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Provide Service And Support For Open Source Software To Make Money

January 7, 2013 by: 0

A lot of people have the wrong belief that it is not easy to make money with open source software. This is mainly because this type of software is available at no cost and it can be downloaded by anybody. However, if you are ready to think creatively, you will discover the availability of various money making opportunities. This article will focus on how you can provide service and support for open source software to make money.

If you want to provide service and support for open source software to make money, you should take a look at businesses such as Oracle’s MySQL, Linux Red Hat, WordPress and SugarCRM. These are examples of businesses that are presently making money in this area. The following are a few ways of generating income from these types of software programs.

Provide Support

Although open source applications can be downloaded at no cost, they may sometimes be complex software that requires some technical knowledge. Expert knowledge may be needed to set up the application. Server maintenance will also require the attention of someone who possesses the right knowledge. If you are the creator of the application, a lot of the users will have to come back to you and you can make money by providing support services for them. You can charge different rates for different levels of support.

Create Enhancements

If you are a programmer, you can create add-ons and sell them to the users of the open source application. The WordPress blogging platform is a very good place to provide this type of service. This platform supports independently created themes and plugins that are useful for a variety of purposes. Although there are a lot of free WordPress themes online, many entrepreneurs have built successful businesses just by creating and selling themes.

Sell Manuals

Another way to provide service and support for open source software to make money is to make documentation available for users who are ready to pay. Some applications are not easy to use if the documentation is not available. For example, there are certain WordPress plugins that will help you to setup an e-commerce website. If you want to use these plugins without the documentation, it will take a longer time to set up your website and you will not be able to make use of certain features. You will have complete access to the necessary documentation if you pay for a premium license.

Provide Consultancy Services

You can easily position yourself as a consultant if you have expert knowledge about certain open source software platforms. You can market your skills if you are a developer or an IT professional who has experience in the installation or customization of any open source program. You can always find companies that are looking for experts to help them with their projects. You can find this type of jobs on freelance websites such as Freelancer, Elance and others. You do not have to be the creator of the application to generate income with it.

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