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Make Money Selling Recipes Online

December 20, 2012 by: 0

Almost everyone has one recipe or the other kept somewhere. However, if you are someone who has acquired lots and lots of recipes but do know how to use them to generate cash, you can make money selling recipes online. Consider the guidelines below

Classified Adverts

The traditional way is to put up a classified advert in a local newspaper, or post a notice on the community bulletin board. However, with the advent of the internet, a lot of people are making use of the numerous free classified ads available online. The only thing is that your ads must be catchy to command the attention of the reader. No one will read your ad if it just sounds like every other person’s. The first four words are the most important part of the advert. Get the potential customer excited enough to go through the rest of your advert.

Use Hubpages And Squidoo

Hubpages and squidoo are two examples of sites where you can sell your recipes. Membership is free and you can design the pages for your recipes to suit your taste. In order to make money with Hubpages, you need to have an affiliate account with Amazon, Ebay and Google Adsense. On the other hand, Squidoo does all the work for you but they take a certain percentage of all your earnings. Weigh all the options carefully before you pick the one which is best for you.

Originality Is Essential

Make sure that the recipe you are about to publish is yours. There will be other recipes that will have similar titles and descriptions with the ones you have, but this is alright as long as the description and directions are original and not copied from elsewhere. The recipes must be tested and proven so that you will be very familiar with it. This enables you to add some tips and tricks that readers can recreate if they want to. When you know your recipes so well, it becomes easier to write. Readers can detect sincerity in write-ups and when they trust you, they will trust your product, then go ahead to make payment for it.

Sales Pages

Inclusion of helpful and related links also helps to increase sales. Your sales page should have links to additional information such as a video demonstration, catchy photos, cookbook recommendations as well as background information about the recipe, origin and history in order to the catch the interest of the readers and make sales. One other way to make money selling recipes online is to add a bonus free recipe to every purchase.

Utilize Holiday Opportunities

Holidays such as Christmas and Easter are wonderful opportunities that should be thoroughly maximized. People are always looking for new things to try, especially recipes during festive seasons. So get creative and put out that unusual and exciting recipe for sale. Your advert should be out at least one month to the holidays. This is the time to really be descriptive with your adverts. You should also carry out some promotions on your pages

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