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Quick Ways to Make Money with Flea Market

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Earning money is not at all a big issue in this era of business development all over the world. Small to very large scale money yielding business prospects are available in numbers, for anyone to grab the opportunity and face the challenges to earn quick and fast money. FLEA is one of such opportunities open to anyone to take a fair chance and do the business simply to earn quick money.

Now the questions before us on how to get light and be well informed are:


What is FLEA business? Flea business has the origin from France, historically from the outdoor bazaars in 1880’s. American history says that Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas, is also recalled as FLEA market of 1873. Here basically people gather to buy horses but this later turned into a trade area for selling and buying own goods of the participants. However, the flea market of today is the brain child of Russell Carrell who is from east-coast antique show organizer. He was an auctioneer and his first ever outdoor auction of antiques, in 1956, was the first flea market. This antique auction show was organized in a tent with a high probability of risk and expense. Many people were happy buyers of the market and there was good money as return from this business in those days.

One more trace from the history is that during the Dutch settlement in New York, USA, a market called “Vlaie” or “Vlie”, was started. But the English speakers pronounced this word “Vlaie”, with an upfront “F”, to call these markets as “Flea” markets.

In spite of all these historical explanations, there is no acceptable explanation for the word “Flea” and the reason for calling the outdoor or markets on the street in this name. Some of the exiled markets are known as “Flee” market in the English tradition, but nowadays are called Flea market by everyone all over the world. These kinds of markets exist in most countries of the world but in different names and forms. Business nature remains the same.

What is business in flea markets? Basically, it is a market where the vendors make money by selling new as well as second hand or used goods or articles. It is also called as store front for millions of vendor and a shopping paradise of millions of citizens. It is also a facility that rents space to those sellers offering products, materials and other legal needs of the buyers at large from them. Renters of this kind are called as vendors of flea market space. The so called hirers of these market spaces are real entrepreneurs representing the Free Enterprising System. No huge investment is required for doing the selling business in the flea market. With small money one can venture to earn huge profits here in the flea market with a lot of buying and reselling activity.

                                       flea market       

American flea market today has modernized itself with a new phenomenon and has strongly rooted into the civilized society of today, where people are concentrated more and more for exchange of goods and services.

What are the opportunities? There are large flea markets in USA, particularly in the Ohio State. One of such flea markets called Hartville Flea Market has an area of 20 paved acres and another namely Creek Flea Market which has 159,000 square feet area of market space. Many more of such markets are there in USA and around the world where millions of buyers flee towards these markets for identifying and buying materials of their choice from these markets. As long as you are customer friendly in your day to day sale with a commitment to satisfy the options of your customers there is no dearth for earning money from these flea markets.

Do I need money or big money for doing this business? No big money is required to start a seller’s job in the flea market.

                                         trust sale

Hiring a shop cost few dollars as rent to the shop. Second hand or new items like old garments taken on lot basis, old plastic containers, computers, CDs and DVDs of popular films, musical players, etc are the popular buyers’ choice in this market. One who procures these items and sell them at marginal profit will attract more customers and buyers. Regular supply of these selected items at lower prices will ensure the retention of customers and they will wait and continue to buy from you. No doubt guys, please ensure that your talks are convincing the customers’ attitude towards you and your goods. Rotation of money with minimum profit margin ensures quick return of invested money back to your pouch. When the number of such rollover of money stabilizes one in the market earn more and more. So, do not worry to invest big money but earn well.

                                              Dead stock

Where to start and what are the Ways to Make Money with FLEA market? Selling junk to strangers is quite possible in flea market to fetch quick money from the market. It is a great saying that “one man’s trash is treasure of another man”.
·         Try to fix up a small platform or a simple concrete slab on rental from the vendor of flea market for your display of sale items.
·         Pay the rent in advance as per the chosen market conditions and display your items for sale.
·         It is a wise way to display the fast moving items like DVD, CD in the front end to attract more customers.
·         Interact with the buyers at your shop to find out the products of their interest. If available in your stock show them.
·         Give top recommendation to some of the dependable quality items for sale to your regular customers and impress them
·         Keep the costlier and rare items nearer to you and try to recommend these to the buyers after explaining the utility of the items
·         Have a watch around to safe guard your trash items for sale.
·         Many of the shops are rented from morning 9 to evening 5. Standard market vendors, even penalize when you start your business at say 09:15 or 09:30 AM. So be punctual to start and close your business promptly

Scope for expansion:
ð  Supply of junk item to your shop should be increased to create the sale increase, as this would attract buyers of this market to your shop.

 free gift

ð  It is not enough that the trash item supply is increased, but should be selective to procure and display the items that could go fast on a given day. Stick or write the identity of the items inside the boxes for easy selling to your buyer.
ð  Manage the bursting and swarming crowd of customers who grab at your stuff like mad people. If you manage the sales to this frenzy crowd cleverly, you may earn quick money on this day. Sell off everything and go happy with good profit money.
ð  Haggle and bargain: Price of few items might not have struck you in advance. There may be demand from customers for these items at large. It is better to book minimum profits on bulk sales and finish of the deal with good money. The key to disposing junk on sale is quantity over quality. Even one dollar is better than nothing in return.

