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Make Money Writing and Selling Your Own Rap Beats or Song Music and Lyrics

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Music is the world’s most joyful matter of life. It has many dimensions in its varieties which include rock music, jazz and rap beats. Each place requires a specific type of music. We cannot incorporate church music with party music. This is the special feature of music. Also, we can denote many persons who became very famous with music. Michael Jackson is one among them. He is famous for his rock music and music shows. Beautiful nature of music is in the style and the note where the beat or song depends. It contains many important parts. The most important part in music is writing song music and lyrics. Song music and lyrics is the base for any type of beat and song. Both are dependent on one another. It is a dream job of all music (or) song writers. For writing song music, you should be familiar to play any sort of musical instrument and high talent, knowledge are required. Writing lyrics are another category which seeks more amount of creativity.

Rap beat is a type of rhythm or style with special format of drum beats. These rap beats are very famous in parties. We can hear that in many places. Drum kits play a vital role in creating such rap beats. Rap beats or Song Music and lyrics are very important to decorative and serve the purpose of music for which it is made. If you can write rap beats or song music and lyrics, you can make some dollars. Thus, you can Make Money Writing and Selling Your Own Rap Beats or Song Music and Lyrics which is a joyful earning when you compared this to other money making opportunities as a musician or song writer. It is also evident that this field of music demand more creativity and hard work.

Getting started:

Getting started to Make Money Writing and Selling Your Own Rap Beats or Song Music and Lyrics is easy. Some simple measures and factors should be kept under consideration for the work. The process of starting involves two main divisions, namely writing and selling. Both are very crucial and should be handled with care and lot of work. Writing involves some serious steps to follow with high amount of commitment. In the other hand, selling has a serious effort to book the profit for your song music or beats.

How To Write Your Own Rap Beats (Or) Song Music And Lyrics?

It is too easy to write essays and articles. It is not so easy to write such rap beats or song music or lyrics.  You may face a serious difficulty in writing your own rap beats (or) song music and lyrics. But don’t get panic. When you hear the beats and song music in the place of parties or some other places, you should realize the hard work behind the song music. Then you can understand what is needed to write a rap beats or song music and lyrics. Following some steps, you can be able to decrease the difficulty level in writing such song music and lyrics.

First, you have to choose the right and suitable place to write. The exact location creates a wonderful atmosphere to involve in the work with joy and pleasure. The incorrect location leads you not writing well. Many songs or music writers like to write in the locations such as in hills and resorts. There is nothing wrong with that. At the same time, the location should satisfy the purpose of your writing. There should be no distractions while you are writing, otherwise your work will be spoiled and wasted. So, make the surroundings a pleasant one which enables you to work in the writing of rap beats or song music and lyrics.

Secondly, after choosing the correct location, you should determine what you’re writing about the topic and rhythm. While starting your work, be clear on the scale and notes to be used. Manage and place the correct chords and notes in the suitable place concerning about the requirement of that. Wrong usage of chords and sequence damages the dignity of the rap beat (or) song music and hence we cannot listen to it. To get your song music or rap beat in a better form, you should concentrate more in the part of rhythm and sequence which is going to decorate your music. Rap beats involve lot of beats in it. You must be clear in the use of the drum kits. Improper tuning and wrong pair of drum kits cannot give a successful attempt in making a rap beat. Rap beats can be played with other musical instruments also; if it does not sound good, remember to add some effects to make the beat more fashionable and joyful. Also, keep in mind that: too much of effect spoils the original goodness of the rap beats.

         Always perform a check to your writing of song music whether everything is done in a perfect manner. Writing your rap beats (or) song music involves two stages namely writing with your pen (In case of song music), playing in musical instruments (In case of rap beats) and then in the case of song music you require software to bring the notes in a printable format but in the area of rap beats, there is no compulsion in bringing up the beats in the form of notes.

Nowadays, there are plenty numbers of digital audio work stations available in the market such as FL Studio, Cubase etc. You may think which one is best and which fits for me?  Just do a small research and enquiry to clear with the digital audio workstation which should be used. If you do so much of discussion in selecting the work station, then you could not proceed further. It creates a lack in the production of your rap beat or song music and lyrics. There are also many recording service providers to record your rap beat or song music. You can get their service by paying some money. Here, you can be away from the unwanted troubles in getting your rap beat into shape since the recording theatres provide all facilities to you.

