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Making A Living With Windshield Repairs

November 10, 2012 by: 4

Windshield repairs is fast becoming one of the popular ways to make a living because it is the most economical and environmentally-friendly process that benefits consumers immensely when done properly in a cost effective manner. Windshield repair is noted to be a big business according to experts in the industry. You must be well familiar with the nature and types of car glasses to be a successful windshield repairer as you can also specialize in the repair of windshields and car number plate glasses.

Globally, it has been observed that the costs of windshield and plate glass replacements keep rising as more companies and individuals now repair the windshields of their cars instead of replacing them. This is a good news to you as a windshield repairer. There is a huge potential of earning a good income in the business as typical clients in the windshield repair business include: insurance companies, car lots, car rental firms and any industry owning automotive or plate glass. Your profit or income potential from these clients as loyal customers is assuredly mouth-watering.

On the average, you will be making $15 for a one-off repair of a windshield while the cost to you is relatively minimal. Research showed that auto glass repair has become a money spinner for professionals in the industry with thousands of repairs carried out each year using glass repair kits and equipment. The windshield repair business allows you to earn an outstanding income, which surpasses that of many similar businesses.

Findings revealed that over the next five to ten years, the auto glass repair industry is expected to grow by more than 300 per cent because more vehicles are expected to be on the road as most families have two to three vehicles, while many upcoming executives are adding to their fleet of cars on a regular basis. It is also observed that both large and small businesses are increasing their fleets in order to meet  public demand for deliveries.

New and used car lots are equally opening everywhere as these translate to more vehicles on the road, more damaged windshields, increased demand for repairs and resultant money making opportunities.

You should bear in mind that many windshields crack or break for various reasons, for instance, a chip or gravel can hit the windshield while the car is in motion. Such accidents may cause the windshield to shatter. In some occasions, car windshields become the victims of vandalism or careless driving, though auto windshields are made of toughened glass, they are still susceptible to damage.

In view of these, windshield repair which most insurance firms accept in place of replacement, has come to stay. Repairing windshields make financial sense to insurance firms too, because the repairs save millions that would have been spent on replacements yeary. You should also note that by repairing instead of replacing an auto windshield, the original windshield retains the integrity of its factory seal.

Most windshield repair kits usually feature the resin compound that acts as filler, injectors that fill this resin into the crack, holding structures to stabilize the affected areas and curing lamps to speed up the setting process. There is future for windshield repairs as it has been ranked as one of the top businesses ideal for those who want to be self-employed and succeed in their businesses with very low start-up cost. Low material and start-up costs make windshield repair profitable.

Many vehicles older than seven years are in need of good headlights which is also a significant market you can explore. Windshield repairs and headlight restoration are highly profitable services with low up front and marginal costs.

To succeed in windshield repair business, you will need to educate your customers or consumers on what a good repair look like and what damage can be repaired or replaced as there are fair amount of poor repairs done by poorly-trained technicians from small and large companies.

You will however find windshield repair business profitable if you combine the right systems with professional training and acquisition of advanced windshield tools.

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