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Money Making Ideas For Home Business

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Tired of those pop-ups that promise you to earn 347 euros in an hour ? Tired of those commercials that ensure that you can get rich on the Internet without special knowledge and from your home? You do not know how to make money without falling into one of the many scams ? You vomit every time you see the phrase ” easy money” somewhere?

As I understand you.

Fortunately for you , I decided to seek, evaluate and test methods to earn real money.

With or without start-up capital .

With or without prior knowledge.

With or without time ( free ) to spare.

But above all, without marketing speak without blabla to sell you the Porsche without scammers.


Here, we do speak as methods which WALK . If these are scams , we say very clearly ( I described commits earn money with envelope stuffing at home but I have not recommended you use this method ) . If they allow you to earn 10 $ a month and devote 1 hour per day , it will be clearly indicated.

I have listed some efficients methods , and I even explained in detail a score here, but I have not had time to study them all .

First, the classical methods

Here, we will see together the so-called classical methods to earn money. Either there had already thought yourself or you have heard on other web pages that also explain how to make money. No surprise, solid values ​​and time again proven.

To get a job

“Serious Nico? You’re really going to talk about? “Obviously. Having a job is still the most effective way to make money. If you think reading of paid mails can bring you the equivalent of a minimum wage, you are mistaken. Only a few lucky ones succeed.This is why I recommend you first to have a job. I know some of you are unemployed and aspire only this, while others will probably not have the legal age to get a job. But to be used gives some substantial financial security.At the time of writing (14 January 2014), the monthly minimum wage reached 1,445.38 $ gross 35 hours (approximately 9.53 $ gross per hour).


You are good at knitting ? You have a talent for languages ​​? Either you love salsa ? Or is that everyone calls to format the hard drive?

So why not give lessons ? This is a fairly easy way to make money through a talent or passion , and demand is often quite important.

There are many sites that allow to register and offer your services , the best known of them is the Super Prof site, where more than 250 subjects are offered .

You can expect between 10 and 30 $ per hour depending on the course and level .

No but Nico , I have nothing to teach … We all have something to teach, to share with others, it can be a knowledge or skill. Really. And there is not necessarily someone away who needs to hear that. So , go here to register on Tutor.

Baby Sitting

If you love children and you have a good contact with them , it can be a good way to supplement their purposes. Obviously, this is more generally aimed at young girls, but I am convinced that a large adult may enforce his experience. One of the main advantages of babysitting is that once the children are asleep , you can afford to do something else : watch TV, write an article for your blog , revise for the next review …There are dozens of websites to find relatives or in search of a babysitter. Here are a few: , , .Generally babysitters are paid between 7 and 10 $ net per hour .

Sell ​​the goods / unused clothing

Open any closet, and I challenge you to find only clothes you put the last 6 months . And attic gathering dust ? Since the time it takes to do the cleaning .Sell ​​clothing, equipment or objects that the more we use is a good way to add a few coins in the piggy bank. Everything can spend :furnitureClothing and AccessoriesBooks and CDsSmall household appliancedishesAnd sales opportunities abound: flea market or garage sale in your village solidaire , eBay , PriceMinister … And if you really are unable to sell – or would give – it does not lack : containers Relays, Emmaus ,…..

Money Making Ideas For Home Business :

How to make money on the Internet

 Although there are many scams, it is possible to make money on the Internet. Here’s an overview of some methods that you may not know.

Cash back

The cash back simply to be reimbursed a portion of its online shopping. For this, you register a cash back site, for example iGraal (affiliate link), and you install the shopping bar on your Internet browser. Then, when you make your purchase on Pixmania or Rue Du Commerce, you will automatically have a credit on your account iGraal. In general, the credit is repaid between 3% and 40% of the purchase amount, but I’ve seen 50% cashbacks.Click here to register now and start on Topcashback receive a refund on all your online purchases. Moreover, to encourage you to buy the cashback sites offer you very often coupons and discounts. For example, at the time of this writing there is a 10% discount code on all your purchases TV and Home Theater Sony. You are doubly winner, right? Note that is no longer supported for months (and it is a shame). Here is a list (there are over 1,400) of Topcashbackl partners :,, , Disneyland,….

Paid Surveys

As the name suggests, this technique is to answer surveys or online satisfaction surveys. You are then paid several euros by the brands who ordered the panel.Obviously, you will not get rich by just answering paid surveys , but it is an easy way to supplement your income.

There are many paid surveys sites : Top 10 sites Find out more here , go read it.

Publish on Kindle

Attention then we go into another category . If you like fiction or have a talent to share, why not write a novel or an electronic guide and post it on the Amazon Kindle platform?This method is not within the reach of everyone, but it pays off. Some people have even made a lucrative business .Think about it : once your book written , it is available at Amazon and anyone who is likely to buy it. You just have to look scroll dollars. Ok, this is a bit exaggerated, it will take to it a very good book and a good promotion , but it is now a very popular way to get rid of the publishers and publish their own content .Kindle books sell for between 2 and 40 $.

Use your talents

Your talents can earn you money. Whether your pretty voice or your beautiful prose , everything has a price. Sing, dance , draw … Several websites allow you to sell your services for $ 5. Think about the phrase ” For $ 5, I will … . ” And add what you could do for that amount.

