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Money Making Video Games You Can Play

September 14, 2013 by: 0

There are many ways where you can make money by playing video games. If you are already a gamer, money making video games are many. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to make some quick bucks that way. This can be done mainly by those who enjoy playing video games. If you are not of the gaming type, then you should not even attempt trying to play and make money. But the fact is that there are many people out there who make a considerable income out of playing video games.

I think all these leaves the reader wondering how important gaming is and yes, it can bring in money too, if the right techniques and methods are applied. It is an eye opener to many of us. There are so many things which we do not know earlier about gaming.

For example, Kwari is a London based games publisher who has introduced a new multiplayer online gaming. It gave a whole new meaning to this type of gaming. Kwari is the name of a first person shooter who has sci-fi weapons and where you can actually earn money by hitting another player. You can lose money also in this game if another player hits you. Kwari has no practicing sessions, so it is better that you improve on your gaming skills before getting into it. Kwari is a free download though you will have to pay for the ammunition.

Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games:

1. It is not an easy task making money out of gaming:

It is not easy to play video games and earn money. First of all, not many of them are aware of the fact that money can be made by playing these games. If that was the case, you would see an increase in the number of school drop-outs hanging out in gaming centres waiting for their turn to play and try and make some quick pocket money. Not only teenagers, even adults wouldn’t mind giving it a try once in a while. Even if you are not a gaming addict, it is interesting to know that they are able to make some money playing video games.

2. Share your knowledge through written and spoken word:

Try writing about the games and there would be many of them who actually would love to know and learn more about games and how to play them. If you have in depth knowledge about the games and you have a fairly ok command over the language, you can write a decent article. Try writing for websites which talk about gaming and how they can be played. There are many websites who actually want knowledgeable people to write on games and gaming to get a better readership for their blogs and websites. Another option would be to start your blog with all gaming details and monetize it. Pack it with everything that a reader would want to know. Being a presenter on some chat show helps to a large extent, when it comes to earning money through gaming. You can present your talk show based on how to make some quick bucks through gaming and it will definitely have a good viewership.

3.Hit the jackpot playing eSport Tournament:

You can make money by also winning eSport Tournaments. The prize money is huge, as large as one million dollars, and not many of them win these eSport tournaments. You might have to pay something like $10 to play, but then might end up being rich with that kind of prize money. Corporate sponsorship is provided to corporate gamers. Nike, Intel, Steel Series and Western Digital are companies which have provided sponsorship for eSport tournaments. But you require a lot of skill, practice and competence to win these tournaments.

4. Be a game tester to earn some money:

You can also be a game tester and earn money. You need not play all the time; you can actually test the game. Testing the game means; checking if the game is alright to play, and all the nuances related to the game and seeing to it that it works or loads properly. It is not something that is highly paid, but it will definitely help you for your pocket money. But the disadvantage of game testers are that they always end up working for long hours for the meager salary they are offered.

5. Try giving online gaming classes:

If you are adept at gaming and have a fairly good knowledge about it and think you can explain well, try taking online classes. There will be many students from all over the world who are eager to learn about gaming and the techniques associated with it. If you are an expert and have new concepts and ideas, there will definitely be someone or the other who will be ready to buy your concepts to start a new game. New concepts always open new avenues for gamers, so anyone with a new gaming concept will be able to sell them to someone who can actually make it work. Make something that is appealing to kids and parents alike and you will find many takers for it.

6. Finder’s Fee from First Dollar:

Money can come in if a player is directed to you from another website and that adds up to the cost-per–thousand-views advertising. You want people to come to your website and play games it is possible even without any money. For the cost per thousand views advertising, you can give the video game websites some revenue. The finder of your website will take the money till you hit the agreed $1.50 per player. They will advertise your website and you will find a lot of traffic and viewers routed to your website.

7. Advertisement:

Advertisement generates a lot of money. There are no products or TV channels or websites without having advertisers sponsoring them. These advertisers help you with funding your games. Your reputation determines the cash the advertiser will give you for being a game developer, designer or a developer. The more reputable you are, the easier it is to find an advertiser and the more money is pumped in by the advertiser.

