Quick Tips on How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense Program

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The Google AdSense contextual advertising program is one of the most popular online money making methods. It is free to register with AdSense. The only requirement is that you must have the type of site that will be approved by Google. When you sign up for this program, Google will start displaying text, graphics and videos ads that are relevant to the content of your site.

How can I earn money with AdSense?

There are two ways to make money online with the AdSense program. The most common is cost per click or CPC in which you are paid a certain percentage of the advertisers’ cost of ads that someone clicks on your site. The other method is the cost per thousand impressions or CPM which simply means that you are paid for ads that appear on your site whether they are clicked or not. With the CPC model, you only earn online money when someone clicks on the ads.

Google AdSense payment model

Google pays its AdSense publishers a certain percentage of the money that it receives from advertisers. You are paid every month as long as your money passes the minimum threshold for that month. If your account is in dollars, your threshold will be $100. If it is in euro, you only have to make 70 Euros to be paid monthly.

There is no limit to AdSense earnings

Several bloggers make money online every month through the Google Adsense program. It is usually the first money generating method that you will find on most websites on the internet. There are people who make thousands of dollars every month through this program. The amount that you make is dependent on the subject matter of your website and the quantity of traffic that it has. Adsense can also be included on free blogging platforms such as Blogger and TypePad.

It is not difficult to get approved by AdSense. You will have to submit an application to their website. Your application will be processed immediately and your blog will be checked for compatibility. Your content must agree with Google’s policies before your application can be approved. It is also required that the blog owner should be over eighteen years old.

Customizing your AdSense ads

You are free to customize the ads that appear on your website. Once you have an account, you can login and setup the type of ads that you want. You can choose to have image, text or video ads. You can also choose the size and the color of the ads so that they can fit with the design of your blog. It is important to paste the generated codes on the parts of your site that can get the maximum attention from your visitors.

Once the ads start showing on your site, your next task is to ensure that you get a lot of quality traffic. Without a sizeable number of visitors, you will not make a reasonable amount of money with AdSense. Google’s TOS does not permit you to click on your own ads or entice your visitors to click. You have to do your home work and make sure that you get a regular flow of traffic. This is basically how to make money online with this program.

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