Make Money Selling Used Books Online

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Nowadays, the economy is tough. This is the reason an increasing number of people buy used books instead of new ones. They also purchase them online because of the convenience it offers. If you want to make money selling used books online, you have to know where to purchase them at low rates and then resell them on websites that already have a high number of frequent buyers.  When you do this, you will start to receive notifications for orders by the next day. The process is really simple but there are other factors that must be considered.

Where to buy them

Used books are everywhere but it is important to get them at a very cheap rate. If you are lucky, you can find people such as family and friends who will give away their books for free once they no longer need them. Places such as charity shops, flea markets, consignment stores and online auction sites are great places to get used books. To make money selling used books online, go for the ones that are still in good condition. You are likely to get a premium price when your books looks new. The books should also have an ISBN number or a registration number.

Where to sell them

There are many places online where you can sell your books.  Amazon is the best place to sell used books because it is where many buyers and readers shop. EBay is an auction site where you can easily list your books for sale. It is the largest site and many prospective buyers get used books from there. If you want to sell used college textbooks, Bookbyte is the best. and are also good for this purpose. is a site where you can buy used books and also resell them on the same site.

What to sell

To make money selling used books online, you need to know the books that will sell. The following are types of books that you can make good money from:
How- to- books: These are books that tell people how to do things such as repairing a car or setting up a business from scratch. Cookbooks such as vegan recipe or ethnic cooking or any other specialized cookbooks are a great money making avenue. Audio books on topics such as weight loss or any interesting topic by a celebrity or a popular person can be resold at a great profit. People enjoy listening to information while they are on the go.

What you should not sell

Since there are books that you can sell, there are equally others that you should stay away from. These are:
Encyclopedias –people do not need a bulky encyclopedia when they can get it freely on the internet. Computer books – these are books that are relevant today and outdated tomorrow.  You definitely would not prosper selling such books. Fiction books –stay away from popular fiction novels that can be gotten anywhere.

If you consider these factors and set good prices, then you can easily make money selling used books online.

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