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“Money can buy you everything – bungalow, bikes and diamond ring”, rightly quoted by someone who know the undoubted significance of money. Money is the basic necessity of every man, the most vital nutrient needed by one and all.  From fundamental stuff like food, clothing, shelter to the luxurious items like car, bungalow, jewels to a tension free life and respect in society, you can simply procure almost anything with money. But the central question that arises is that how to fill our pockets with money?

The ever–increasing competition level has left the not so academically brilliant populace of the society with no or every little job opportunities, making their receptacles deprived of money. It seems no point for you to become a part of the rat race of engineers and doctors and lecturers, if you fall under this section of masses. Even those who are working on a full time basis are not happy with their salaries. With the inflation rising higher and higher, no one seems to be satisfied with their “little income”. But it’s good news for all of us that making money has now become easy. With so many online part time jobs coming into sight, everybody has now a right to make money and that a lot of it!!


One such job that we are going to share with all the anxious readers is of ‘Referring Other Professionals for Jobs’. It’s a new kind of job and I assure you that anyone of you with just little contacts can do. This job is even suitable for those who already work and wish to earn some extra in their spare hours, as this task wouldn’t be consuming your much time.  All you need to do is to join a referral site, (will discuss in another few minutes) one or more, and make other professionals out there to be a part of the site and work for them. Each person you refer earns you fairly handsome amount. Simple, isn’t it!


Let us discuss the work in more detail. First and foremost, you need to find yourself a genuine website which offers a Referral Program. Referral basically means sending someone to a person or an authority that is qualified to deal with him/her. We will be imparting you knowledge on the various websites that provide authentic referral work. But you can always browse on Google for more of such sites. Once you decide, find the link ‘Referral Program’ or similar on that website and register yourself under that link to have an account of yours with them. Most probably would be asked for some personal details, name, email address, password, etc.  A confirmation message will be sent to your email id to check if that id belongs to you.

After successful registration, your account will be activated where you can see in future how many people you referred and what the status of your payment is. You would be given a link by the website to bring people to them. You can paste that link in your blog, facebook or twitter account, anybody clicking on it would be automatically assigned to the website’s sign up page and you a referral would earn some amount which would be transferred to your account. The more people you bring to the website, the more will be your earnings and as you can see the task doesn’t eat up much of your precious time. After the threshold limit of payment is reached, you can call for your payment via check, PayPal and other means.

Just three basic steps and you can start earning through the ‘Referring Other Professionals’ job.

  • Getting registered with the website
  • Sharing the Referral link of the website with friends
  • Getting your Payment through PayPal, cheque, bank wire, western union etc.


Most of you would have understood the work you would be doing but for others, the following explanations would clear all doubts.

A website is having a troublesome time getting new customers to become its partner and do the different available tasks. To spread a word, it creates a ‘Referral Program’ link under its domain. You being interested in the job became a member of the Referral program. The site will provide you with a special link that you could put on as a status on your social networking account or blog. You can tell people that you found a cool website which genuinely fills your pocket with money. Interested applicants will click on the link and sign up. For each sign up through the link, the website will pay you. This is the way the job of ‘Referring People’ goes about.

Apart from this there are other sites which need qualified professionals for freelance or full time jobs. If you know people who are good in some field and looking for something of this kind, you can refer the person to the website. Depending upon the qualification and experience of the applicant, you could be paid from 50 to some thousand dollars!! What an Amazing Job!!


Given here are some of the many remarkable plus genuine websites which give people with lots of contact, an opportunity to earn more with the job of ‘Referring People’.  Making money has never been so effortless and trouble free. Moreover, NO INVESTMENT IS REQUIRED! Let’s have a look at these sites:


This website offers a referral program which is free to join. You refer people to this site to complete offers, take surveys, complete daily tasks, etc. You are initially paid 20% of what your referrals earn and 10% of their referrals earnings. You are paid more once you get well along with your work, 30% of your referrals’ earnings and 20% of theirs’. Cash bonuses of $1 are also there. Moreover, you can choose to get $1 for every active referral of yours or $3 every time your referral’s earnings hit $10. The site offers simple tasks and hence there are chances for more people to click on your ‘special link’.

