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Make Money Online Writing Software Reviews

May 3, 2012 by: 4

Websites such as SoftPedia and usually ask users who download software to write a review of the applications that they downloaded. If you have written reviews on any of these sites then you are missing out on a money making opportunity. You can make money online writing software reviews by finding websites that will pay you for your reviews. One of these websites is Software Judge and it will be the focus of this article.

What is Software Judge?

Software Judge is a website that is dedicated to the review of software and internet based games. If you want to express your views about any application or game, this is the site that you should go to. Not only will you be able to express your opinion, you will also be paid for doing so. You can make as much as $50 for each of your reviews that is published on this website. This website really makes it easy to make money online writing software reviews.

This website looks for real reviews so you should not write reviews to promote any particular product. If the program is really good, let people know about it. On the other hand, if it is not so good, be truthful with your assessment. Marketing or promotional messages are not permitted in your write up.

Some rules that you have to follow

You should write original reviews if you want to make money online writing software reviews. This simply means that you cannot copy what someone else has posted on Software Judge or another website on the internet. Your reviews will be checked for duplicate content and it will not be accepted if it is discovered that you copied another person’s work. Make sure that you have tested the software that you want to review. A firsthand experience will make it easy for you to provide a truthful evaluation of its performance. When you are testing the program, watch out for drawbacks and benefits. You might come across issues that other people have not noticed.

How much can you expect to make?

Each individual has a limit of three reviews per day. The best review gets the highest payout of $50. However, you do not have to be the best in order to make money on this website. Any review that is original will be recognized. A minimum of one dollar is paid for every review that is released by testers. The amount of money that you will be paid is dependent on the quality of your content.

It is easy to make money online writing software reviews on Software Judge. Several games and software programs are listed on the website and you will always find a product to test. The products are sorted in groups to make it easier for users to find the ones that they want to evaluate and write reviews on.  You can withdraw your money once you make up to a minimum of $200 in your account. You can also use the money in your account to buy games or software programs.

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