Make Money Designing Logos For Small Businesses

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Business Needs: Business of today, whether big or small, has many ways to express itself to its customers. Through media alone, they can be shown in various forms like advertisement in magazines, TV channels, flex board, banners, notices, teaser ads and so many ways. To market a new brand to its existing customers and also to identify new market segment for expansion of customer base they use all the marketing strategies advantageously to increase selling of the product or to break the slumbering business sometimes. This is the given business opportunity for Making Money Designing Logos for Small Businesses.

Going Online for a business house is a key strategy that is being adopted today. It is the easiest way to reach the customers of today than the conventional methods. Nowadays corporate houses and small to big business companies go for a general website for their company. In addition they also organize portals for the use of customers, staff and management, to manage commercial activities and also to provide service, support, downloads for their products. For example a telecom service provider sells all their products, bills and collects money online, allow customers to migrate to new services and products by providing them a unique id and password to operate.

Such a virtual platform on the internet has become the reality today. Anybody likes to browse and use well organized website with logical information flow to user and make it user friendly. Above all Aesthetic look to the website is a must to attract and allow the viewers to love the site and make them convinced about the quality of the content. Here comes the role of the aspects that adds beauty and at the same time conveys purpose and utility of a product or service to the visitor of the site. This is nothing but the logo of a company or its product and/or services offered to the people.

What is LOGO? Colors that galore the bright morning sky OR the moon with twinkling stars in the dark sky make anyone to stop thinking abruptly and attract the attention of the person. Likewise LOGO is a short image or a name or any visual concept that cracks and enters the mind of a person to punch meaningful information to a person who just looks at it. Logo is tiny but has big and sharp impact to create interest in a person. That is first step in marketing to convert a viewer into a customer. Creating a logo is an expression of innate artistic skill of a person and whatever multimedia training or qualification the person has acquired adds colors to the skill in doing the creative work. Normally such professional are called as LOGO DESIGNERS. Need for logo, particularly for small business is inevitable for them to bang the market for their super visibility to the people. Furthermore, every moment new products are launched in the market from numerous small business people and these products need to have appealing logo

 That would catch the eyes of the customers and public. Logo designers do have a potential source of opportunity to prove their skill and Make Money Designing Logos for Small Businesses.

How to track sources of logo designing job opportunities and convert them into earning is a challenge for the skillful designers. Educational qualifications are not a must but many design agencies and business people prefer graphics design graduates for hiring freelance designers.

Scope of this logo designing jobs is huge in the market as the cost of hiring individual designers for a job is cheaper than getting the same job done from established designers companies. Incidentally, online opportunities have further broken the cost barriers to certain extent, the number of offers continued to flow and increase the opportunities multifold to make money designing logos for small businesses. Tap the Resources. 

Websites like offer variety of jobs and anyone registering with these portals get offers to do jobs. ODesk, ifreelance and 99designs are few more websites offering freelance logo designer jobs. A glance over these sites may give an idea of minimal requirements for a person to get the job awarded. Logo designing software are available online for free and payment. InDesign, Logosmartz, inkscape and AAAlogo are few of the logo designing software available online. One can use these for learning the art of designing logos, but innate artistic skill is a must to use the software. Few attractive sample logos may be designed for filling up your neatly prepared profile. Submit your appealing profile with attractive sample logos along with your registration with the job offering websites. Some of the websites accept quality logo designs for display and listing. Whoever is attracted by your design quality may offer you opportunities. Opportunities for freelancers thus offered are competitive in nature because the user would like to select few of such excellent designers and try to hire them for work. Designers have to give their price and whichever is lower will be selected and job orders will be given to him. Anyway the offers are not closed yet, because if not this one another will come and knock your mail. Initial teething problems are two faced with challenge and reward will blossom one day to make money. Executing the initial order by a freelancer is highly precarious to handle, but with utmost sincerity implement the following steps to be successful in complying with the given order:

  • Documents given by the client is the bible for careful study and minute points to grasp in. Mission, vision statements of the company are to be understood and assimilated and incorporated in the logo.
  • Never forget to list out the items to be embedded in the design of logo
  • With imagination creativity as a skilled intellectual designer and from the view point of the client and the common men design few draft logos.
  • On conceiving clear concept about the design in your mind, use the software and create few sample logos. Submit these few samples to the client or the project providing entity.
  • Discuss with the client and comply with the suggestions of the client in the design and prepare the wanted logo
  • Normally clients may require using the logo in all advertisements, websites, letterhead, business card, for inscriptions to certain buildings and sign boards. To satisfy this need convert and save the logo in different picture file formats like, TIFF, PNG, JPG,GIF etc.
  • Many times it is required in different sizes also.
  • Most important one in the above process is to comply with the agreed time line.

