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Money Making Movies Online

September 14, 2013 by: 0

How will I earn?

It is a question that bothers many of us, because without money or a decent income, living is not that easy anymore. But I think the answer for that question is not as difficult as it was in olden days. If you look at the current scenario, earning money is not a problem. If you set your mind to it, there are many ways to earn money. It need not be the conventional method but still you can generate some income for yourselves. No web companies generated revenue if you rewind and look back a bit, but now these web companies are making a huge profit. There was a time when only content writing and posting ads on the web paid but now you will get paid if you can upload a movie or a video. Money making online has been become very common now. And there are many ways on how to go about doing that.

Try getting a deal. Try to find someone whose products you can promote in your videos. Make a way to send clients to them. Your opportunities increase if you can be another company’s spokesperson in your videos. If your audience is not large, then promote the products of a partner in your videos. The money generated depends on the viewership your videos get.

It is pointless trying to worry about making money right from the beginning. Write down your goals and what exactly you need to do. You need to concentrate on movie and video making without thinking of any of these things because initially you will have to prove your mettle to show them you are excellent. So get going, make the movies and publish them. In all these cases, money does not come immediately. It will come slowly. So you have to be patient and persistent without losing your focus. Come up with a disciplined schedule that will help you stick to a pattern.

Make sure that the quality of your stuff is excellent. Competition is very tough nowadays so you need to have that extra bit to attract advertisers. Your body of work is what attracts viewers and advertisers. So that needs to be of a high quality. Demand in watching movies online is popular now. Everyone does it. If the movie is of top class quality, there is no problem for the producers in earning good revenue. With the advancement of technology, these videos can be watched through your mobile phones and multiple devices too.


YouTube is good if you are the type who constantly posts contents that attract a lot of viewership. It is not very easy for people to get a lot of viewers but then you can be a partner and get a percentage of the revenue gained from the advertisement on each page. In this partnership programme, YouTube allows them to take a cut got from the advertising that is shown along with the videos. According to YouTube the eligibility for partnership is not that difficult. As mentioned above anyone with a lot of view for their video uploads can apply. This is the most common way of making money out of making movies online. Original clippings tend to get a lot of viewers. The earnings vary depending on not only the clips uploaded but also the revenue the advertisements run can generate.

YouTube is very convenient for getting started up and earning some money. But not everyone makes money through this partnership. Only a small fraction is actually able to make money through partnership with YouTube. The YouTube staffs run through the videos and decide the top quality ones. They contact the producers directly asking them for permission to keep the advertisements before the clips. The revenue that is generated is then shared between the producer and the website. The figures earned are pretty high which is why online money making is becoming more popular. The fact that many of them have left their regular jobs and are making money online is by itself a proven fact on the success of the site and its advertising concepts.

You can cut off the middleman and sign up your own sponsors. That means you can decide whom you want to sponsor for the videos. Signing up of sponsors is not that difficult. It depends on the budget of the sponsor and the kind of audience your online movies attract. If you get it right, then it is lucrative. The concept of Premium can be worked out here on YouTube and also on many other sharing sites. Give away a bunch of content for free on YouTube and hide some of the good ones behind a pay wall. Once they enjoy your free stuff and start appreciating your work, they might want to see more of your movies. And some of them might be willing to pay to see the content you have held back behind the pay wall. But then YouTube is not the only way of making money online. Though it is the most popular and commonly used method, if you look you can find other sources too which will help you to generate some income through your work.


Dailymotion has become popular too. Though it is not as professional and popular as YouTube, many of them find it as a good alternative to YouTube. It is a video sharing website which is French and it is said to be the world’s second largest video sharing website after YouTube. Not all videos uploaded to Dailymotion generate income. For that they have to be invited to ‘Publish it’. Being a ‘Motionmaker’ here can generate some income depending on the uploaded video. Dailymotion gives a syndicate key to the producers to easily track the revenue earned by them. The key will be given once the account has been validated by the staff. So whenever an advertisement appears on your picture, you will receive a commission. The commission will be a percentage of the revenue generated by these advertisements. These ‘Motionmakers’ can earn a portion of the revenue generated by advertising by uploading the videos. Normally when a video cannot be monetized, you will be notified. You can also earn some revenue by sharing your videos on Facebook and Twitter. They make the payments to the producers once a month. Make sure that the syndicate key is placed correctly in your uploaded videos.