Some ideas:

For $5, I’ll sing Happy Birthday dressed in elf
For $ 5, I will talk to all my Facebook friends from your site
For $ 5, I ‘m going to promote your product in lingerie
For $ 5, I’ll write a song 30 seconds and you sing…

The website Fiverr is the best known of them. He won a great success in the US, and it’s a little difficult to stand out . To do so, please be original. Note that the platform is available in English or Spanish, and the majority of users are English speakers.There are platforms in English seems more serious. Unfortunately it is much less known than Fiverr , your service might take longer to sell.If you go to these sites , you’ll see a lot of offers offer services in connection with the Web and design ( send 1000 visitors to your URL , put a link to your blog, write a 300 word article , draw a logo ….). I tried several of these services and unfortunately the quality is not always the rendez-vous.

Create, knit , weave … .

If you enjoy knitting , pottery or t -shirts , why not take the opportunity to combine business with pleasure . On the web , many sites help sell his creations to the world. Whether your paintings , scarves you knit or jewelry that you made ​​yourself, there is no limit.Yes, there are many people who would be willing to pay 40 $ for this scarf knitted entirely by hand.Among the most known platforms: alittlemarket, the world leader (that is a platform based in the US , which allows you to sell your creations everywhere ) .

Money Making Ideas For Home Business :

Making money with a blog

This is not the simplest of methods, but more and more people in the world live from their blogs. There are many candidates but few are chosen, but no need to receive 10,000 visits per day to supplement your purposes.Generally, blogs are written by enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge and experience. In my case, I have already tested many methods, known or less known, to make money, and I love discovering new tricks – that’s why I created this blog to share it with you .You can write a blog about everything and anything: photography, maternity, gardening, trisomy, athletics, travel, wine, … If you have a passion, get started.There are thousands of free resources on the Internet to help you evaluate your idea, create your blog and publish your first article. Other equally free allow you to bring more visitors and to start generating some cash.Personally, I recommend widely used WordPress. It’s a very intuitive solution and in less than 5 minutes you can have your own blog with a custom theme

 Advertising on a blog This is probably the most popular method for making money with a blog. This is to put banner ads on your site (Google Adsense ) , extolling the virtues of a product that you enjoyed or to redirect your visitors to the website of a publisher

Article paid / sponsored

Several platforms connect you with advertisers that offer to promote their products or services through your blog. You remain free content article but obviously the idea is to give all the benefits of the product.

You smartphone earn you money

Testing of mobile applications

If you are curious by nature and worship download new applications for your smartphone, here is a site that will delight you. easyshiftapp offers to test applications on your smartphone or on your tablet and your thoughts. In exchange, you are (modestly) paid and you discover apps that you’d probably never tried it for yourself.Allow between 25 cents and 1 Dollars per application under test.

Getting paid to play sports

Yes yes, you read correctly. You can get paid doing sports. This is a new concept that offers GymPact (English website): you set a series of goals, and collect you money every time you complete a goal, thanks to geolocation (you make a check in in a gym or a course record on RunKeeper).And from which the money that is donated to you? It’s simple, it comes from people who have not completed their goals.You will earn between 0.25 and 4 Dollars per week, depending on the number of completed activities.

Are u owner?

If you own your own apartment or house , then read the following lines . Your well can earn you money.I’m not talking about the location, but it obviously takes time and some confidence. However, there are plenty of other solutions


If you have not heard of Airbnb, it is not yet too late. Airbnb allows you to rent your property for short or long stays and offer people unique travel experiences. This is a community platform where travelers come and owners describe their homes, where assessments allow to return with someone in confidence and above all, the most important, where relationships are real, enjoyable and personalized.To borrow the words of their own Web page, “Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people for experiments exceptional journey, prices in over 33,000 cities and 192 countries. With an ultra-competent user support and a user community that is constantly growing, Airbnb is the easiest way to monetize an unoccupied space and put forward to millions of users. “For example, one night rental Lyon is sold between 50 and 120 Dollars, depending on location and size. An easy way to grow your latest acquisition.

 Transform your dwelling furniture guard

Websites offer not to lose the unused space at home ( bedroom, basement, garage … ) and rent it in exchange for a rather nice compensation . It’s easy, it allows you to leverage your home and just just gone through an Internet page ( Ouistock , Jestocke , … . )  

Rent advertising space at home

Advertising is everywhere and for everyone . You can make your car over a brand, but did you know that you can also monetize your own garden or wall to add banner advertising ?All these posters and post that see on the road , your neighbors , were probably rented by people like you via an advertising agency , for example CBS Outdoor .

Read books on money

If you want to earn a little more than a hundred euros extra per month , then you have to put yourself in the right mindset . For my part , I have read many books on money and it completely changed my way of seeing things.You can easily find the best books for making money on suggest including these few books, which became for me the favorite books (some in English but they are really worth ) :

The Millionaire Fastlane : this book helps you learn the concepts necessary to leave the path of wage labor and begin to undertake. You will learn the five commandments of a successful business . If you do not respect them , you probably will not win any money. Start a startup with $ 100: full of examples of people who started a business ( and a lot of money ) with just 100 dollars. A book that proves that we should not be rich or even easy to carry

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