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There are thousands of authors who sell all kinds of eBooks on the internet. This is because the internet provides a platform that makes it possible for them to reach a wider audience at an affordable cost. The eBooks that these authors create need covers and that is where you can make money with your graphic design skills. Most authors do not have the skills or the time to create covers for the books that they write so you can easily make money creating e-covers that they will gladly pay for.

The eBook market

It may not be possible to make a correct estimate of the number of guides, reports and eBooks that are released on the internet every single day. However, you should know that the figure is in several thousands. Each of these products will benefit from properly designed digital covers. The market is very huge for anyone who is interested in making money by creating e-covers.

Get the right knowledge

You do not have to be a graphic expert to start designing e-covers professionally. The skills that you require can be learned within a few days. You will however have to invest time to ensure that you can create covers that your clients will be happy to pay for. If you are not a natural artist, there are several books on digital design that will help you to develop your skills. Choose graphic design software that is easy to learn so that you will not waste a lot of time learning how to use it.

Build your portfolio

Building an impressive portfolio is important if you want to make money creating e-covers. Potential clients will want to see the previous works that you have done and you will lose their business if you do not have anything to show to them. Create a sizeable number of covers and use them as samples that you will show to potential customers.

Getting clients

One of the easiest ways to get jobs is to start with freelance work sites. There are several of these sites and you can open a free account with a few of them. You will have to bid for jobs on freelance sites but if you have a good portfolio with attractive samples, you will soon start getting several jobs daily. If you create excellent e-covers for the first few clients that you get, you will soon start having more jobs than you can handle.

You can also get clients by spreading the word about your service to your friends and contacts on social networks. You should also sign up with internet marketing forums and writers’ forums. These forums are also great places to advertise your services. You might not need your own website when you are starting out but it may be necessary as the number of your clients increase. Don’t be afraid to charge a good price when you start to make money creating e-covers. If you create brilliant e-covers, people will seek you out to pay for your services.

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