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Making Money From Fitness Programs

December 23, 2012 by: 1

Making money from fitness programs is a very challenging task. It requires a lot of money, time, effort and dedication for the business to succeed. The good news is that it is a very profitable venture in the long run as a result of the various ways of generating huge returns.

Be A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer earns over thirty dollars hourly. Certification is highly mandatory before going into this field. The well known ones are the ACE, the NASM, and the AFAA .There are many others; if you intend to work for a gym or health club, inquire about their requirements. Apart from the personal training certification, some of them may also require a four-year degree in kinesiology, exercise science and other related field before you are allowed to train their members.

Be A Group Fitness Instructor

A group fitness instructor earns ten to twenty-five dollars every hour. You will need to be certified in group fitness to work as one but many health clubs and gyms will usually give a time limit of up to six months to obtain certification. A few of them have their own accredited certification programs that they offer at very good prices in order to beat the competition. However, you have to be sure that they are nationally recognized, although many of them often are. Inquire from the health clubs and gyms in your area to confirm if they offer a certification program. You may be lucky to find a gym that will reimburse the cost of the program after you must have taught for a certain period of time.

Become A Weight Loss Consultant

A weight loss consultant is someone who is very knowledgeable about healthy living and shares the information he knows with the increasing number of overweight people who need it. It is a very lucrative venture given that almost seventy percent of Americans battle with the problem of obesity and weight loss. All what it will take is to be sure you are duly informed then begin to market yourself. Make business cards and distribute it in gyms and fitness centers. If you are an experienced personal trainer and group fitness instructor, you are cut out for success by effectively combining these two as a weight loss consultant.

Become A Distributor Or Affiliate

As a distributor or affiliate, you will be making money by selling various products and services. You receive a commission on every sale you make. Many of these programs usually require a start up fee as well as a maintenance fee every month. Make sure you select a reliable company that has quality products and also offer exceptional services.

Go Online

Make a video of your fitness routine and post it online or create a fitness blog. Find ways of monetizing your content, even as you are providing useful information to your readers. By doing this, you will be making money from fitness programs. You will also be publicizing yourself and getting recognized in the fitness sector. Above all, make sure you are what you market.

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