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Make Money With Your Hair

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Earning money is not that easy in today’s competitive and technical world. At the same time the money market is willing to pay a decent amount even for trivial things. You might have heard of selling second hand products to the customers, paid blood and sperm donation. Even the body parts like kidneys and liver are also donated (with proper consent from the donor) in return for money. Have you ever heard of selling your hair? If you have a lengthy hair and you decide to get rid of it, take note that you can sell it to buyers who require human hair for their business.

Buyers require hair that is not processed or chemically treated. This means your hair is highly valued when you grow it in a natural way. To be precise your hair should be natural, virgin and healthy.

Products from your hair:

Hair which is sold to the buyers is used to create wigs, hair extensions, jewelry, and in manufacturing of high class porcelain/plastic dolls. If you think it is unethical to sell your hair for money then you can donate it to people who really need hair. For example, cancer patients suffer severe hair loss and donating hair to them will strengthen their confidence. Hair pieces are mostly used for cosmetic purposes without making any treatments. Hair donations are neither covered under any insurance packages nor are they tax deductible.

Human Hair

Organizations like “Locks of Love” accept hair donations and resell your hair for gaining some money. Options are there for you to donate your hair for a particular charity of your wish. You can customize about people receiving your hair donations. The hair well protected after cutting can be preserved for a long time. Therefore, the human hair collected from various sources is utilized for manufacturing fresh wigs and extensions as per requirement and specification.

Steps to donate/sell your hair:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly but do not treat your hair with conditioners or shampoo. Dry your hair naturally. Using hair dryers cause hair breakage upon cutting so never use one.
  2. Bundle your hair into tight pony tail style with all hairs resting evenly. Place your dry hair over elastic braid holder and bundle into a tight ponytail. Avoid holders with metal or rubber bands since they hold the hair very tight and breaks the hair.
  3. Use several ponytail holders to keep the uniformity and evenness of ponytail or braid. Use ponytail holders at a few points down its length.
  4. The hair should be cut as long as possible. Long and unbroken hair earns more money. The hair should be completely dry. Presence of moisture in the hair causes formation of molds and it eventually degrades the quality of hair. Dryness is an important factor to be considered while sending the hair for sale. The box that is used for sending hair should also be kept dry.
  5. Cut your hair with the help of a hair stylist. Never try to cut your hair by yourself, you may end up cutting your hair improperly or may break your hair in the attempt.
  6. Find a buyer and negotiate before cutting your hair. Hair is also a bio product which has a high sales value when it is fresh. Old cut hair lose its natural oil and lose its shine and gloss. Buyers prefer hair with natural oil and shine. In addition, if your hair is not accepted after it has been cut then the purpose will not be achieved.
  7. Fraud transaction is also possible and possibilities of fraudulent activity are possible in both buyer side and seller side. A buyer may scam the transaction without paying the amount fixed for your hair. On the other hand, the seller may try to sell the hair which is not natural human hair or cut from a wig.
  8. Ask for payment before sending your hair to the buyer so that you may not get cheated. If possible make the transaction in person. Making transaction in person ends up in satisfaction.  PayPal can be a solution for a secure transaction since the disputes can be solved easily. In case the buyer refuses to send the payment PayPal draws money from the bank account linked to the PayPal account. Verify the payment source before selling the product.


               Human Hair

  • People need a healthy and quality hair so live your life in smoke and pollution free environment.
  • Natural golden blonde colored hair is the most sought. Brunette shades, Red hair trailed by dark black are the hierarchy of preference. Don’t try to impart artificial color to your hair.
  • Hair less than 20 inches of length is priced low because it cannot be used for manufacturing long wigs and extensions. Usually, those sort of long hair products record high sale in the market. Hair above 28 inches of length receives high price since long hair marks health and shine. Prices are fixed by the buyers after a thorough inspection which includes measurement of weight, wholesomeness and length. Hair with uniform length, blunt cut and without thinning at ends is the buyers’ preference.
  • Take photographs of your hair before selling your hair so that you can confirm your eligibility for selling the hair. When posting images of your hair for the purpose of selling it, get the pictures taken outdoor in bright sunshine. Pictures of the hair shot in bright sunlight depict the natural features much better than indoor light effects. Take pictures of hair with a measuring scale or ruler to highlight the length of your hair. Mark the point at which you will cut your hair so that the buyer gets a clear idea of the product and enable them a pre assessment over your hair.
  • Locks of Love, Pantene Beautiful Length and Wigs for Kids are some organizations which accept hair but you will not be paid for it.

 Some Relaxations and special cases for Hair donation:

The conditions for selling hair in return of money are stringent. But the organizations accepting hair without paying money have separate set of rules.

