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Increase in a county’s inflation rates and product prices causes decrease in buying potential of the individuals. Sticking to a full time job and the income earned from a full time job alone may not be sufficient enough for some people to meet their needs. The ideas mentioned below may take some time to gain some money. It requires warm up period to market and familiarize your product. Therefore being patient is crucial in starting your product selling business. Therefore, earning an extra income through part time jobs or any other legal means is necessary to stay in the contest of survival. This article provides clear ideas about money making products and money making ideas which help you to ground at earning extra income.

Before getting into the main picture there are certain aspects that need to be embedded in your mind.

• Research and analyze the scope of your products before selling them into the market.

• If you are already in full time job, make sure that your part time money making strategy never affects your full time job schedule.

• Consult with your family members and seek their support before inaugurating your part time business.

• Examine your ability and strategies to succeed in the business before putting yourself into the business.

Products that you can sell:

Products that can be sold by full time entrepreneurs:

People who are unemployed and are dependent on the products manufactured can spend much time in the product so that the product will be of high quality and worth buying. Some of the common products that you can sell through full time business are


Homemade bakery items such as breads, cookies, biscuits and chocolates and Pickles, jams and jellies can also be included in the list. Homemade food items always gain attention easily and have a great public interest. This is because the home made foods are free from artificial colouring agents, preservatives and are believed to be prepared freshly. Shining in this business solely depends on the quality and taste of food you deliver each time to the customers. If you feel you are gaining reputation and popularity you can upgrade your business by employing few employees and purchasing machines that help in faster bakery preparation.

Gardening and farming products:

A small scale agriculture practice is called gardening or farming. Growing plants like brinjal (Egg-plant), Lady’s finger, tomato, etc are not much difficult. Protecting them against predators (Cows, goats, etc), insects and infections yield healthy farm products. Animal products such as milk and egg can also be cultivated and sold in domestic markets.

Home gardening and farming also meets your daily dietary requirements, makes you healthy and saves your imcome. All it needs to earn money is little care over the plants and animals. Using organic fertilizers and insecticides makes your product to taste good and less harmful. This is an important feature welcomed by the public interest.

Pottery and ceramic ware production:

Pottery and ceramic wares are meant for organic cooking and ornamental purposes. Unlike the before said jobs, pottery and ceramic ware manufacture require craftsmanship and artistic view. Knowledge in processing and structuring the raw materials is a must because the ceramic wares are best manufacture in definite combination of china clay and chemicals heated at optimum temperatures.

To be specific pottery production requires a separate workshop where heating and quenching processes are carried out. Ceramic wares of fine artistic works attract more customers and widen your scope of business. The business requires specific training and expertise. Hence, it is not suitable for all the people.


An antique shop is a mini museum where things with historical significance are sold. It is difficult to set up a antique unless you have a stock of valuable collections. But properties such as old stamps, coinages, fossil collections, properties used by the leaders and celebrities can contribute to an antique shop. Gathering historically important things require extensive research and travelling across the country or world. But depending on the history that hides behind an antique, the price of the antique is fixed. An antique of extreme historical value can make you rich in single day.

But it is difficult to set up a new antique since almost all the historical properties were explored by the researchers and many properties were bought by the people through auctions. Yet exploring the least travelled places may help you to succeed in the antique business.

Home coaching classes:

Home coaching classes are another way of earning from home. But make sure you are familiar with the subjects and technically sound enough to clear the doubts of the kids who are studying under your guidance. This is suitable for both full time and part time job seekers. It is not difficult if you are updated about the subjects but it needs to be delicately handled without ruining anyone’s education. A dedicated effort is required to bring up the children as a tutor.

Products that can be sold by part time entrepreneurs:

People who are already in a full time job seek a little extra money by selling used products either online or through stores. Various online classifieds offer you the service for free and you can make maximum use of selling the used products like TV, washing machines, etc. You can be a dealer of second hand products by availing yourself as a point of contact to your premise. By this way you can earn some commission through the sales. Making use of websites such as eBay and olx can boost up your sales.

Blogging and article selling:

Some websites are desperately encouraging the writers to submit high quality contents without grammar mistake and spelling mistake. The chances can be utilized to write when the time is available. Most of the websites give requirements to write the contents whereas certain sites allow you to write contents of your own idea. Blogging is another way of earning through writing. Some websites pay a ransom of amount for guest blogging. Designing and writing contents for your own web pages attract more visitors, having more visitors monetize your website and monetizing your website earn some money for you.