You can join the site at


It’s again a website which is completely free to join. Its referral program is simply terrific. You are paid $0.50 if the person you referred successfully sign up. Another $0.50 is rewarded if your referral becomes an active member. Along with that you are remunerated with 15% of your referral’s earnings, 3% of his/her referral’s earnings. The journey doesn’t stop there! 2% of your referral’s referral’s earnings are also paid to you- that means up till 3rd level. And bonuses are always there if you are persistent. So you will never feel empty handed.

You can join the site at


It is an online advertising company. You are paid $1 by the company for every user who visits the site through your referral link – even if they don’t sign up!! All you need to do is to share your referral link among your friends and contacts on facebook, twitter, forums, blogs, ads and any other suitable media you find. The company would pay you through PayPal, cheque, western union transfer, etc. once you reach the threshold value for payment which is $25 – just need to refer 15 friends.  It seems relatively easier to earn money now.

You can join the site at


This website deals in property. Under its referral program, you will refer someone looking for a property by filling up a form on the website with the details of the person you wish to refer. If within 90 days of your reference, the referral finalizes to buy property from 11estates, you will be given a commission of around 15,000 which is certainly a handsome amount. You will receive an email from 11estates regarding the payment details which would be sent to you by cheque. You can earn a lot- up to 100,000 through this site.

You can join the site at


This site acts as a wide job network builder. Employers and recruiters post jobs here looking for a suitable candidate. Applicants can find right jobs on Referearns, you too can join the site as a Referrer. Your work as a Referrer would be to find suitable candidates for the recruiters. Employers set a fixed reward along with their job post. Once you provide the company with the right candidate, you become eligible with that reward. In this way you can become a savior for your friend in dire need of job and along can earn a handful of rewards.

You can join the site at


Zyoin provides a large list of IT sector jobs (along with other sectors too) offering huge salaries and referral cash rewards. You can join them as a Professional, search for a job for yourself and along with that can earn more by referring other professionals for jobs on Zyoin. They pay your earnings after every 45 days and send it via Cheque Postal Service. You are paid a cash reward not only when your referred candidate is shortlisted but also when they appear for the interview. Profits from Everywhere!

You can join the site at


It is the largest referral site paying a huge amount, up to $1000, to it Referrers. Any right contender you refer for the right opening, you become eligible for substantial payments. Once your referral is shortlisted by the company for the interview, you are paid your promised reward which is somewhere between $100 and $1000. In today’s scenario, where prices are soaring high, 100 dollars do make a lot difference. Not only that, on Bohire , you can create your friends profiles, attach their resumes and apply for job openings which makes your work so much more easy!!

You can join the site at


  • There are loads of predatory websites online posing out as legitimate, which may grab your money, take advantage of you, get their work done and leave you empty handed without solving your actual prospect of money making. Be Wary of such sites and follow the given tips and warnings.
  • Do ample research before joining any website for online referral work, especially read the company’s policies. Join only authentic websites.
  • Refrain more sites that ask for a small amount of payment or any contractual agreement to become a member. There’s no need of any investment in ‘Referring People’ for Job.
  • Look for consumer reports of the company and go through them well. Try to abstain if you find something negative or unsure.
  • Obtain reviews about the company from its users. You can look for comments box on the site or discuss about the company on a forum where experts can guide you through the right way.
  • Understand well their mode of payment and how much you will be paid for every small effort of yours.
  • Look out for those websites whose threshold limit for payment is small and attainable. As soon as you hit the threshold limit, call out for payment to check the authenticity of the website.
  • Websites with huge threshold limits, get your work done from you and then may deny of payment claiming you to be ineligible due to some fake and faulty reasons.


Hence, money making is no big deal if you know the right places to search for job and have lot of contact and friends wanting to work. The task of ‘Referring Other Professionals for Jobs’ , though may not make you rich over the month, but can do solve much of your money related problems by providing you with plenty money. The best part is that – you don’t have to invest in something, nor you have to allot a lot of time to the Referral Programs causing your studies to suffer. And why just the students, from retired old man to a housewife with many friends searching online for the right stuff to bring them money – anybody can refer people and earn Money. You must have never thought that your online friends can make you earn so much money and that look so easily!!

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