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Make Money on Elance

November 13, 2012 by: 4

A number of individuals and businesses now outsource some of their jobs due to time and manpower. If you are skillful in writing and translation, sales and marketing, web design and programming, finance and management, admin support, engineering and manufacturing as well as legal services, then you can make money on Elance. The only requirement is to sell yourself and your services in order to show prospective clients why they should pick you instead of another provider. The tips below will show you how.

Your Profile

The first thing you do is to fill out your profile. This is an opportunity to sell yourself to people who do not know you, so you have to be very descriptive and present yourself in glowing terms. This is where you also state your qualifications and experience and any commendable jobs you may have done for prestigious clients. Your profile should be professional, do not make excuses for any shortcomings you may have.

Your portfolio

Your portfolio is your creative works on display. Samples of the best works you have done should be included in your portfolio. If you are just starting and have no best works to show off, then you can write or design something good to include in your portfolio. What is required is something to show how skillful you are even if they are not actual project that you did for clients.

Take the tests

There are test you can take on Elance to prove how good you really are. These tests are free and even though they are not mandatory requirements, they help to show potential buyers just how good you really are. But make sure you delete results of bad performance. Show only those ones you scored very high.

Before you bid

Your bids should be personalized. Many providers simply copy and paste bids and this sounds bland and uninspiring when reading. Take time to personalize your bids. You have a limit to the bids you can place so make each one unique.

Go ahead and bid

This is where many providers miss it. They bid very low believing that the lowest bids are more likely to be accepted. If you have taken time to write a good profile and portfolio as well as taken some tests, you do not necessarily have to bid too low. You do not need several low-paying jobs to make money on Elance. You will easily make more money if you handle a few high-paying projects. This is why you should only bid on jobs that you are sure of completing to a very high standard.

Get excellent feedbacks

Excellent feedbacks can be given and received. Buyers usually use feedback ratings to assess the worth of a provider while providers depend on the feedback ratings of a buyer because it is a measure of their integrity. It is essential to get feedbacks but it is a process that cannot be rushed.  You should only be professional in all your approach and it will surely come.

These are some tips that can get you started. Follow these tips and with time you will start to make money on Elance.

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