Make Quick Money With Mini Laptops

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Mini laptops have become very popular because of the convenience that they provide to mobile computer users. They are light in weight, have long lasting batteries and provide more than adequate computing power for the need of the average laptop user. Their low price tag also make them easily affordable to thousands of people.

You can make a lot of money online if you know how to tap into this booming market. A lot of great bargains are available if you know how to find them. The following are a few ideas that will enable you to make quick money with mini laptops.

Get A Good Source For Products

Some of the best places to get good deals on mini laptops include stores such as Sears, Staples and Best Buy. You can take advantage of the special deals that these stores frequently have. Although you may not get a lot of mini laptops from these sources, they will come handy from time to time. These stores can also give you the opportunity to get a list of other sources of inventory.

Another option is to advertise for used mini laptops on Craig’s List and other popular online classified sites. However, this option is not advisable if you do not have some technical ability that will enable you to check the condition of the items that you are buying.

Sourcing From Wholesalers

A very good way to make quick money with mini laptops is to get your inventory from wholesalers. You can either get new, refurbished or use mini laptops. Search for reputable wholesalers with buying requirements that are favorable to you. It is advisable to start small and increase your inventory gradually. Starting small will make it easy to test the market so that you can know what sells and what doesn’t.

Listing Mini Laptops For Sale

Once you have located a good supplier and gotten some inventory, it is time to start listing your mini laptops for sale on your website. Visit other online stores to see how these items are listed. There are certain details that must be included in your listing. People who want to buy a mini laptop will want to know the memory capacity, hard disk size, screen size, graphics card, software, battery life, ports and the peripherals that it has. You will lose a lot of buyers if you do not provide a lot of details in your listings.


Dropshipping is an easier way to make quick money with mini laptops. As a dropshipper, you do not have to carry any inventory. You only have to register with dropshipping companies that have the types of mini laptops that you want to sell. When your customers make their orders, you simply send it to the dropshipping company and the company will make sure that the product is sent to your customer.  This is a popular practice with a lot of sellers on eBay. It is convenient and it does not require a lot of money to start.

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