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For those who do not know the Dropshipping is an alternative to the online store . She connects the advantages , and puts aside some drawbacks , I will try to answer your questions very broadly , because after my interview with Lawrence Bourrelly , many of you ask me . I will give you end of the article numbers on how many reports a dropshipping store , all very openly , as honestly as possible .

Dropshipping what is it?

The dropshipping is to sell a product without HAVING it in stock , made in , it is your provider HAS in stock , and Who will deliver your customer in your name or in the white label best . Then the begging is responsible for the logistics , qui will save you significant time and you AVOID Especially Spending storage premises and associated costs . 

How to make dropshipping? 

You do not become Dropshiper (is said of those who practice dropshipping) snapping fingers, we must follow certain rules because you might fall from above if you do not respect them, we will lower. To make dropshipping, in the best case, you must find a good supplier, practicing this solution for years and preferably has really proven itself in times of wholesaler – dropshippeur. You need an average sale either: Your own websiteA marketplace like eBay, Amazon, Price MinisterA paper catalog (for sales meeting)And any type of website offering integrated products onlineBy these means, you offer your customers a product that you will order with a delivery time which will depend on your provider. You can of course you have the same product, to speak appropriately and offer a visual to your customers, something I recommend. Over the years, I was even customize the remote products. 

For Who is Dedicated The Dropshipping? 

dropshippingWhether you are at your home, or looking to supplement your purposes with limited time and resources, this solution is a very good process . For my part , I launched my first REAL dropshipping store in 2008 ( status Micro Enterprise) and it generated enough revenue to allow me to enter SARL in 2009 , I also built my brother , which manages now only the main shop , some aillant been resold in 2012 . So dropshipping allows with very little investment (which was my case at the time) to start something concrete . I hear everywhere that the Dropshipping is made to volume and the time spent for won crapinettes not worth it to invest in it … I partly agree , experience leads me to think that the market places are a way to make money quickly , but it must reduce its margins up , something that you can quickly bring down arms, face competition present for longer than you . To address this problem, the commands from these market places , I quickly centralized to my shop through different modules and have a maximum of automated order management , to focus on the social , very present seen that sales are likely ( through my short margins).

How to earn money? 

The key to making money with Dropshipping is to have your own website. Once implanted and management of automated commands at best market places are a way to get a little more profit. The main work will be to reference your product pages , and thanks to the saved commissions , you can put a little in adword , or in referencing. From experience, when a product is number 1 on Google, even if the price is higher, you will have more chance to sell than if you were in 20th position with a lower price . You see where I ‘m coming from … 

In what area sell Dropshipping? 

Suppliers sites practicing dropshipping abound on the Internet, but distrust , they are mostly as traders still serving as an intermediary , your goal will be to ascend a source at the highest possible, to scrounge every penny you take interim . Believe in my experience, when you get to the source, the price made ​​a huge leap down. Top : find a wholesaler Dropshippeur and verify their identity by going there, I had the tower once arrived at the scene, to come across a single desktop , stuffed trader in totally different areas. Today I have a friend there who finds me providers to save me go. Here is the kind of project that I could achieve.  

Why prevent traders? 

Aside from the price at which a trader will add commission , think about the product warranty , because if the trader should mediate , it will send you graze when the plant will be very accommodating , especially after several hundred commands. I had specific requests of large batches of products , personalized with my clients’ logos, My first was Reebok, who asked me glasses, I went from $ 1.60 coin (with a trader ) $ 0.60 factory direct . I let you carry the economy on an amount of 10,000 coins.

What domain works? 

Thereupon I’m just in clothing and High Tech products , so carefully study the market in which you want to get started. 

What are the difficulties with the Dropshipping ? 

Whether in or Dropshipping direct import, when you start, understand ONE thing well choose the country from which you’ll import your products. Many think directly to China, it is obviously there that make the best business, we agree, but also where there is most trader square meter, ready to sell you anything like gold. 

When I started, the iPod was coming to France, I found a trader who sold me 3 iPod that customers had ordered me on eBay, this one m ‘sent’ Guess’ belts instead. [/ note] And this kind of scam there is a package. Beware, even asking product images (with a word write by hand by the guy in front of the lens) can still be fooled … That’s why I always wondered wacky stuff like pictures of the agency with my name on a sheet, then the same in the local manufacturing products ^^ Finally all that could save me a round trip Hong Kong France …    At these same suppliers , I could send Via Western Union, enormous sums , so that everyone knows to be wary of such payment.

