Make Money With Film Distribution

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You can make a lot of money and also have considerable influence in the movie industry by becoming a film distributor. Your job is to ensure that great movies are accessible to the people who appreciate them. You will be involved in the process of creating marketing strategies that will make it possible to reach a large percentage of the target audience. Some of the movies you will handle will be very popular while some will have modest popularity.

What to expect in the business

Distributors are responsible for marketing as well as the circulation of movies to traditional and also emerging platforms. There is a lot of competition but it does not mean that you can’t make a name for yourself in the industry. Your business will be more profitable if you can secure movie placements at a large number of the most lucrative outlets.

Register your business

You have to incorporate your company by obtaining the necessary licenses. You need proper incorporation in order to be seen as a legal film distributor.  Once your company is incorporated, you have to take steps to publicize it. You should design a press kit that clearly states the type of movies that you want to distribute and the media platforms that you will use. Investors will also like to see a sample of your strategy for distributing movies. This will show them that you have what it takes to make money with film distribution.

After incorporating your company, you need to get a good source for funds. Your business cannot be successful without reliable financial backing. You need a substantial amount of money to bid for films, pay for advertising, pay staff and so on. Do your research to find the most appropriate funding source for you.

Get in touch with producers and buyers

Look for movies that you have resources to distribute. For example, if you have a lot of contacts with independent movie producers, you should not waste your time with blockbusters. You will have to sign a distribution contract with each studio. You may either pay a flat rate for the rights or agree to share profits with the studio. It is important to analyze these two options so that you can choose the one that is most profitable to you. When you have more experience, you may consider acquiring ancillary rights that will enable you to release the film to television networks as well as video audience.

You can find a lot of deals by attending screenings and small film festivals. The films that are shown at the bigger film festivals may be too expensive for you. Furthermore, most of the established filmmakers are not likely to trust a new company with their product. Smaller film festivals will give you the opportunity to discover affordable new releases that will make it easy for you to make money with film distribution.

Contact buyers

The media outlets that you want to do business with should be contacted at this point. These will include theaters, buyers as well as online retailers. It is important to have a good business relationship with theater chains and independent theaters. Make sure you negotiate a good deal with them.

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