8.Jackpot Games:

These are virtual skill based jackpot games which give attractive prize money to the winner. It should be skill based mainly so that it does not encourage gambling. and are two sites that give prizes for these skill based games. Again, if you are an expert in gaming, these games would earn you some money.

9. Credit:

Many of these games are paid using credit cards on a monthly basis. And you have these subscriptions from people who play and at times by those who do not play regularly which is great. There are sponsored games which could have been paid by a philanthropist, charity or a non-profit organization. You normally don’t make money while playing these sponsored games but you donate money playing these games.

10. Monetize:

Try monetizing your users by asking personal profile questions in the registration sheet and also make it attractive for them by giving them some special, exclusive offers. A player is asked to fill out their profile. And in return you give them virtual points. You are paid for each form that you fill out for them.

11. Exchanging Contents:

It is nice to be innovative with your thoughts and ideas. Every gamer who has been playing for a long time will have some creativity or ideas in their mind based on their experiences. You can try creating new contents and exchange it with one another. By exchanging contents and including a user store, you will be able to take a commission. That is another way of making money through gaming.

12. Sell Storage Space:

Another way of making money from playing games is by selling storage space to the players. Players need virtual space to save their gaming data and their virtual stuff. Give them the space and earn money. If it is a karaoke game, then they require space to store their music and songs.

13. Private Game Servers:

Hosting a private game server for regular players brings in cash. Players need fast internet connection which is good because they are not happy when a game does not load properly or if it is taking a long time. These players who are hooked on to gaming require a top class internet connection and they are ready to pay for it.

14. Video Game Rentals:

Video game rentals can attract gamers if the games are compelling and attractive. Try giving branded items to customers who like playing your game. Try setting up deals with companies where players are given an opportunity to create their own mini avatars.

15. Selling a game in advance:

Pre-selling a game is a hot idea that will help you fund your game. Get funds for a development of a game. They pay $5 in advance for $40 game and they get to see the progress of the new game. They help in providing feedback before the launch of the game. That helps you in getting fans to fund the next game.

16. Before-Game Advertising:

This somewhat works in the lines of selling games in advance. Here the players have to watch an advertisement before being allowed to play a game for free. Though it requires them to be patient, it works fine as they are interested audience. Advertising inventories are available from many companies including VideoEgg, Mochi Media, Game Jacket, and Ultramercial. This way it is very easy to make revenues using your game. There is this option of rewarding the players that will aid in turning on the advertisements with experience boosts or virtual coins. There is this new trick called ‘invisible wrappers’ where a game is played on your website with no advertisement. There are around 30,000 websites for putting a game. So if someone takes your game and puts it on their site, then the advertisement is on automatically before the game starts. So they take your game, but you get the advertising.

17. Sponsoring Virtual Items:

Advertisers buy large quantities of virtual items for a lesser price. They then offer these virtual items to gamers for free. It works both ways. You make your money and the gamers are happy to receive something free from their advertiser. For example, you make an item expensive for a gamer to buy when actually it is of low cost. But they consider it to be an exchange where both the sponsor and the buyer are happy. The players know that they are getting something that is valuable for them.

18. Feed me:

Gaming is very addictive and players get attached to their virtual characters. They spend a lot of time with them and there are virtual characters that need to be kept alive by feeding them. That means these players have to pay and get virtual food for them. You look after them like a pet and they have virtual doctors to keep them healthy and it goes on. This is another way of monetizing.

19. Add Download Insurance to your website:

There are many novel ways of trying to sell insurance. If a gamer sees a small amount in his invoice saying the charge is to keep the download available online, that means the publisher is indirectly referring to buy and download the game now.

20. Try Selling Consumable Items:

This should be one of the last tactics you use for getting some revenue. You can sell items like virtual petrol for the car, fire guns, bullets, virtual birthday cards etc. to the player in these free-to-play games.

21. Players are paid to meet a challenge:

There are many times when players are paid to as much as $500 to $I000 if they can hit a Don or an important person of that game. It is not easy as one thinks. They make it very tricky and complicated and players have to really sweat it out to earn that kind of money. It also shows how popular gaming has become and the kind of money it generates. The bigger the game gets, the bigger the amount of the reward available.

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