Writing reviews on products available in amazon, ebay and similar sites is another way of earning money. If the review written by you about a product is the cause of sales then you’ll share the revenue from the sites.

Virtual assistant:

Some of the programmers and writers may not be able to complete their work all by themselves and may require assistance from people with expertise in that field. You may earn by helping them in their work. The work can be done during your leisure time and your work will be tracked down by the tools such as team viewer. This is also similar to that of writing articles but it shares some features of full time office.

Multilevel Marketing:

Multilevel marketing is another significant business for employed individuals. It is also called affiliate marketing. Either online or personal methods of marketing are done in the business world. In this business joining members and promoting the sales of a product through the down links earns you some commission. However, this requires extensive marketing and leaderships skills. Promoting the products without irritating the customers is the successful way of multilevel marketing.

You should be cautious enough to save your relationship with friends and family since forcing them to join your affiliation team may annoy them and up in break of relationship. Some of the affiliate marketing companies offer points on purchase and joining members in your downline is not necessarily required. For people seeking discounts and offers, affiliate marketing can be the solution which helps you to save some money, possibly you can earn money if effort is put.

Miscellaneous ideas:

Depending on the requirements of the customers a product may be physical or virtual. The physical products include hardware, vegetables, pots and all similar products of this category. Likewise, virtual products include articles, e-books and programming codes.

• If you are good in programming you can write programs for the customers based on their request. Writing requires a proficient flow and authentic style. If clients like your articles they will begin to send private requests to complete their article works.

• Review your product quality whether it may be physical or virtual one with respect to time since many competitors offer contending prices and qualities. So, in order to keep on track and to hold your position, offer discounted sales to the clients occasionally.

• Making use of social networking sites to exhibit your works can also be an added advantage and enables you to build a strong portfolio.

• When it comes to physical work pencil sketching, canvas painting, origami and sculpturing are also of prime importance. These occupations are very less competitive but require accuracy and grace. Photography is a product which can be added to both physical and virtual product categories.

• Never accept any projects if you know you cannot achieve the procured goal on time. Accepting a task which cannot be completed by you on time may degrade your reputation and puts your business at stake.

• If you face any unexpected hurdle while completing a task, frankly inform the customer. Having a user friendly relationship with the customer saves your reputation and trustworthiness.

• Extend your support even after delivery of the product. The customer might be little uncomfortable while using your product at first. Lend him your ear whenever he/she approaches you with an issue in the delivered product.

• You may rent portion of your home. Make sure that the dwelling of people do not affect you any way or cause any space constraint for your livelihood.

• Tailoring and sewing can be another way of selling your fabricated products. Certain minute fabric artworks cannot be done through machines and require manual effort to imprint the design in the clothes. You can work for sewing shop or you can run your own.

• Sell your old, useless books and newspapers which may earn you some bucks.

• If you feel you are experts in a particular field you may begin and run your own consultancy. The consultancy may be for a real estate business or for a product purchase or about anything you are strongly experienced in.

There are many such ideas that you can have from your in-built talents which can be used to gain some money. If you are good in managing and creative minded, you can involve in event organizing and stage arrangement. Many websites offer a best in class service to the clients as well as to the job-seekers who use their website as a platform. While going online for jobs do not forget to investigate about the site’s service to the clients. Read the reviews of the user who already joined and contributed to the site.

Selling products and doing part time in online is just to earn some extra bucks so never invest huge amount in them. A good income supplement should be with zero investment and should enable you to earn much.

Advertising your product is a good and traditional strategy of gaining more customers. The quality of products delivered explicitly advertises in zero cost yet initial phase of product promotion requires some meaningful expense over advertisements. Advertising online is also free of cost in recent days. However, selling physical products may require to place your advertisements in local paid classifieds and yellow pages. Therefore, such expenses are considered as investments in a long term product selling business.

Be extremely cautious while dealing in online business. Never trust “get rich quick” schemes since their primary aim is to exploit money from you. Update yourself about online scams forgeries so that you won’t be dragged into the pit. Other non-product oriented profiting schemes like forex, mutual funds, term investments, paper gold, money exchange etc can also be done if you gain proper knowledge in those areas. Poorly gained knowledge may cause you to lose all your money and it is difficult to get out from the whirl once you are caught in it. Therefore, always opt for a least risky job at the beginning of your career and increase the risk gradually without putting all your money at stake.

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