                  Human Hair

  • Hair cut years ago and stored as a ponytail or braid is also usable.
  • Colored or permed hair is accepted but the hair that has been bleached (highlighted hair) is not usable.  Consult your stylist before cutting and sending it for donation. The hair which is bleached past but left untreated in recent days is acceptable.
  • Hair that is swept off in the floor without bundling is not usable.
  • Hair from shaven head is acceptable if it is bundled into pony tail. Divide your hair into multiple ponytails before shaving your head.
  • Hair with dreadlocks is not accepted. Hair with dreadlocks cannot be used in manufacturing wigs used for children. Synthetic hair, extensions and falls are also not accepted.
  • Layered hairs are also accepted if the longest layer measure 10 inches.
  • Curly hair may be straightened and should measure at least 10 inches.


  • Beware of scammers who get hair from you and abandon without giving money. Agree for hair sales only if the payment source is verified. Make PayPal as a mode of transaction to protect yourself from frauds.
  • Do not add hair pieces to the already cut and bundled hair piece. So cut the hair as a whole only once. Adding spurs of hair to the perfect bundled hair spoils the quality and gives a clumsy appearance.
  • It is a best practice to keep your identity hidden. Do not use full name in your description and maintain a separate e-mail ID for responding to potential buyers.

 List the hair marketing sites before sending your hair. Hairwork and Online Hair Affair are two popularly known online hair traders. Those sites facilitate you to post a description about your hair, pictures and fix your own price. It is suggested to get paid before giving off your hair. Always cut your hair with the help of professional stylist.

Hairwork charges $20 to advertise your hair, and hair affair offers advertisement for $10. You can also sell your hair through auction in eBay or through advertising in craigslist. Other advertising sites can also be used but they do not highlight hair sales much when compared to other products. The advertising sites mentioned above do not charge any commission for the sales. Other tools are also available in internet and trying them depends on your convenience.


The price fixed for a bundle of hair depends on the quality, color and length of your hair. Efficient marketing strategy gives better results in selling. Adding photographs and description about the hair will add advantage to your hair sales. For example, a well cared hair with high quality grown for about 4 years has a high demand and recorded a sale of $1000 which is a bonus without much effort. However, it is mandatory to maintain the quality of hair and it should not be treated with chemicals.

The description should include nature of your hair such as is it curly or straight, color (Black, brown, golden, etc), the price you expect and length of the hair. If you decide to earn by selling your hair, then plan for it. Grow it as long as possible but don’t treat it chemically before selling it. Do not wash your hair daily which will pull out all the natural oils.

  • Healthy lifestyle adds beauty to your hair quality.
  • Have a diet rich in vitamins and proteins. Hair is naturally grown by accumulation of protein called keratin. Therefore, adding protein rich food in diet yields you long, straight and shiny hair mass. This means that hair nourishment should be done from internal food supplement rather than treating it with chemical shampoo and conditioners.
  • Do not dry your hair using towel, hair driers and flat irons.
  • Use wide-toothed combs rather than bristle toothed comb.
  • Drink plenty of water and food with high water content. Presence of fiber and protein in the diet increases the shine and quality.
  • Massage your scalp gently using coconut or olive oil to enhance the blood circulation in the scalp. This enables faster and denser hair growth.
  • Consider your hair as a valuable asset and grow it patiently and be gentle while handling.
  • Be patient in growing hair. Lengthy hair fetches more money than short hair. So be patient in growing up to the length.

Some people don’t have potential to grow more hair and their efforts to grow healthy hair are futile. So know your ability and involve in it accordingly. You can earn more if you have creativity to manufacture your own wigs or extensions. But do not spoil your hair if you do not have any experience in creating hairy products. Selling a hair is a big business. You can make verbal agreement with the buyer to sell your hair periodically. UK pays much when compared to other countries in the world. You can contact local hairdressers or cosmetic manufacturers as well to sell your hair.

You might have toiled much in growing healthy hair to earn money and may not receive response from potential buyers. In such cases, consider donating it free of cost and it is appreciated. The cancer patients and kids with hair loss may benefit because of your generosity. It can make a difference in their life. It is more like a charitable work. You can visit the places of affected individuals to know whether the hair donated by you is used for the sake of patients and not used in illegal ways. You may donate your hair on demand for the charity after investigating the facts you need to know.

For those who cannot grow healthy hair, it is better to give up selling hair since hair damages are hard to revert back. Your hair may be long but if it is with split ends it gives a weedy appearance and is not worth selling. Check your hair for healthy condition at intervals. You can do it by consulting your local stylist or else you may consult dermatologist if you think it is a temporary dryness or hair fall. But it is iterated that unhealthy hair showing symptoms such as dryness and split ends never fetch you any money. So, here are the options to earn money and donate for charity through simple hair styling.

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