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Microsoft Money For Business and Home

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Let’s go on art and how to track and manage its finances. All of us in individual and specific needs so there are no a solution that is better than another.

The advantage of managing your finances follow is that you will improve the mastery of your money, you will manage your budget better , know exactly how much is left to spend from the beginning of the month, you will avoid trap and make you pay bank charges unnecessarily … You anticiperez cash flow of your bank account and you will therefore spend more serenely and save.

The most difficult is to find the solution that suits you and set up , but once it’s done ( all your debits back into the software, create your spending categories , set your savings goals …) some hours a week will be enough to take control of your finances.

This software is designed for businessmen and all those that realize more business transactions. In fact Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business allows you to ensure better financial management of your business , inventory tracking , online payroll , debt management , investments and taxes.
This complete software offers several applications for auditing and account management , invoice management from your desktop computer , security and increasing performance of banking tools. Now you can manage your clients, business reports , customer invoices and others

Microsoft_Money_32443_450x450Microsoft Money For Business and Home : How to create a budget in Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is one of the best programs for financial planning and budget execution. Easier to use than other programs, it also includes unique features that can not be found anywhere else. The budget tool in Microsoft Money comes with a default set of categories that make it an optimal choice for a beginner.

Create a budget in Microsoft Money

Become familiar with Microsoft Money before attempting to create a budget. The software has many smaller subdivisions that can be quite complicated to manage if you do not know how to use them. Most sections come with their own help functions.

Choose the “Microsoft Money Essential Budget” if you want a basic form. With essential option, you can create a budget that covers basic cost categories-such as mortgage or rent, utilities, taxes and household expenses. You can also follow the gross and net income, even if you are somewhat limited in how to divide the categories.

Choose “Microsoft Money Advanced Budget” option if you know Microsoft Money and can handle the complexities of an advanced system. The advanced option will help you add infrequent expenses and track your money in detail.

Choose ‘savings and expenditure budget “if you work with version 2007 or later and want to save for a specific goal. This allows you to track how you are getting to your goal. It gives also suggestions on how to improve your chances of achieving your goal on time.

Open a new file by going to the “Planner” menu and selecting the option “Budget”. Once you click it, you will be guided through a series of steps to decide what type of budget is right for you.

Select the type of budget you wish to set up and follow the onscreen instructions to enter your information. At this point, you can also choose to have diagrams created to help you visualize your budget.

If you have trouble understanding how to create a budget in Microsoft Money , the software offers you a chance to watch an instructional video showing how to do it . You will see the video option when you go to the menu ” Scheduler ” .
Pay special attention when entering occasional expenses in your budget. Should be classified correctly , so they do not automatically show the next month.

Microsoft Money For Business and Home :
How to use Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is a financial management software. For budget management, Microsoft Money 2007 features an online bill payment feature so that you can pay bills electronically and show bill payment history. For financial planning, Microsoft Money 2007 can connect to financial institutions to obtain information on your check and savings accounts, loans and investment. To use Microsoft Money 2007, you must set up one or more accounts.

Click the “Start” button, point to “All Programs,” then click the “Microsoft Money” icon. This opens the main window of Microsoft Money .

Click on the “Banking” tab in the main window of Microsoft Money, click the link “Add New Account” in the left navigation. This starts the new account setup process.

Click the radio button next to the type of account you want to set up. You can set up a bank, credit card, investment, payment service provider bills or any other type of account. Click the “Next” button to continue.

Select your financial institution from the list of institutions already included. If your bank is not on the list, select “My bank or brokerage is not listed.” Click the “Next” button to continue.

Type the name of the bank or other financial institution for the account if necessary. You may be prompted for online registration information if you have selected the online access features during the installation process of Microsoft Money 2007.

follow the instructions. Depending on the type of account you configure Microsoft Money 2007 may request different types of information, such as physical addresses and phone numbers, before finishing the setup process for each account.

Add multiple accounts using the steps above. When you have configured all your accounts, you are ready to start managing your finances using Microsoft Money .

Microsoft Money For Business and Home : Microsoft Money Vs. Accelerate

Money or Quicken are two computer software designed to facilitate the financial management process. They were developed by Microsoft and Intuit respectively. Both programs are typically used to manage personal finances in a household or small business setting. In a ranking based on configuration, interface, functionality, service and support, the site Intuit Quicken has an overall score of 8.0, while Microsoft Money received 7.3. In June 2009, Microsoft stopped selling Microsoft Money.

