Making Money With Christmas Gifts

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If you have design skills or you are someone who learns quickly by going through startup guides and how-to videos, then it is time to take full advantage of the holiday season by venturing into some quick money making businesses. There are two major ways through which this can be done. You can either make gift baskets or run a gift wrapping service. Any one of these businesses will keep you productively busy at Christmas. The following information will guide you on how to make money with Christmas gifts.

Gift Basket

A gift basket can be appropriately regarded as the ideal gift due to its wide acceptance. It is simple and can easily be personalized from one individual to the other. A number of companies also send gift baskets to their clients and customers during the holidays. It requires minimum capital to start. You can decide to work from home to keep your expenses low. All you need to keep you in business is quality products and referrals because pleased customers will help the demand for your service to soar.

First you should determine your area of coverage and what kinds of baskets you intend to offer before you begin. Materials like baskets, storage shelves, ribbons, basket items, shrink wrap and basket fillers are the major items to be purchased.

Marketing The Business

You will need a combination of marketing strategies in order to make money with Christmas gift baskets. You have to make a business card and print some fliers that will be distributed to friends and families and also posted on bulletin boards in your area. These fliers should show pictures of samples of your gift baskets. Place adverts in local newspapers and put up a website. A website is vital for business expansion. Individuals who are located in distant places have the opportunity of seeing the baskets on your site and can place orders to receive them where they are. Of course, you will include the cost of shipping these items. You can also give out free baskets to charity auctions and nonprofit organizations.

Gift Wrapping Business

This is a time-consuming business that requires planning and preparation so you have to be sure that you can make time for it and manage your time well. First, do a little survey in a neighboring mall so that you will have an idea of how many customers will require your services. This will enable you to know how much your business will be demanded so that you can get enough supplies. Secondly, you need to write down a business plan. You have to know the right price to set. Even though the whole idea is to make money with Christmas gifts, but you really do not want to scare customers away by overcharging them.

Select A Location

Entrances and exits of shopping malls, sidewalks outside major stores are same good locations to set up so that people who see you will know that you have this service to offer. Obtain a written permission from a manager of a local store or the management of the mall before you do.

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