Make Money Selling Your Old CDs, DVDs And Games Online

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It is remarkably easy to make money selling your old CDs, DVDs and games online. Many of us have accumulated a pile of these items over a period of time. Besides, the internet has also made it convenient to make sales from the comfort of your home. If you want to cash in on this quick money making venture, you have to know what to do and which of the numerous available sites will be most advantageous to you. This article will give you the information you require.

Gather items and research

The first thing to do is gather the items and carry out a research on their individual worth. If you enter the barcode from your CD, DVD or game, you will know how much you will get from these items but do not forget that they are not new. You must know the value of every item in its used form in order for you to get the best prices from buying sites. You should also separate rare items from common ones. If you happen to have any rare stuff, it is advisable to search for websites that deal in such things. You would not get good returns if you use general sites.

Sites to consider

There are several sites where you can make money selling your old CDs, DVDs and games online. It works in two ways; it can be sold directly to sites or to fellow shoppers. If you want to consider the first option, there are plenty of such sites available. Generally, they are reliable and effective and also provide free postal service. In most cases however, items are bought at a fixed rate. An example is Music Magpie; this site buys used items at a fixed price. However, they can be flexible if the item has a high value. One of the advantages of selling directly to sites is the speed of transaction and you will also get your money in record time.

Other sites allow you to auction your unwanted stuff or sell them to fellow shoppers at a fixed rate.  Some of them are Amazon and eBay. These sites are reputable and have thousands of shoppers visiting them daily but you will have to be patient in order to make the best sales. Whichever option you decide on, make sure your items are free from tear or dampness and in good condition

Local stores

Local record stores usually have a buy-back program. If your CDs are in good condition, record stores who have this program will not hesitate to buy them. If you have some really exclusive items, a lot of them will jump at a reasonable offer. You may need to come with the original case and artwork in some cases. Use the internet to search for the ones in your area that also have an online presence and contact them. If you want to make money selling your old CDs, DVDs and games online, you can consider using some sites such as and

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