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“Who doesn’t wish to look beautiful? An out of the ordinary hairstyle, a high quality facial with an attention – grabbing make-up and a fully waxed body gleaming under the dazzling disco light – oh my god, a beauty salon can change you from a regular being into the goddess of beauty. It is not just the good grooming that counts, beauty salons are much hunted by the ones in need of recreation and peace of mind.”

In such a scenario where the ever soaring number of people rushing to the beauty salons is overcrowding the site, more and more individuals and companies are entering into this “rat race of setting up beauty salons”. Here comes your chance of making money. If you have all the knowledge of how to set up a beauty salon, mind it – a successful one, you can make cash by selling your own handwritten beauty salon guide. And if writing a guide is not your cup of tea, no worries, you can become a commission based agent for someone else providing a beauty salon guide and make money. Interesting task!

In this article, we will be covering up some main points that your beauty salon guide must include.

How To Set Up And Run A Beauty Salon – A Rewarding One!

Figure Out Your Budget First.   It is always the first concern of any entrepreneur planning to set up his/her small business. Take into consideration the following key points to make a financial statement for your prospective beauty salon:

  1. Most importantly, count the money that you can spend to buy a site for the construction of your dream beauty salon. If you are considering hiring a place on rent, then judge if you can pay the monthly rent timely.
    beauty salon
  1. Make a list of other expenses that you will have to bear each month. Some of the overheads involved in this business are licensing, taxes, maintenance, staff training and salaries and perks, beauty products and equipments, etc.
  1. It is impossible to gain profits in the first few months of your business. Analyze your financial condition if you can keep the business afloat even without having any monetary gains for the upcoming months. Equal chances are there of facing a big loss initially, make sure you can cope with that.
  1. If you are not financially confident, small loans are a great option that can be taken into consideration. Fix a meeting with a business loan agent, discuss with him your dreams and needs, listen to his offers for loans attentively and sign the deal if something satisfies you.

Make Up Your Mind On Your Service Charge

  1. Work out how much money you are going to charge for each of your services designed for the “soon – to – be – coming” customers. Use the financial plan you made in the previous step, to help you decide your rates so that you continue to run your parlor without bearing losses and hopefully claiming some gains.
  1. Be rational in your rates. Setting up too high prices will not bring in many customers. Keep your charges low initially, and you can raise them gradually when you find more and more people are getting attracted towards your beauty salon.
  1. An important point that is considered vital in this regard is surveying the market. Compare the prices offered by other beauty salons in your area or nearby and then accordingly decide your rates.
  • Make sure you have the license to start your own business. If not go right and get your property licensed. It’s illegal to run a shop without a license.
  • Your beauty salon needs to pass a health check else it could be sealed by the Health Department. So take care that your salon is hygienic enough and is in accordance with the rules laid by your state.

Choosing The Right Site For Your Salon Is Half Race Won!   Setting up your beauty salon at the right place is equally significant, just as your budget. You may spend thousands to buy best quality beauty products and hire skilled beauticians, but if the salon is not put up at a “proper” location, it is all useless.

  1. Set up your salon at a place that is always overcrowded with people. Ideal locations could be malls, busy streets or any place which is visited by people more often.
  1. Do not risk your salon by putting it up just next to another salon. Being a beginner, getting indulged into competitions is not good for salon’s growth. Try and find an area which has no recreation center or parlor for a few blocks.
  1. Remember that your salon should be easily reachable by the people. Do not situate your salon in narrow gullies, deep inside some market or at places where people can’t find place to park their cars.

Steal Time From Your Busy Schedule To Seek Proficient Beauticians

  1. Being the owner of the beauty salon, it is your duty to pick some really skilled, qualified and experienced beauticians, stylists and other workforce for your store. Consider the need and if required, provide the staff with adequate training.
  1. Make sure, the people you hire to work with you, are comfortable with the equipments they are going to use. Improper use of tools and erroneous understanding of various beautifying procedures can cause health problems to the customers.
  1. Apart from being skillful, it’s equally important that the personnel you hire are friendly and polite with the clients. They should possess the quality to entertain clients’ suggestions, have patience, and are attentive listeners. No offensive words should be used by any staff member for the client at any cost.
  1. Provide your employees with a manual which would list down in detail all the services offered by the salon, at what prices and how should each be carried out. There can also be some tips and instructions in the manual on how to operate different machines around, in the salon.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness – The Saying Holds True In This Regard Also A clean, germ free, well polished salon is preferred by customers more. Hygiene factor counts, especially in a place like beauty salons, hence if you have managed to keep your salon “hygienic”, customers will be compelled to return again.

  1. Hire at least 2 – 3 cleaners or more, depending upon the size of your beauty salon, to keep the place spotless. Make sure the towels, foot baths, wash basins – all are gleaming. Use some high quality room fresheners to make the atmosphere smell pleasant and fresh.
  1. Most importantly, all the tools and equipments should be of superior quality and must be kept sterilized. A contaminated tool can cause infections to the client which means you have lost the customer for ever. Do not give the client any chance to complain. It brings a “bad – name” to the salon.
  1. Be creative in deciding the interior decoration of your store. Use dim lights and soft music to appeal to the customer. Such an environment contributes in providing relaxation to the clients.

