Offer Community Services To Earn Money

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You can get a lot of reward when you help people in your community. This may include building projects, meal deliveries, caring for animals and so on. Not only will you have the satisfaction of providing needed help, it can also be an opportunity for you to get some money directly or indirectly. Community service can give you financial benefits that will help you to pay for college. So, what you are simply doing is offering community services to earn money.

Government and non-governmental scholarship programs

There are a number of scholarship programs that gives a lot of attention to community service. A lot of popular clubs such as the Rotary or Kiwanis include community services as part of their criteria for awarding scholarships. They are particularly impressed by self-initiated community activities. These scholarships can really make a difference in your college funds.

Additionally, the experience that you gain from volunteer work can qualify you for national scholarship programs. There are certain national scholarship awards for middle as well as high school students that are evaluated according to the voluntary community service that the candidates participate in. Each student can get $1000 at the state level while national honorees can get up to $5000.

Kohl’s Cares scholarship program

This scholarship program is a very good example that you should consider. The young volunteers that are assessed are usually between 6 to 18 years old. Applications can be made directly on the organization’s website. Winners are announced after volunteer efforts have been evaluated. Regional honorees are given $1000 in scholarship awhile national awardees get $10000.

Less traditional programs

You may also check out a few non-traditional programs that offers financial reward for community service.  High school juniors who have done exceptional volunteer work can qualify for the Discover Scholarship Program which can give up to ten scholarships valued at $25,000 every year. The Do Something Awards are for young people below 25 years who are working on community transformation projects. This organization not only offers a scholarship, it also provides funding for impressive projects. Final year college students who have great community service ideas can get in touch with the National Grid’s Huntington Public Service Award.

The AmeriCorps Program

The AmeriCorps program is another way to use community services to earn money. This program will give you money for college in exchange for your volunteer work in the community. It serves over 3,000 non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations and public agencies. Members of AmeriCorps tackle a variety of needs in thousands of communities. This includes park maintenance, health services, housing projects and so on. The $4,725 Education Award is given after one year of service has been completed.

The benefits of volunteering are numerous. When you devote time to community services, you will have the opportunity of relating with the people around you in a new way. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the issues that people face in different areas of life. More importantly, giving selfless service to the community will provide you with more money to pay for college.

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