Complying with the contract conditions is one of the business ethics to make Money Designing Logos. Earnings as a freelance logo designer are dependent on the variety of work orders one picks up continuously. It is also wise to take up work from designing agencies simultaneously in addition to direct contracts. Statistics from the bureau of Labor points out those earnings of a freelancer was between $37,727 and $57,578 per annum, as of March 2010. Now it may be simply 15% more than that. Variation in the making money by a freelance logo designer depends on the following factors.

  • Budget provisions of the small business houses
  • Type of contract, mode and periodicity of payment
  • Continuity and extension of contract for more jobs
  • Quality and compliance to delivery compliance may increase the rate per project and can earn more than few thousands of dollars in many occasions
  • Some works may fetch lower values like $30 to $160

Use the spare time and saved money to start a graphics business of your own and create an attractive and appealing website. To make good the lower earning, creative sample logos can be designed for show casing in your website.

Be ready to become a small business entrepreneur and try to own a graphics design company. Clear strategy to bring more contracts to your company, piling upon your business contacts acquired so far, is to be evolved. Feature enriched logo design software can be bought and hired skilled teams can be used to handle the extra work. Plans can be evolved to expand the business allied printing media, web designing, managing web arts, drawing and art works based on the market study. Improve upon your business to get all small business groups into your client fold by providing competitive products of logo, web content, web art and images, print media and other allied areas of your business.

Another opening available to a logo designer for making money to get employment is a graphics design company. Big companies will always get bulk and huge orders from corporate companies. Nowadays many big companies change their brands and corresponding logos often and go to the market with a lot of new features added to the earlier product or with new products. For thriving and facing stiff competition this strategy is being followed by such corporate companies. These big companies will go for a long term business relationship with small or medium or large graphic design companies. At fairly competitive rate this kind of long relationship will bring more business to the designer company.

Getting employed in such company also brings great money making opportunity for an employment in such companies to professional logo designers. This employment fetches an annual income of $ 46000 to $ 62000 for any graphics designer. Additional benefit of getting trained in different soft skills of designing field is also made available to these employees.

Employers mostly desire a bachelor’s degree holder for a fresher designer position. While more technically focused posts and assistant roles might be made available to those qualified with associate’s degree in graphic design. Relevant courses to get eligibility to these posts include graphic design history, typography, composition, drawing, computer graphics, photography, advertising and corporate marketing concepts. Most programs include courses focused to the development of an individual’s professional portfolio, which is required for applicants seeking graphic design jobs. Elective courses in different forms of art, art history and modern art may catalyze the innate creativity of the individual. For certain positions, like customer interface, courses in psychology might be helpful for understanding consumer behavior.

Few more money making career opportunities that are available are Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Logo Designers, Multi-Media Artists and Multi-media Animators. Main job of Art Directors is to formulate design, designing approaches for presentation, general layout and design of an art work, preparing and guiding the artists for magazines, books. Graphic designer’s job varies from designing and creating commercial promotion of products and services of their clients, displays and logos. Multi-media artists create animated images, special effects to an art work, logo design, business promotion videos, films, presentations and most of the commercial advertisement matters. Summarizing, one has to choose any given job, work hard and wait for very good opportunities, while pursuing the available chances to prove your skill effectively, initially. You can take up jobs as: ·         Freelance Logo designer

·         Professional graphics employee or art director or Advertising agents

·         Online/remote logo designer

·         Small entrepreneur for a multi-media company and employ logo designers on contract too

Making money becomes enjoyable as a logo designer whatever earning route you choose, because such professionals always get satisfaction on completion of every project.

Very few of even negligible negative side of the money making opportunities of a logo designer is that the earnings in this career is very meager when compared to the other jobs that are available online or on regular employment. Few websites information also affirms this idea. Always everyone knows that a coin has two sides, mostly useful to toss. Just because of these statements are there, opportunities of logo designing never die down to make the money making opportunity to slow down and lie low.

Finally those aspiring to become logo designers should feel proud that the creativity is not uniform in all humans but people blessed with the inborn or inherent quality are lesser in number when compared to the number of people in other general form of money earning competition in the world. So, making Money Designing Logos for Small Businesses is always a flourishing opportunity. There is no substitute for hard and patient work to be successful in not only making money but also be successful in life.

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