Make Quick Money With Father’s Day Sales

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When a holiday comes around, it always provides another opportunity for business people to make more income. Father’s Day may not be as captivating as Mother’s Day but there is still a lot that you can do to take advantage of the opportunities that it provides. The number of fathers in America is put at over 70 million which is not a mean market by any standards. A national survey recently reported that Americans spend almost $3 billion dollars on Father’s Day averagely. This is why you can make quick money with Father’s Day sales.

Don’t Be Traditional

If you have a list of customers, start sending reminders to them a few weeks before the day arrives. The traditional approach is to send these messages to people who have fathers or married women. You can be more creative and send a message that will remind all your customers about the men in their lives that they might consider as fathers in different capacities. By telling them to think of father figures in their lives, you can greatly increase the sales you will make.

Market To Mothers

Adult children and older kids may purchase gifts for their dads but if you want to make quick money with Father’s Day sales, you should focus your marketing efforts more on mothers. Mothers are involved in almost every family purchase so they have a lot of influence on what will be bought and the quantities. If you have products or services that can be good gifts for Father’s Day, spread the word to as many mothers as you can contact. If you spread the word on social networking websites, you will make it easy for these women to share with their friends. You can also attract moms by offering discounts and deals on your site.

Don’t Forget Grandparents

Grandmothers and grandfathers are another group of people that you don’t want to overlook if you want to make quick money with Father’s Day sales. Grandparents, who are still active, usually participate a lot in the lives of their children. They have more time and they are more sentimental. Make sure that you involve them in the adverts that you put out for your Father’s Day marketing. It is easy to involve the entire family if you have a service oriented business such as a restaurant or a boat touring service. Restaurant owners can offer special menus, packages or settings for Father’s Day. If you have a kid-friendly setup, families will be encouraged to come.

Do Your Research

Find out what fathers like so that your marketing efforts can yield better results. Men have different tastes from women, so what worked for you on Mother’s Day will not work for men. If you have a retail store, you should be expecting to make more sales on gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, clothes as well as home and garden materials. It is not really difficult to increase your sales on special days. A little creativity is all that you need to make quick money with Father’s Day sales.

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