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Work at home telemarketing jobs make it easy to make money in the comfort of your own home. These jobs are usually paid by the hour and you can make anything between 7 to 9 dollars per hour. Most of your work will be done on the phone and some may be done on the internet. It is not difficult to make money online telemarketing but this opportunity is not for everybody. It is well suited to people who have excellent communication skills, friendly personality and a lot of patience. The following are a few tips for finding telesales jobs.

Create a good resume

It is vital to write a good resume that will highlight your qualifications and skills. Although not all companies will ask you for a resume but it is better to have one ready in case they ask. If you have had any experience with telemarketing jobs, it should be clearly stated in the resume. However, most of the jobs you will find will not ask for any experience.

Look for available positions

You can search for online telemarketing jobs by visiting websites that provide these types of jobs. You can get a list of these types of sites if you search online. If you know someone who does similar work, you can ask for recommendations. It is vital to investigate each company that you find in order to be sure that they are legitimate.

Watch out for scams

Telemarketing also has its share of scammers that want to take advantage of individuals who are looking for work. These scams can be spotted easily because they usually promise unrealistic levels of income. They will also ask you for a sum of money as start up fee or ask you to purchase a particular eBook or product. Avoid any company that shows any of these signs. A legitimate company will let you know the details of the job that you are going to do for them.

Expand your options

Try and look for more than one telemarketing position. If you have more time on your hands, you may be able to handle a couple of jobs as long as they are at different hours. However, be careful not to take more than you can handle. Payment can be hourly or by commission. Some companies may also give you both types of payment. There might also be other benefits.

If you take your time to research telemarketing work, you will find reliable companies that will make it possible for you to make money online telemarketing. The background of any company that you find should be checked. You can also look for forums online where these types of jobs are discussed. Forums can be a good source of information especially if you are new to telesales. You should be ready to take a voice test for every job that you find. Most companies will want to test your voice before they give you a placement. Try practicing your vocal skills before you take these tests.

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