What Not To Do :

  • Do not sell the brand from Hong Kong·
  • Do not take large quantities at your new Dropshippeur·
  • Do not sell to your customer immediately , make test orders To sell the brand, you need the authorization of the brand, I will not dwell on the Nintendo / Linker R4 conflict that I sold for years by circumventing the rules, but I nearly took expensive. The R4 is an adapter to play music just like a MP3 car stereo, Nintendo has struggled to remove them from sale ^^ Please do not take large amounts when you start with a supplier Check the goods received by the test commands to ensure quality and also to talk about the product knowingly . – To sell the brand closer to Germany, much more serene legal level , and present in the EU which reassures customs . Which brings me to another point . 

What are the rules in importing Dropshipping ? In the conventional import 

So very very complicated , we will first talk about the importation, and to understand an example :- You buy in China a batch of 100 pairs of socks ” no name ” <= No mark we agree .- Delivery to France is by DHL, a customs declarant ask you to fulfill your VAT tax on goods + (depending on the product type)- You receive the goods and make the check for taxes on receipt after checking the parcel …In this case, you provide your accountant invoice VAT + product fee and that’s it.Cheating in case of false VAT return exposes you to big risk … Do not let the supplier put an invoice with a lower amount on the package, in order to claim to save you from VAT. As your stock and your line will not match , and in case of control, you can be accused of misrepresentation.  

Under the dropshipping 

Whether you import one or 10000 products, the principle mentioned above is the same, you will have to pay import taxes. Second example in the case of the now Dropshipping: – You have to sell a pair of socks to a customer through your site.- You buy in China this pair of socks to your dropshippeur.- You do deliver CHEZ your client in France by mail (DHL is too expensive). Either:- The position (or DHL) will not require to pay taxes, as below $ 29 is not tax.- The package will not be checked because it is small.- Either it’s your customer who has to pay VAT + customs fee and there he will ask for accounts as has already paid this fee by ordering from you. I assure you, the scenario # 2 is most often in practice ^^ So now that you have it done? – You repay the customer VAT + tax, asking him to give you the bill for customs he has the sign réeption.- You provide this invoice to your accountant. You will say: “Yes, but if the package is not controlled ..? ” Indeed, if the package is not controlled , you will not have customs invoice, it is for you to declare (through a customs declarant ) quarterly, each of your sales by dropshipping .

How to declare my sales Dropshipping?

  As we have seen , if you would not have the customs bill, I urge you to go to a customs declarant , in order to submit the invoice from your supplier, for each product class you sell. For example, you come to sell 500 mp3 in the quarter : – Invoices your supplier for these mp3- Capacities of each mp3 to calculate the tax Sisvel- Payment of the tax Sisvel (~ $ 1.20 ) + VAT ( 19.60 %) + Tax mp3 ( 12% memory ) With all that, you will have a good supplier …

The product warranty for Dropshipping  

You are the seller , the customer must not return this one in Hong Kong, unless you specify on your sales conditions. If a problem occurs , you remain in the eyes of the law, the ONLY responsible for products that YOU are importing. If a phone battery explodes in the mouth of a client, it is you who will be accountable . The Chinese supplier , which it will only make this problem. To you therefore not to sell anything, it’s easy to import a product catalog on its YSL boutique, but the products must be known , I recommend ordering one of them before each start on sale. 

The SAV products Dropshipping  

If it does not mention that the products must be returned to the supplier in case of failure , you should ensure the service , it is obvious that manage social side will be up to you because your customer has ordered you. It can also work against you if something goes wrong . When my shop was thriving , I had a buffer stock , about 5 product references each constantly in my office , thanks to that, I started playing with the stock to deliver faster and at the same time I provided a return within 48 hours in case of SAV . My priority with time became the delivery …  

To summarize: it must make Dropshipping?  

I tend to say yes, because I managed to run a few shops, but I was honest in my article, the law and the tax here in France will catch you , so do not tempt fate I ‘ve known who planted because of it . Be legit , you should probably do in the ground to earn a lot , but the work can be automated , and save you money without overdoing it .In the PodCast , we completed the relocation Laurent is possible if revenues begin to happen. 

You want numbers ..! 

I thought so , so to give you an idea, I managed to win up to 4500 $$ / month in the major months of the company , I cut the pear in half to accommodate my brother and we launched a new shop offering Dropshipping High Tech , my brother ‘s mission is to industrialize the processing of orders , which allows to deal more. The catch social , because human relationship is not ^^ robotized . Here today some shops are sold as impossible to manage too much, even by outsourcing it to other problems which I will pass me.                 

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