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You can make money online by doing something that you are already doing. You do not have to own a website or learn any special skills to use this method. You can simply start making money online by uploading photos, files and videos. Most people have accounts with one or two social network websites and they are already used to uploading pictures into their profiles. Sometimes, you also have to upload some documents for your friends to see.

The Popularity of File Sharing

File sharing has become a very big business and you should not miss out on the opportunity to make money from it. This is a very easy work at home job that anyone can do in their spare time. You can make money online by uploading files as long as you have a PC that is connected to the internet.

Earning Money By Uploading Files

There are several sites that pay you for uploading different types of media. You will have to open accounts with these sites. Registered users are usually paid for every one thousand downloads of their uploaded files. The amount of money that you can make is also dependent on the location of the people who download your files. The range is between $15 to $40 dollars per thousand downloads.

How The Money Is Generated

You might be wondering how file hosting websites make money. These sites make money from advertisers who place their adverts on the download pages. When someone wants to download any of the media that you uploaded, he or she will see those adverts. This is why it is possible for you to make money online by uploading files and photos.

Upload Valuable Media

Make sure that you upload what a lot of people will be eager to download. This will greatly increase the number of times that the files will be downloaded. Some types of media have a higher chance of being downloaded than others. Some of the best are movies, webmaster resources and official music videos. You can easily make a lot of passive money when your files are regularly downloaded.

Promote Your Download Links

To earn regular online income from your download links, you must devote few hours to bringing your links to the target communities though this may be harculean task for a newbie. Nevertheless, this challenge can be surmounted through tested campaigns.

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