Fast moving items in a flea market for ready reference:

1.     Sunglasses: Generally, these are popular summertime bestsellers, but they also sell well during the winter seasons also. You can sell less priced generic sunglasses, or both. By experience you may get better ideas.
2.     Low Cost Toys: During the summer, water pistols and cannons attract good sales. Inexpensive toys that sell from one to two dollars are popular all year.
3.     Tools: Big hit in sales is done by many sellers in this domain always in a year. Hand tools like, hammer, pliers, cutters, wire snipers, etc are popular items that go like hot cakes in the market.
4.     T-Shirts: They are huge volume best-sellers. Buy cheaper in bulk, Mark right price, and build a good sales volume. You purchase very good volume for $300. Do heat press and sell out profitably. Later on you can order for customized printed T-shirts.

5.     Home decors: Colorful decorating stuff with neat finish is liked by women folk at large. Hope to stock these items and enjoy good volume of sales and money.
6.    Baseball Cap is another year-round great seller. Locate a very good supply source for this item. You can earn quick and good income from the sales of popular sports caps and baseballs.
7.    Athletic Footwear: Deck, running shoes, shoes for foot ball, base ball, socks are hot sellers on all seasons. Buyers are there to give you good sales volume and money.
8. Fresh Produce: Buyers love fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables – for a moderate price compared to open markets and shops. You can specialize in this area in harvest time and do a good business.


9.     Jewelry: Hand-crafted and costume jewelry best sellers.
10.   Covers and Cases for Personal Electronics: Attractive cases and covers for e-readers, mobile phones, personal organizers for a few popular brands to get good sales volume and quick money
11.   Movie DVDs, Old Gramophone records: Blockbuster movies of olden days, Kid’s movies and classic movies are best sellers. Ensure to deal with reputed wholesalers to buy movie DVDs.
Items listed above are a few only. Based on your experience and earning volume, many more things can also meet your favorite list for sale in flea market to earn quick money.


Three points for quick earning from flea marketing:
Location: Flea market is all about location, location and only location. The big and well established flea market will do support better business. Browse for a crowded flea market around you.

Inventory: Specializing in one type of item is an approach but at the same time a mix of many items also gives a power to do better marketing. Many sell one type of item on which they are knowledgeable about and know their worth. Others sell a variety of stuff from the list of stuff given above…
Price: People with limited budgets throng the flea market. A lot came to just have a look around. Some are pickers and a lot are regulars and looking for good buys. It’s better to visit the mart before hand and study the trend of prices of stuff. Competitive business groups and their number may give you leeway to plan your selling concept.

How to show case your items for sale:
ð  Spread few folding in the place hired by you. Customers generally see the stuff on the tables first.
ð  Display on tarps is good for bigger stuff.
ð  High turnover and cheap items may be spread in the front table, to attract the people’s traffic to your shop.

ð  Design the given vending space as half circle to accommodate more buyers and visibility for them to see your displayed stuff.
ð  Keep a close watch on the items and the people so as to ensure safety as well good sales also.


Finally, how and where to get cheaper things for your flea market? Loft, attic, basement and garage cleaning contract jobs can not only bring you money but also good scrap and recyclable items for your flea market needs. To make 200 to 300% profit through this method is one of the best methods for procuring the stuff. Never try to ignore other vendors like you, because you may get good items at cheaper rates from them for a fairly good profitable sale price to your customers. Musical CDs/DVDs and players, garden tools, car washing accessories are some tips for procuring from other vendors. Search websites like EBay to find good bids and offers. Try to grab things at cheaper rates through online auctioning. Clearance sale from departmental stores or book stores can be very good resources for getting valuable items at cheaper rates. In addition to the above, it is possible to get seasonal items and sell them in flea market. Books and Children’s items are big sellers as buyers are there to get these items in flea market. In general one can get “A to Z items” old or new are also available for sale in flea market which opens the Quick Ways to Make Money with Flea Market.

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