Both Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken enable users to make bill payments electronically and display the financial accounts multiple account locations. Both have spending thermometer applications. However, Quicken has a number of features that lack money. These include the ability to attach images to transactions (like invoices or checks, for example), the ability to save reports in PDF format and a reporting feature pop-up that shows the recent financial activity . Quicken also provides a service called Zipingo, which allows users to give their opinions Quicken offers online. However, Microsoft Money includes a tool for estimating the reduction in debt, Quicken does not provide functionality.


While Microsoft Money is only compatible with Windows operating systems, Intuit Quicken can be used with both Windows and Mac. Both systems are considered easy to use, although evaluated configuration and interface Intuit Quicken more strongly than Microsoft Money. Quicken also has chat rooms and bulletin board services that help users solve problems and communicate ideas.


Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken both provide a bill payment system that consolidates multiple bills into one payment. However, these functions require upgrades and Quicken program requires a monthly subscription. According to, one thing customers do not like money, is that it uses a .NET Passport account that requires a connection every time money is open. Also, while Quicken gives you the ability to store financial data on a personal computer, Money requires that data always be stored on its servers.

Intuit Quicken is available in five versions. According the Starter Edition costs about $ 30, Deluxe Edition Personal Finance costs between $ 24 and $ 70, the cost of the Premier version of financial management between $ 52 and $ 103, and Home & Business and versions of both the rental cost between $ 89 and $ 149. While Microsoft Money is now discontinued, its latest version, Microsoft Money 2008 Premium Plus, cost between $ 49 and $ 62.


The June 30, 2009, Microsoft officially took Microsoft Money on the shelves. Microsoft said that because of the wide range of options now available for the management of finances, the consumer need for the program had changed. Users will still be able to use Microsoft Money until 31 January 2011. It is likely that Microsoft and Intuit is developing a tool to easily import files from Money to Quicken.

Microsoft Money For Business and Home : How can I speed up Microsoft Money ?

The Microsoft Money software product was discontinued by the manufacturer, but many individuals and small business owners to continue to use the program to track and store records of their finances. Although Microsoft Money software was designed to work very effectively, there will be times when the program runs too slowly for your needs. When this happens, there are some steps you can take to bring performance up to acceptable levels.

Right-click the “My Computer” or icon “My Computer” on your desktop or in the “Start” menu, depending on how your version of Windows is configured. Click the “General” tab to see the amount of memory (RAM) installed on your system.

Compare the amount of RAM you have installed on your computer to the minimum specifications for the version of Microsoft Money you have installed. The minimum requirements can be found on Microsoft’s website, and on the software box is from. Keep in mind that just having the minimum RAM required may not be enough. If your computer meets only the minimum requirements, it is a good idea to purchase and install additional memory.

Open Microsoft Money and begin to use it as you normally would. When you notice the performance begins to slow, right-click on your taskbar and choose “Task Manager” from the menu. In some systems, this will be labeled “Start Task Manager.” Click the “Processes” tab and locate the “CPU” and the columns “memory usage”. Click on each column to sort and review processes that take up the most memory. You may find that another program running on your computer uses too many system resources and causing Microsoft Money to slow. Close the program originally slow performance, and try again Microsoft Money.

Click the “Start” and choose “Run” button in the menu, or click the Windows and press “R” button if your Windows version does not offer the option “Run” from the “Start” menu. Type “msconfig” into the text box and click “OK” to open the System Configuration Utility. Click “Start” and watch the programs running tab that start when your computer starts. While you need your antivirus and antispyware programs to start automatically, many other programs do not have to run at startup. Removing check marks next to these other programs will free up system resources and Microsoft Money to help run more efficiently. Restart your computer after the changes were made.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you know what a program before deleting the boot process. Some programs are necessary for your computer to start and run correctly, and they can not all have a recognizable name

How do I retrieve my forgotten password Microsoft Money

Lose your password for Microsoft Money can be frustrating situation , but there is a legal software that can help you recover your password if you are sure he lost. Although the process may take a few hours , especially if your password money was long or complex, you can run other applications while the program is to recover your password.

Download password recovery software is compatible with Microsoft Money, as a password money, Accent Money Password Recovery , or Advanced Office Password Recovery .

Click ” Save File” , then click to open the program on your desktop. Click “Install ” .

Launch the program . Find your Money file locked by name in the main menu and click to select it, then click “Restore.” Wait for the program recovers password .

Microsoft Money for your PC lets you control your finances , even if you are traveling .
Microsoft Money works with , rather than replace , the Microsoft Money on your desktop PC. If you are using Microsoft Money or later on your desktop computer , you can easily synchronize your data between it and your PC . This means that your accounts are always up to date . Wherever you are , you will have real-time access to check your savings accounts , credit cards and even investment.

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