Marketing Strategies To Boost Up The Number Of Clients

  1. The best way to market your salon is through the word – of – mouth. If the clients, attended to by the employees of your salon, return home satisfied, delighted with their new look and stress – free, it is for sure that they will return back soon. The journey does not stop there; your good work would be praised by the contented clients among their friends, relatives and neighbours. This will definitely gain you more customers.
  1. It is always a good habit to take phone numbers and email addresses of your clients. Be in contact with your client and keep him/her updated with the services and offers you have recently launched. This effort of yours will create client’s interest in the salon, making him/her revisit your parlor.
  1. Internet is another best option to promote your salon. Create a website or a blog of yours on the Internet and advertise your services and latest offers there. A large number of web users daily surf the net in search of beauty treatment centers, thus here you have a chance to attract customers in bulk.

Miscellaneous Tips For Being Triumphant In This Beauty Business

  • Go one step ahead of your competitors by offering your customers with a wide range of services. The client will always be at ease if he/she could get his/her hair, facial & makeup, and nail done at one place. Thus if your budget allows, make arrangements in your beauty salon to provide variety of services, hire technicians that can do all types of work during peak hours, majoring in at least one area of beautification.
  • If you cannot pay your staff a big amount every month initially, do some other things to create a good mood for them, by organizing something like a night out, day trip to a resort, a lunch party of pizzas, burgers and cokes in a week or two, giving away perks to the best performer of the month, appreciating the good work of the staff – are some of the small things which play a big role in creating a real team feel plus you will not find these appraisals heavy on your pocket.
  • If any of your employees demands for a leave, understand the necessity of his/her situation. Grant him/her leave if there’s some urgency. Instead of deducting from his/her salary, make him cover his hours during the busy periods.
  • Try to be at your visual best always. Set an example for your staff. Advise your staff to look good inside the salon, in order to gain the confidence of the client. You can issue a manual for the employees guiding them on the clothing and make – up, they are supposed to put up when in the salon.
  • This option is again for those who have extra penny in their pockets to spend. Organizing some sort of an opening event for your beauty salon can help you promote your store. Ask your friends, relatives and people from the neighborhood, especially the ones who frequently make a visit to some beauty salon, to join the event.

Given below is the list of various services (along with their price range) provided by different kinds of beauty salons. One interested in this beauty business, can quickly go through them and decide what all to keep at their parlor.

Hair Salon Services


  • Hair Cut                                                                                  $6 – $20
  • Hair Styling                                                                             $3 – $10
    • Hair Wash, Conditions and Finishing
    • Hair Do
    • Curls – In, Out, Fashionable (rollers)
  • Hair Root Touch Up (up to 1 inch)                                         $10 – $14
  • Hair Coloring                                                                          $17 – $40
  • Hair Color – Streaks (Per Streak)                                          $2 – $4
    • High lightening                                                           $17 – $80
  • Hair Perming                                                                          $80 – $100
  • Hair Straightening                                                                  $15 – $150
  • Head Massage                                                                       $4 – $17
  • Hair Treatments                                                                     $7 – $20

Facials                                                                                           $17 – $32

  • Basic Facials
  • Treatment Facials
  • Spa Facials
  • Detan Face

Manicure And Pedicure


  • Basic Pedicure                                                                        $1 – $9
  • Luxury Pedicure                                                                      $6 – $10
  • Basic Manicure                                                                        $1 – $9
  • Luxury Manicure                                                                      $2 – $8

Massages                                                                               $5 – $15


  • Chair Massage
  • Hand Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Back Massage
  • Body Massage

Threading                                                                                         $0.5 – $2

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Forehead
  • Neck
  • Eyebrows
  • Face

Waxing                                                                                                $1 – $6


  • Upper Lip Waxing
  • Underarm Waxing
  • Upper Lip and Chin Waxing
  • Half Arms Waxing
  • Chin and Neck Waxing
  • Face Waxing
  • Bikini Line Waxing
  • Full back Waxing
  • Midriff Waxing
  • Buttock Waxing
  • Full Front Waxing
  • Full Legs Waxing

Other Services


  • Bridal Makeup                                                                                                $80 – $195
  • Bridal Mehendi                                                                                               $30 – $47
  • Party Makeup                                                                                                 $11 – $120
  • Arabic Mehendi (Per Hand)                                                                            $2 – $15

A Brief Sum Up

A beauty salon guide is always in demand. Not just the new investors, but also the ones already running a parlor, are always in search of such kind of a manual which could provide them with step by step instructions on how to run a successful beauty salon, impress the clients and attract more customers.
Hence, if you possess all the knowledge in this regard, then you can make lots of money. Do use the information and important points we covered in this article and let me tell you, your manual will sell like hot cakes.
You can choose to sell a handwritten guide manually or in the form of eBook. With more users growing over the Internet, it is likely possible to get more customers willing to buy your product. There are a number of websites available which sell other writers’ eBooks (just charging a small amount), you can just Google them up!

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