know more about how you can utilize this opportunity to your advantage.

Become a member

The first step to take in renting out forum signature on popular forums to make money is to become a member of forums that you have interest in. This will enable you to comment on issues that you care about. The forums usually have the same format which makes it easy for you to fill in the fields very rapidly.

Personalize your signature

If you really want to rent forum signature on popular forums to make money, you must ensure that it is unique and eye-catching. One way to do this is to change your code by using either HTML code or Bbcode. This will enable you personalize your signature.  Before you make the changes, you should know the code that your forum uses. Do not forget that different brackets are used by each one of them. However, you do not necessarily need the code to personalize your signature.

Sell your signature space

If you are very active in forums, you will be contacted by a few webmasters who want to buy your signature space. If you agree to use your signature to sell their products you can be paid $8 to $20 per month. It does not require anything from you besides simply copying and pasting the code to your signature space. You also do not need to read the products or services that they are promoting on their sites. It only requires being a part of the discussions and having fun as you partake in them. The more discussion thread you participate in, the more money you make. The least to be made is $100 in a month, you can even ask for a higher rate when you are able to do more.

Affiliate link

Affiliate products can be promoted in your forum signature. If the forum permits direct affiliate links, you may choose the product that you want to promote from the affiliate network and paste the link in your forum signature. You can also decide to copy and paste the entire banner. Anytime your post is read and clicked, and leads to a purchase, you will make some money. This is how a lot of people make money.

It is a privilege to have a signature link. Forum owners usually monitor forum participation and guard signature clicks. Some will let you have a signature link if you post a certain number of relevant comments. A few of them do not really care and will let you have one immediately after registration. Make sure you make the most of every opportunity.

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