Package Corporate Gifts To Make Money

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There is no better time to go into the business of packaging corporate gifts to make money. This industry has grown to become very lucrative because every year the corporate world earmarks billions of dollars to reward its staff and appreciate business associates. The interesting thing about this field is that there is no limit to the items that can be offered as gifts. It could simply be a bottle of wine, a small but expensive solitaire ring or a large basket filled with assorted products. Whatever you do, a lot of creativity and resourcefulness is required.


One of the cost-effective ways of promoting your business is to have a website. It must be very pictorial with samples of your products clearly displayed and an online order form. You may also decide to create a paper catalog as well. Using social networking sites such as Facebook will also help. Another thing that you can do is to offer free gift cards to companies. See it as an investment that can be used to advertise your works. Besides, customers usually purchase a gift that is higher in value than the gift card so it will pay off in the long run. You have to be aggressive in promoting your business. Every promotion method is tied to a cost and the effort you put in. Find a strategy that works for you and stick with it.

The intermediary option

In the business of packaging corporate gift to make money, you can choose the intermediary option. It requires networking with manufacturers and you can have several manufacturers that you relate with. Other corporate gift companies can also give you the contact details of manufacturers that they know. You are usually required to sign an agreement to order a particular amount of product every month.

The advantage of this option is that you are saved from any creative thinking.  Since you work with different manufacturers, you will present a wide range of gifts to companies and individuals. You do not add value to the gifts but only make money from the commission you earn. You must also have strong networking and interpersonal skills.

The manufacturer option

As a manufacturer, you sell your gifts to intermediaries. You do not have to deal with individual customers as you will be getting orders for bulk gift items from intermediaries. This helps you to concentrate on producing unique items and it also brings out your creativity. This option requires more resources like money, storage and other factors. Whatever you choose, you will still be packaging corporate gifts to make money.

Strive for quality

You will be surprised at how quickly a business can fold up when customers perceive that they are not getting good value for their money. Strive to maintain quality otherwise you will lose their patronage in no time. As long as the service quality is exceptional, you will retain your current customers and also bring in new ones. Do not compromise on quality in terms of product and service delivery if you want to make a success of your business.

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