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Making money easily is something that everyone wants and with the availability of internet the chances of succeeding has increased drastically. There are many things that you can do to make money online and there is no shortcut about it. You either have to work real hard or your ideas have to be unique and great. Money making off the internet can either be hard or easy, it all depends on how you tend to implement your ideas and where you implement them. It is not a necessity that you have to work inside a cubicle to earn money. There are millions of opportunities outside and are available to almost everyone. You can be a student or a retired person or even a fired person, the internet has many things to offer to you and most of them are reliable as well. It is hard to make a living off the internet but it is not impossible. If you have the right qualities then online money making can be a reliable source of income for you too. Here are some ways that you can earn money from the internet.

1) PTC sites

PTC sites are quite obvious choice for beginners. It is easier to make money through PTC sites. PTC means “Pay to click”. So, basically what you do is just click on some ads and wait for few seconds till your click gets validated and you get paid for it. Although it sounds easy and quick, there is a drawback to it. The payment for each clicked ad is very low i.e. around $ 0.001 per click. So it may sound engaging but most people usually get frustrated with all the clicking and low payments. Although, there are many sites that offer referral service for their users and if you have many referrals then this can be a real good thing for you as you earn money from your referrals without having to do any work.

2) Blogging

Blogging quite basically means writing your thoughts online and sharing them with everyone. It may be an article or your daily routines or tutorials on certain things or tips and tricks. It can be virtually anything. Blogging does not earn you any money. You have to get associated with a program first to start earning money. What most people do is that they associate their blogs with advertising companies and the more traffic they get from the blogs, the more they pay the blog owner. The most common way to do so is to get Google Adsense associated with your blog. Google shares about 80 to 85% of the total earnings through the ads with the owner and keeps just around 15% for themselves. This is a good deal in any day. But getting Google Adsense is quite difficult and there are many criteria that one may have to meet before acquiring this service. There are many alternatives to Google Adsense and the easiest and the most efficient one is getting Infolinks ads in the blogs. Anyone can get these ads and is very easy to set up in the blogs. The traffic of your blogs has to be really good and advertising companies can contact you for advertising themselves.

3) YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing site that allows anyone to post videos online. It is the most popular video sharing site of all time and is used by most of the internet users. It consists of almost everything that one can seek. YouTube itself does not pay you money. YouTube accounts have to be monetized first to start earning money from the videos. There are several stages that your channel has to succeed in to get it monetized. Your channel needs to have thousands of subscribers and you need to upload at least one or two videos weekly and your videos must be copyright free. If the channel is successfully monetized then you can earn about $350 for 400,000 views. If your video content is unique and spreads like a viral through out the YouTube then you can earn lots and lots of money with just one video. The main thing is to get your YouTube channel monetized first and then making money online is not that far away.

4) Freelancing

Freelancing means that you are self employed and are not associated with an employer for a long term basis. There are many sites that are particularly designed for freelancers to get jobs of their liking. Sites like,,, etc offer such facility. You can sell your skills in these sites. You can bid the amount you are willing to work for, give interviews to show your skills and apply for whatever job that you like. This can be the best option for you if you do not like the office works and outside environment. You can work from your home or in a friendly environment and earn money easily if you are skillful in certain number of things that others in such sites are looking for. There are unlimited possibilities to work and to earn money in such sites and can be a reliable source of income of the skilled ones.

5) Hiring contractors for app development.

This can be the most useful and the easiest thing if you have the right idea but at the same time can be disastrous if the idea is unprofessional. As we all know, the trend of smart phones is increasing very rapidly and people are searching for even more apps everyday even though there are millions of existing apps. What you can do is hire a skilled contractor and give him your idea of the kind of app that you want and then you can put them up for sale in Appstore or GooglePlay or Ovistore for others to download by paying for it. A few dollars investment can turn out to be a very profitable investment if your app is a hit. You will receive life long payment from these downloads as long as people are willing to pay for it but it can misfire if the idea is plain, very common and boring.

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