This is again another video sharing site that helps movie producers in making money out of their movies. This site has still not caught up with the producers mainly because they have been completely dominated and pushed to a backseat by YouTube and Dailymotion. They still need to promote their website among the producers to get them noticed. They are still unable to make an impact on producers the way YouTube and Dailymotion does. The movie uploads on the site and what makes to the front page of is decided by the staff of that channel. If you make an original video and that is featured on their home page, you can sell the video to them for $400. All clients, from advertisers to the producers are entertained on All producers are encouraged to submit their work on

Vimeo Tip Jar:

This is one site which is doing something that is not conventional. It does a break from the usual and does not stick to the usual way of generating revenue from its advertisers. It does not rely on advertisements. They use something called the ‘Tip Jar’. It is more like giving a tip. Lots of members use the Tip Jar to show their appreciation or the movie uploads they watch on the channel. And the site encourages the members to use it too. It is a great encouraging step for content creators. These tips can work as handy bonuses. An expert content creator might find this Tip Jar very useful. The tip can range anywhere from $1 up to $500. The producers get about 85% of those tips and the rest is given to the producers depending on the quality of the movies they upload. Originality and creativity attract a lot of viewers to the videos. No low quality video will generate revenue for the producer. So for the money to roll in, producers have to work extra hard to keep their videos on the top slot of viewership. Make an excellent video and keep your Video Tip Jar open for that money to roll in. It takes online money making to another level itself.

This is again another video sharing site like YouTube and Dailymotion. This site lets you upload your movie clips to share with viewers. But then it is not as popular as YouTube or Dailymotion. It is still in its infant stages and maybe will take some more time before making its presence felt among the producers. If you become a partner with, it lets you share your videos on the site. That gives you the opportunity to showcase your content and then from there you can monetize the content through advertisements. Like the other video sharing channels, they too have a number of advertisement options available on their channel which works in favour of the channel and the producer. They also have different advertisement sizes and placements. The advertisers also benefit on all these sharing sites. They can associate their brands with a wider audience the advertisers can give fully customized video advertising. Though we get to see some top class videos uploaded to it is still in the catching on stages. It still has to make its mark like YouTube and Dailymotion. But still there are a lot of producers uploading their content on So it’s going to hit the top bracket very soon.


Viddler is another platform for the producers to showcase their work. And again it is still in its infancy and might take some time to become popular like YouTube and Dailymotion. They are very good though and they give your videos maximum exposure. Viddler allows producers to sell their access to the channel either weekly or monthly. And if you do not want to give your product free, then you can set up a paid content model on Viddler. You will be helped and guided on how it can be worked out by an efficient customer support team. Viddler has options for privacy control too which gives you the freedom to decide who will watch your videos. You can also have a control over the advertisements in your videos and get the profits. In case the movies are not doing well, there is a way to track and find out the statistics which will help you in improving the quality of your next production. So that let the producers work extra hard towards making something that is viewership worthwhile and generates fairly good revenue for both the website and the producer.


ITV pays for funny videos that are selected to appear on ‘You’ve been framed.’ You can directly upload the clips to their site instead of sending the VHS tape. Again the revenue generated from the uploaded videos depends on the quality and the originality of your video. The content also has to be original and interesting for the advertiser to be attracted towards it. The better the videos, the more the viewership it receives. Producers need to keep in mind that it is a competitive market and they need to be extra talented to churn out some excellent videos to capture the interests of the viewers globally.

More or less, most of these movie sharing sites work on the same lines. They generate revenues through advertisement and the producers are able to make money depending on the originality of the movie they upload and the advertisements that run through their videos. The producers should try to expand the viewership of his videos globally. The wider the audience, the more viewership will be there for your videos.

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