          Lastly, this writing of your own rap beats (or) song music and lyrics requires lot of creativity and thinking. With a thought of creativity, you can make a magic in music. Be original in your creation. The beat should not be copied from anywhere. If you do so, your rap beats will not get in rankings. You can showcase your talents and special things in the preparation of beats.

Selling Your Own Rap Beats (Or) Song Music And Lyrics

         The second part conveys the message of selling of your own rap beats and song music. The first can be approached with creative work, skill and art. But the second part involves a huge amount of hard work. You should decide in what way you are going to choose to sell your rap beats or song music and lyrics. The most popular way is selling in Compact Disk (CD’S). Here, you must note one thing. Always, it is better to get copyright for your rap beat or song music. Thus, you can prevent the illegal usage your song music and rap beats in various places. At first, you must record the beats or music in the compact disk and also store the file in your computer. Thus, you can sell your compact disk in different musical stores at affordable prices. . If your production of music is in large number, then you can go for the option of opening a musical store of your own. This carries a sum of investment.

To get marketed your song music or rap beats, you should make the people to hear your music at some places like parties and gatherings. Parties are the right place of selection to telecast your own song music or rap beats. After making your rap beats popular among the public, then you can easily manage and acquire the business.  Don’t limit your selling of your music within few numbers of musical stores (or) in any level. Go for more musical stores which expose you to get some count of customers. Do some marketing strategies and advertising tricks to boost your sales of your own rap beats.

         Though offline sales of your music give a base for you, you should involve in creating an online store of your own. With the advancement of technology, you are able to popularize your song music in the internet. Just by uploading your music to various sites like youtube you can generate more number of visitors and fans and thus gives more customers for selling. Youtube is the prominent site for uploading such music and to get popular. Also, there are some companies and websites where you can approach and sell your own song music (or) rap beats. You can make use of those websites which provides a platform to upload rap beat (Or) song music.

Also, to strengthen your online selling of your own music creation, you should catch the audience by advertising in the internet. Another important way to increase your online sales is to develop special pages in social networking websites such as facebook and myspace.

In addition, you can register yourself in online websites where you can be able to request orders to create rap beats and song music or lyrics. Freelancing is the most popular type of job to do selling your own rap beats and song music.

 rap beats

Key Points To Be Kept In Mind When Creating Rap Beats:

  1. Be a professional in creating rap beats. Even at the level of a beginner, think advance and make something super and attractive.
  2. Create rap beats according to the requirements when you go for an order of rap beats.
  3. While creating your own rap beats or song music and lyrics, listen to your heart and never keep your ear to the brain. This is the key to your success. Because, our heart produces new style of beats or song music and lyrics but brain recalls the previous tunes which are popular already.
  4. Use a modern and advance drum set to play for your rap beat.
  5. Use the appropriate Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for your requirements of producing rap beats.

Key Points To Be Kept In Mind When Writing Your Own Song Music And Lyrics:

  1. Song music lifts the song at a top level, so remember to make the best in you to write song music and lyrics.
  2. Allot the proper prelude, interlude and conclude to your song music.
  3.  When starting to write song music, use the musical instrument which accompanies with you correctly.
  4. Never stick to same category of song music, use different notes and variety of song music.
  5. Remember to use the musical instruments in the best place where it can serve properly.

Music is always unstoppable with barriers. It is apart from the barrier of language used in songs. So, the opportunity of writing rap beats or song music and lyrics is open worldwide. Nowadays, rap beats and hip-hop music are most welcomed in all parties. People came to the mindset that parties should be accompanied with music. So, many creators of rap beats make money by writing and selling their rap beats. You can also be a part of them to shine in the musical world. The only thing is giving the best in you. As mentioned earlier, drum is the main part of producing rap beats. Hence, it should be handled and played in the best way. Improper use of beats might result in a not too good in hearing rap song music. Remember, our hard work never fails. So, try to put your hard work at the maximum level. If you make correct and perfect usage of beats, then there is no obstacle to you. Unique and good rap beat will take its own good position. Thus, the best of your own rap beats or song music and lyrics can make huge dollars. Therefore you can Make Money Writing and Selling Your Own Rap Beats or Song Music and Lyrics.

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