Make Money With Boat Tours

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If boating is your hobby or you just love being on water, it will be quite easy for you to make money with boat tours. Making boating a business will give you the opportunity of doing what you love and also making money from it. There are a lot of ways to make money from a boat; you just have to be a little creative. This article is written to give you a few ideas about what you can do.

You Have A Ready Market

There are several people who love getting a view from the water and they will gladly pay you if you make it possible for them. This is one of the activities that families enjoy on vacations. They want to be able to see seals, whales, nuclear power plants, naval ships or the city skyline from the water. Tourists always look for the most interesting views in the city they are visiting.

Apart from your boat, there are other requirements for running this business. You will need to have an office where customers can come to meet you. Your office should be equipped with a computer, printer, phone line and a connection to the internet. You will also need a ramp or dock. Your office will be manned by someone who will be in charge of reservations and sale of tickets. There should also be a deckhand to help you with the boat.

Getting started

You need a boat to make money with boat tours. If you do not already have one, your startup cost is going to be much higher. A good boat can cost above $60,000. Once your boat and office are ready, you have to advertise your business in order to get customers. You can place adverts in local newspapers, billboards and online. You can also print pamphlets and distribute them to hotels in your area.

In this business, you are not just a boat owner or captain; you have to become an entertainer and an educator. The people that you will take on tours will ask you a lot of questions about the things that they see and you are expected to give them correct information. Make sure you factor maintenance, insurance, fuel and other running costs into your calculations. You should also be aware that sales will go down when the weather becomes unpleasant. You can generate extra income by vending photos, foods and souvenirs.

Other Ways To Make Money With Boats

Apart from serving the tourist crowd, your boat can also be used for other purposes. It can be made available for people who want to hold events on the water. These could be events such as weddings, dances and parties. You should put this into consideration before you buy your boat. Buy a boat that can serve different types of purposes. This will enable you to maximize the income that will come from your business and you will always have customers when the tourist season is over. These are a few ways to make money with boat tours.

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